Referring to CNN in one of his speeches Trump called them ‘crazy and stupid bastards’ for their myopic narrative that Trump will lose even as the polls show Trump is narrowing the margin.   This type of language is also used by Joe Biden but leaving the epithet aside, those who are following the news of Hunter Biden hard drive will be ‘crazy and stupid’ not to reflect what we are up against.   Media constantly pointed to Trump handling of the Wuhan virus but are deliberately leaving aside the news of Bidens’ role in empowering China  that brought the pandemic in the first place.
We are not talking millions, we are talking enriching themselves billions of dollars empowering countries like China at the cost of the US interests.   It is about looking the other way while China builds up South China sea islands as Chinese military posts that have become a threat on the south china sea by taking a billion and half dollars.  We are talking about assisting China to grab the world’s precious metals mines in Africa that the world needs for building battery powered cars (nickel), strong military equipment/infrastructure (molybdenum) and the only other alternative rest of the world now has is the moon!   It is about actively helping China steal precious American technology, the nuclear and many other areas of defence emboldening China to grab and steal land, sea and air rights.    
Two weeks after Biden’s official trip as VP to China with Hunter in 2013, China invested 1.5 billion dollars into Hunter Biden’s firm (Rosemont Seneca private equity)! Joe Biden went to China to discuss the China takeover & military buildup on South China Sea Islands and high tariffs for American businesses.  While little progress was made on those, his son was rewarded handsomely.
Conservative Peter Schweiger in his book, ‘Secret empires’ did not spare republicans and even Trump particularly the potential conflict of interest of his son-in-law Kushner and the many international deals of Trump and his children.   But what boggles your mind is the enormous corruption of Biden as Vice President using his son Hunter Biden and John Kerry as Secretary of State using his step son Christopher Heinz and a friend of his son Devon Archer,  under Obama.   Particularly with China, where these people created a series of LLC’s with multi-billion dollars private equity deals with companies owned by Chinese Government as detailed in the Peter Schweger article, ‘The troubling reasons why Biden is so soft on China’.  Was Obama sleeping/golfing or even part of it we will not get to know easily?  Not just selling America, these people are selling off Ukraine to their oligarchs,  money laundering with oligarchs in Russia, in Kazakhstan,  all of whom are pouring millions into their coffers.   Even looting from the native American tribes in the US is not a far reach for one of their partners Devon Archer!!.   
Soon after Obama Presidency started in 2009, VP John Biden’s son Hunter Biden,  Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, Chris friend Devon archer together formed a company called ‘Rosemont Seneca Partners’, that was the centerpiece of the corruption selling US interests to China and many other countries.  Devon Archer was convicted of stealing from the financial interests of US Native American tribes.  
Russian Oligarch (widow of Moscow Mayor and friend of Putin) wire transferred 3.5 million dollars to Hunter Biden in 2014
Billions of US taxpayer money given away as part of private deals with little accountability in every country Biden has responsibility whether it is China, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq.  It is not just the son of Biden, but his brother James who got a 1.5 billion dollars contract to build homes in Iraq with zero experience in real estate and pocketed big amounts.  Even his daughter too. We now see the truth of many allegations against Biden as a VP, where he took his son and partners to his trips to foreign countries who were having parallel discussions of their shady ventures with foreign authorities and striking deals while father Biden barters away American interests as part of those negotiation deals.  The person convicted of selling American technology to China lived a few feet away from Biden home in Delaware!!!   We are talking about a big time sale of our country. 
James Biden, brother of Joe Biden secured a 1.5 billion dollar US Government contract (i.e., taxpayers money) to build homes in Iraq from the US in 2010 (for a company that hired him even though he has zero experience in real estate).  China financed a $100,000 global spending spree for James Biden and his wife (per Senate Committee report).
Secretary of State John Kerry sold US Govt access to his stepson Chris Heinz , helping China steal US technologies while enriching themselves
What is worse is also the many pornography pictures of minor girls as young as 15 years among the 28,000 photos cache on the disk, videos of the sexual orgies of Hunter Biden with minor girls, a father of 4 daughters,  which if only China had access it would have literally blackmailed Biden (as a President).   Even Bidens have not disowned the hard drive which has thousands (40,000+) of emails on how Hunter was working closely with his father who is selling US access/policy, US tax payers money, as Vice President under Obama to benefit themselves.
What seems tragic is in his hunger for corrupt money, Joe Biden used his own son to be the front person for all the corrupt activities, leaving his son a chronic drug and sex addict while moving in the shady world of international political corruption.   This fact was revealed in Hunter Biden’s email to his daughter on how he was supporting the Biden family for 30 years and giving 50% to father Biden (see image below).
The many wives and sex partners including minor girls of Hunter Biden.  Hunter was also involved with Russian and Eastern European countries prostitution and human trafficking rings (per senate committe report).
Hunter Biden iphone text message to his daughter Naomi on Jan 3, 2019, on how he is supporting Biden family for 30 years and how he is giving Pop (i.e., Joe Biden) half of what he earns (taken from hard drive)
It makes you wonder whether those of us who came for better opportunities from India with its history of political corruption and cronyism under Congress rule are eventually going to face a similar situation in this country, which will be felt  by generations after us, perhaps in just one or two generations.   Yes, America has a lot of resources and it will be a few decades before it becomes another second or third world country.    It does not take long to turn a country into a banana republic.  The fact that the Hunter Biden disk drive was with the FBI for several months with no action taken shows the level of corruption that is seeping American institutions.  It is true corruption at high levels is not new even in America and many Presidents fought against it and some contributed to it, but nothing seems the level of brazenness as that of Biden/Kerry and their family members.
If China has become such a menace today, it is not due to the small part played by these selfish people.  If some express the possibility that the day Biden takes up Presidency,  China will attack India,  will go on no-hold bar spree in the South China sea,  and will follow up another virus in a year or two after the current virus subsides (if that suits them), there is a element of truth to it.    While few democrats engage in such brazen corruption, every vote for any democrat in this election will be strengthening the Bidens. 
China military build up of South China Sea Islands like this which Joe Biden as VP looked other way (in return for funds for his son’s companies)  representing mortal threat to Asia as well as US
Secret Empires‘ audio book is available on YouTube and I urge readers to listen to at least chapters 2,3,4 (chapter wise links given below).     This book was published in 2018 and what we see in Hunter hard disk not just corroborates all the things he said but much more, much much more.   The fact that the establishment that benefited most from China’s gold rush, wants to suppress the contents of the hard drive,  is precisely because they are most damaging and most damning.  Peter’s article in NY Post, a must read, also summarizes the reason why Biden is so soft on China.  (Also, if anyone is interested in grey’ed out sexual orgies of Hunter Biden from his disk, they are published on ‘‘  site by Chinese dissidents who want to inform the public so that Chinese CCP will not blackmail the US and other countries using them.  Apparently even Russians have Hunter orgy videos).  
You can listen to specific chapters in the book by just clicking the link before Chapter in the list below:
0:08 Chapter 1: Corruption by Proxy 37:00 Chapter 2: American Princelings: Two Sons and a Roommate 1:23:12 Chapter 3: Nuclear and Other Consequences 1:41:25 Chapter 4: Bidens in Ukraine 2:18:32 Chapter 5: McConnell and Chao: From China with Profits 2:48:18 Chapter 6: The Princelings of K Street 3:26:07 Chapter 7: The Princelings of Chicago 3:52:10 Chapter 8: The Hyesan Youth Copper Mine of North Korea 4:21:13 Chapter 9: Barack Obama’s Best Friend 5:01:03 Chapter 10: More Smashing and Grabbing 5:41:23 Chapter 11: A Real Estate Mogul Goes to Washington 6:05:35 Chapter 12: Trump Princelings 6:45:52 Conclusion
Biden’s secret emails (NY Post article that twitter and facebook blocked)
The troubling reason why Biden is so soft on China
Longstanding claims of Biden corruption all but confirmed with Hunter’s emails
John Kerry’s son cut business ties with Hunter Biden over Ukrainian oil deal
Crony capitalism & Joe Biden’s brother
Judges Revive Conviction of Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner (Devon Archer)
Joe Biden’s brother used him as leverage for an investment pitch: report
Hunter Biden received $3.5 million wire transfer in 2014 from billionaire widow of Moscow mayor who was ousted over corruption allegations, GOP report says


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