Hindu Human Rights Watch spokesman: “Never trust any politician who says Islam is religion of peace”


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The NYPD was adamant yesterday that our 9/11 Rally of Remembrance must not run over the allotted time for even one minute, and so unfortunately a couple of speakers who had been slated toward the end of the program were unable to speak. I’m pleased therefore to be able to bring you here the prepared remarks of the courageous Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch:

I thank Stop Islamization of America, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for giving opportunity to speak at this rally on behalf of Hindus and Sikhs. On September 11th, 2001, the entire nation pledged solidarity. Shedding tears with those who had lost their sons, their fathers, their daughters, their mothers, their husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, we vowed that we will never forget their grave loss. Just 9 years later we have forgotten the promises we made to these families. So much so that we are entertaining the thought of desecrating the final resting place of the loved ones of these families by building a mosque by the name of Cordoba House. We all know that Cordoba House symbolizes butchery of Christians in Spain and destruction of a Church only to be replaced by the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. What is happening to us as a people today that we are even debating this? As one wise philosopher once said, those who forget their history are condemned to relive it. Are we so carried away with liberalism that we do not have a moment to study the history and the serious threat we face today? We need to wake up and understand the threat of Islam to our country, our civilization and everything we have build our society upon. Let us not condemn our own children to relive the barbaric history.Let me tell you what happened to Hindus in India. It would be a grim reminder to all of us to what can happen if we are not vigilant. When Columbus set sail to distant land, the land he was looking for was India. India, like today’s America, was very open and tolerant society, scientifically and materially advanced, and held 25% of world’s GDP just until few centuries ago. India at that time included today’s Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But what happened to the great society was they gave into pacifism and liberalism. Hindu Kings were unprepared for the brutal violence of Islamic invaders from the 1100’s. Hindu Kings were never prepared for the deception, hate and brutality in war and the senseless murder of innocent citizens and the rape of women that caused a holocaust of 80 million Hindus. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of magnificent temples and built symbols of conquest. They made sure the worshipped statues of the Hindu temples were placed under the steps of Mosques as the ultimate insult to infidels and their religion. Taj Mahal, you know today, is a Hindu Palace temple. According to Arab’s own accounts, they talked with pride that they killed the Hindu infidels to such extent that they filled their rivers with blood by following the word of Allah. They even have a mountain named “Hindu Khush” near Afghanistan, commemorating the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus on just one day where they slit their throats and left them to die in the 1300’s.

Just recently, Mahatma Gandhi’s pacifism and liberalism resulted in the slaughter of millions of Hindus and in just 60 years a Muslim-majority country, Pakistan, literally wiped out 25% of its Hindu/Sikh population by kidnapping women and girls, raping the women and murdering the infidels and forcing conversions or evicting them. Actually, most of it was done in matter of few months. A Muslim-majority country, Bangladesh’s genocide of Hindus caused their population decrease from 30% to less than 10% today, and the Islamic Government instituted laws that they have the right to take away infidel land any time.

What is happening in Hindu majority India? Muslims percentage increased from 7% to 15%. In just last few years, the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is next to Iraq. What happened on 9/11 was repeated on 26/11 in Mumbai. In India there was only one state where Muslims were a majority, that is Kashmir. Overnight 18 years ago, they drove away 350,000 Hindus under threat of violence and rape of women, they are still living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps. Now hear this. Just in the last 48 hours, as part of Ramadan celebrations, Muslims in the north eastern state of India, in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims are in larger percentage, have announced that they will rape every Hindu woman and girl, and started rampaging Hindu shops and homes. Indian Government has to call in the Army to control the situation.

This is the story we want to tell you millions of times, so that America as well as Europe never face the same situation by their preoccupation with liberalism. We do not want 100 years down the road somewhere in the world someone to talk about what happened to this great country. What is happening in the north eastern state of India today can very well happen in Michigan as the percentage of Muslims increase. What happened in Kashmir and various parts of India as Muslims increased in numbers will happen in many parts of this country. We are seeing this in the towns of Europe already. Consider this. Few hundred years ago until Islam invaded, Pakistan and Afghansithan were filled with Buddhists who would rather die than kill even a small animal. Today their descendants are performing barbaric acts under the name of Taliban and perpetrated the brutal acts on 9/11 against our country and killed thousands of innocent citizens. The once peaceful lands are all terrorist countries.

However, I do not blame Muslims. It is what the ideology of hate will do to a human being. Just look at Saudi Arabia where Koran is the constitution. They teach their little children from Koran that Christians and Jews are pigs, Hindus are worse than animals, infidels are equivalent to urine, feces, dead body. They produced 15 of the 17 well educated terrorists who committed 9/11. You cannot put a church, synagogue or temple, but they are spending billions of dollars building Mosques in our country and teaching intolerance and hate to thousands of Muslim children in our country. The situation is so bad that today’s Jihadis are not from Pakistan, but from the Saudi funded mosques in our own country.

Unfortunately, this country is filled with many gullible people who have no idea of what they are talking about and are lulled into complacency and there is an urgent need for all of us to educate ourselves and be prepared. What is happening in America today is Stealth Jihad, because America is still too strong to be defeated by open war or Overt Jihad. They are doing this by conversion of criminals in our jail system to turn against infidels following the example of their prophet in the 700’s when he recruited criminals to destroy Jewish tribes, investing in media and universities to fool and lull us about Islam, investing in finance for future financing of jihad and lobbying with politicians to subvert our constitution, brainwashing Muslims and Muslim children in Saudi funded Wahhabi mosques. They have proceeded with a plan, a grand plan, by subverting your educational, your political, your financial institutions and creating an home grown army to bring this country to its knees and make it submit to Islam. Now reflect, where should Imam Rauf spread tolerance? Is it in America or Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries?

What is the solution? First of all remember, the more you give in to threat, the more you lose freedom. I can burn Gita, I can burn Bible, I can burn Talmud, but I am not allowed to burn Koran. They can burn and stamp our flag every time, but we are not allowed to say things about their prophet or burn their Koran. If everyone stands up for their rights, they cannot target a few. Danish cartoons and its aftermath created so much fear that American media froze into fear and the Comedy Central lacked courage to do a piece on prophet. This is not tolerance, this is giving up our freedom and giving in to the Jihadis.

Secondly, in order to win this war, you have to confront the ideology of hate. According to the Center for the Study of Political Islam, 60% of the Koran is political, fully 19% of Koran is of violent Jihad. 75% Sira, the life of Prophet, is about violent Jihad, not inner Jihad. We got to understand Islam is both religion and political system, with strict rules for everything in life under the oppressive Sharia and extreme intolerance and violence against infidels. We have to recognize the hate in Islam is facsism that is no different from Nazism. It is imperative that we educate ourselves about Islamic scriptures and Islamic history. Our biggest enemy today are not Jihadis but Jihadi enablers, the far left liberals and Saudi funded university academicians. I have a suggestion, do not burn Koran, boycott New York Times and put them out of business by discouraging their advertisers. The energies you spend in closing down mosques should be directed to closing down CNN and its far left liberals such as Fareed Zakaria and Christiane Amanpour who are lying to American public about threat of Islam.

Thirdly, work with your school boards so that the school curriculum reflects the true history of Islam and the threat it poses to a free society like ours. Demand that the universities do not accept funds from Saudi Arabia unless it shows equal tolerance to other religions.

Fourthly, never trust any politician who says Islam is religion of peace. Islam is submission. It is religion of submission. When Mr. Obama is saying Islam is a religion of peace, he is lying, just as he lied about his deep Muslim roots to American electorate. It is important we show the door out to any politician who is telling Americans such lies.

Fifth, ask your congressmen and senators to institute laws to protect this country from Sharia and Sharia practices. Make sure Muslim women are protected under US Constitution and not Sharia laws. We need to demand laws against Islamic conversions in jails and Saudi funding of our institutions.

Sixth, every time a Muslim wants special privileges, understand it is a conquest against you, your ways and your civilization. Like the story of Arab and Camel, the Camel eventually drives out the Arab, mark our words that we will be eventually wiped out if we give in.

Seventh, those who are immigrating to United States should be held accountable if they are spreading Sharia through the back door into our country, and they should commit to not to profess Sharia in order to obtain and retain citizenship. We have to review our immigration policies with regards to Islamic countries just as Europe is doing, although it is quite late.

But one thing is more important than what all I said. For heaven’s sake, let us stop our dependence on oil. Who is paying for Jihad, for killing our soldiers, for destroying our civilization and building the grand mosque as symbol of conquest, which stealth Jihadi Imam Rauf is planning? I am sorry to say, it is we who are paying by our dependence on oil. If today we stop buying oil, Saudi Arabia will go to camels. They have nothing to speak of in terms of technology and advancement, just like every Islamic country. We need to get to alternate technology such as battery cars and alternate fuels. Just like the Manhattan Project that built the atom bomb and helped the US win the Second World War, we need to create innovative projects to end our dependence on oil. Let us not finance our own destruction.

Let us be awake, alert and constantly vigilant to threat of Islam. This is a great democracy, the greatest country on the earth. Let us preserve it for generations after us. God bless America.


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Each liberal should be forced to read the history of India and be made to realise how extreme tolerance can be a killer for the host population if it is islamism that is being tolerated.
Same thing is happening in Europe and will happen in America if not stopped.


This news story,
reports that Rauf recently gave a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR is long notorious for supporting the hate-America crowd, supporting all sorts of proposals on lets-follow-the-great-idea-of-having-one-world-government. As Pamela rightly noted at Saturday’s rally, the UN is one bad actor. A while back there was a slogan, GET THE US OUT OF THE UN, AND THE UN OUT OF THE US. In my view this remains a common sense idea.

That Rauf is partnering with the CFR, and he has probably been friendly with them for years now, is further indications of why we and the USA should get rid of this guy.

“Let us be awake, alert and constantly vigilant to threat of Islam. This is a great democracy, the greatest country on the earth. Let us preserve it for generations after us. God bless America.”

It strikes me that Muslims say “God is great” but do not say “God is good.” Can one imagine some guy shouting “God is good” just before he bombs a pizza parlor, or beheads an unbeliever. Totalitarian minds follow orders.

The Islamic mind-set is very similar to “I was only following orders” nonsense that Nuremberg war criminals kept repeating at the 1946 trials. Good and evil are not human insights, hence “God is great.”

Very well said. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with everything he said. let the countries of porkistan, bangladesh, and India be examples of what the muslims do to the nonmuslim populations.

Great article Robert!!!

I have always said for last eight to ten years, after 9/11 in USA, that the West, Europe, UK, and USA should have learned the lessons of history of Muslims in India before opening up their gates to Muslim immigration.

Muslims have never believed in living peacefully with any body in the world and that is why they started invading other countries and killing, looting, raping, converting all non-Muslims right from the seventh century. while in earlier times they used force, now, because of the stupidity of the Western leaders, they are able to enter the West and start encroaching on the rights of the host country citizens. Because of political correctness the West still keeps yapping about this “religion of peace” so as not offend the growing Muslim population and never tell the real truth about Muslims/Islam. But the citizens of the West should not let their leaders fool them and learn the truth themselves for it is a matter of their survival now!!!

Muslim invaders have committed brutal genocide in India killing 80 to 100 million Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and other non-Muslims during the last 1000 years. Worldwide Muslims have killed more than 350 million non-Muslims!! Some religion of peace the follow!!! Muslims have learned very well the lessons given by Mo/allah by killing 800 Jews of Yathrib. Genocide by Muslims still continue all over the world – Darfur, Sudan is the latest example!!

Western leaders have to learn the Muslim history in India to know what Muslims living the West are going to do here!!

Khushi, It’s not just liberals but we had quite a few conservatives and republicans who had been supporting islam and muslims against those they deemed not friends of USA. Just say all those who do not have the true knowledge of islam or are unaware of the teachings of the death cult. It’s not right to put all the blame of dhimmitude on libs.

Through the State Department and Presidential executive orders the Demographic jihad is being facilitated. In Queens NYC I’m seeing more and more Hijabbed and (Grim Reaper) fully veiled women. Our ruling elite are creating these visual acts of culture war. I’ll bet they don’t speak English but are trained and encouraged to vote. I’m an active volunteer to get non-rino Republicans elected to federal and state positions in my districts.

A lot of this post is reliable – but I am pretty sure the following has been disputed (probably with justice):

“They even have a mountain named “Hindu Khush” near Afghanistan, commemorating the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus on just one day where they slit their throats and left them to die in the 1300’s.”

I think many linguists maintain it is to do with the Indus river – where it “empties” out and predates the arrival of Muslims in the area.

It’s important we maintain high levels of accuracy on there, unlike the opposition!

I think Obama likes Islam so much, not because he is a muslim no, because Mohammed promoted arrogance, power seeking, lying, demonizing ones enemies, and breaking promises as virtues.

Really what is Obama if not an arrogant lier who blames his opponents for all the worlds ills and whose promises are worth less than the breath he uses to make them?

Having a look through this transcript I have to say it is rife with unverified claims and factual inaccuracies. I am English of Hindu Indian origin, and have done a fair amount of reading on medieval India. I have no doubt that in the Muslim ascendancy of North India there were many horrible massacres of the native Hindu/Buddhist population as well as forced conversion and slave-taking (often caused by confusing the Hindu’s religion with the polytheism in the Quran).

However the claim in the text that 80 million Hindus were slaughtered at the hands of Muslim zealots is extremely speculative. No academic research has ever been done into such specific numbers. So to is the claim that the mountain range Hindu Kush in Afghanistan (not a singular mountain as is claimed by Satya) is named in honour of the slaughter of tremendous numbers of Hindus in a singular event. Indeed there are numerous theories for its naming, none of which have been proved conclusively.

I would also like to respond to the claim “India, like today’s America, was very open and tolerant society,” where Satya naively idealises pre-Islamic India. It is true that many religious groups have cohabited peacefully within India, and historically Hindus have been remarkably tolerant of those who have vastly different beliefs to their own (the Abrahamic religions especially). However he makes no mention of the extremely rigid, hierachial caste system that has a had a very prominent place throughout Indian history since the Aryan invasions that brought Hinduism. The vicious discrimination that Dalits/Untouchables (those considered below even the bottom rung of the caste system and consist about 15% of India’s total population) have endured and continue to endure is often called India’s hidden apartheid.

However probably the silliest remark is that the Taj Mahal is built on top of a Hindu temple. Only the most crackpot of Hindu nationalists believe this.

Also, considering the high regard in which Sir Winston Churchill is held on this site, readers may find this article in the British Daily Telegraph quite an eye-opener when it came to his indifference towards Indian suffering:

Perhaps not so different from the Sultans centuries before?

“Taj Mahal, you know today, is a Hindu Palace temple.” That’s so wrong, but it’s a lie that’s popular among right-wing hindus.

When they say “Islam will rule the world”..people should take them seriously

Deeps and Andreas: did you know that there are hidden quarters underneath the Taj Mahal that are neither open to public nor have been made accessible to researchers? Did you also know that the Indian government (upon insistence by the Muslim boards that administer the monument) steadfastly refuses to allow Carbon-dating of the structure (inner or outer parts)?

If there is nothing to hide, why the shroud of secrecy? Why are they not allowing free access to qualified scientists to Carbon-date and explore the structure in depth?

There was a recent study by a metallurgist (with a US doctorate) that determined that ancient Hindu architectural measurements were used in certain parts of the design of the Taj Mahal.
— New insights on the modular planning of the Taj Mahal, by R. Balasubramaniam
Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208 016, India

Stephen Knapp has assembled an impressive collection of photographs:
— A Photographic collection of the Taj Mahal, by Stephen Knapp

After going over these two, it is hard not to at least ask some questions about the veracity of the official account that we have all been told. I myself had no reason to ask questions until recently, but I now have to consider it a possibility that the Taj Mahal could have been built on top of a previoulsy existing structure,potentially a Hindu Rajput summer palace with a temple on site.

Hindus would like to see science make the determination of the truth behind the Taj Mahal, whatever that it may prove to be, and not politics or religious boards that have their own motives to hide the truth.

Demand that the truth be discovered, and be open-minded until a rigorous determination is made one way or the other. That would be the rational approach to this matter.

deeps, the Sanskrit word for those mountains were Pāriyātra Parvata. Hindu Kush is of Persian origins. Perhaps referring to the death of many Hindus who were led as slaves by the Muslims from their native’s lands through these cold mountain passes. Many of these people perished. It’d totally believable that millions of Hindus were killed by these Islamic savages as they invaded India through several centuries.
Once again you self righteously bring forth the issues of the Hindu caste system. Perhaps you can present similar outrage over the slave system that was practiced by Christians and Muslims. In Islam the slave system is entrenched. Isn’t every Muslims a slave of Allah? That means every Muslim being a slave of Allah and thereby a slave of the Koran is forced to do whatever is in the Koran. We all know what the Muslims do and are capable of doing, as slaves. Or for that matter the rigid class system. Millions of slaves died from ill treatment and over work. The Hindus pretty much left the lower caste alone to live and work. The lower castes were never slaves. There were no large scale massacres of lower castes. I have always seen the lower caste treated well in India. In fact some of these lower castes have gotten wealthy, by taking advantage of the many reservations offered to them. They do have the opportunities for advancement.
deeps please lose your smug attitude over these issues. If you do bring up caste I can bring up the many horrible examples of slavery, oppression, subjugation, and massacres of different people and cultures by western and Islamic cultures.

Robert, thank you for posting this speech by Satya Dosapati. It is unfortunate he wasn’t able to actually deliver it at the rally. But posting it here will probably reach more people, including back in India, as well as entering it into your archives for future reference.

While I too agree that Taj Mahal being built on top of a Hindu structure is perhaps over the top, and the caste system is something to be embarrassed about, I believe that India was a fine civilization before the arrival of Islam. Islam’s pernicious influence all but destroyed it.

The Hindu civilization started reviving after the Muslims were removed from power, first by the likes of Shivaji and Ranjit Singh, and later by the British. The process of revival is going on even today

I believe that what makes Hindu civilization something to be proud of are our core values, that enable us to reform ourselves and be driven by noble considerations rather than instincts. Indians (or Hindus) are the only people on earth today, outside of western world and Japan, who are trying to build a free, modern, democratic and secular nation with legal and political systems in line with Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

We have achieved partial success and we can justly be proud of it.

The biggest danger to this great endeavor is from Islamic supremacism. Even if Islamists don’t win India, their influence will be to again (like medieval times) replace the fine Hindu sense of right and wrong, with a supremacist mentality. That will be an enormous tragedy.

Hence the political responsibility we all have to inflict conclusive defeat on Islamism. In the subcontinental context, it means defeat and break up of Pakistan, especially destroying it’s nukes, and complete integration of Kashmir into India.


Amazing: about 16,000 comments on that article!

The nightly TV news is nearly all about Islam.

People are talking.

But here in Australia, there is currently a trial of a few planners of a terrorist act, who wanted to blow up army buildings. The jugde warned that “Islam is not on trial” and reminded us about Christian fanatics. Just SOOOO necessary, when Muslims are on trial for terrorism, to have a shot at Christianity!


I guess it’s just up to all of us Islamosavvy folks, when the subject of the Somali Muslim plot to carry out a jihad ghazwa raid against the Holsworthy Army base comes up, to relate it to Islam, Islam, Islam and to refute the silly statement by the Judge. And to take the opportunity to educate, when the trial is reported online and there are talkbacks/ comments open.

Word *is* spreading.

For the past three years I have been editing our parish magazine. In that time I have written a number of articles to do with Islam: a general ‘Islam 101’ article boiling-down some of the things I’ve learned here at jihadwatch and from books by Spencer and others, a report on a public lecture given by Michael Nazir-Ali, a review of Andrew Bostom’s “Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”, and an article about ‘women in sharia, women in Islam’ which pulled no punches; furthermore, I’ve also put into the magazine another parishioner’s review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s ‘Infidel’, which book is also in the parish library.

I have had interesting responses. So far, I know for a fact that something like six other people in the parish are essentially on the same page as me; three or four of those have identified themselves after I published the essay on what Islam does to women (which was originally a talk I presented to our parish branch of the Mothers’ Union). Our previous parish priest (now serving in another church in another state) was – I think – ‘educated’ by me before he left.

I have also been told by three of the people I’ve spoken with, that they are giving copies of my article on Islam, sharia and women, to others. Word is getting about…how far it’s travelling, I do not know, but these people, being older and very much ‘community-involved’, have contacts far and wide, within the church and outside it, and a lot of social clout, much more than I myself have. I’ve helped them see that their worries about Islam and about Muslim immigration are real and rational – one guy I was just talking with, has been worrying since the 1970s – and I’ve given them ammunition: facts, in a handy package, that they can wave under other people’s noses.

One lady who was at my MU talk, has asked for a disk of ‘Submission’; she will be getting it as soon as my husband can download the copy he made, and burn it onto a disk for her. I’m sure she’ll find it an eye-opener. And this lady works in RE (religious education) in schools and doubtless has *heaps* of contacts. If she ‘gets’ the full menace of Islam – classical mainstream Islam – she can warn many, many others.

Keep on talking to people. It *does* get through. I think we’re heading for a ‘tipping point’.

I did not believe it when Dubya said it; and I believe it even less when Barak Hussein Obama the long-legged Mack Daddy says it.

Pakistan’s small one thousand-member Jewish community was expelled upon that nation’s independence.

hooray for what you are doing DD, I have always said that the most important acts of resistance to islam and sharia is education. Educating the masses on the true islam. Burning korans will be instant gratification but it will only cause the muslim to seek vengence on the innocense population of their countries, and will make you appear to be a fascist book burner. Educating people about islam is the spike going through the heart of islam. It has the potential of forever ending the spread of islam.

“”it means defeat and break up of Pakistan, and complete integration of Kashmir into India””

What do you mean by these two statements? About pakistan, do you mean a breakup of the army and govt?
How do you conceive kashmir being integrated into India? With the present situation, there cannot be any investment in kashmir, which means no indians will go there to work and settle. And I don’t see how the situation can change. The army presence is because of the separatists and Pak sponsored militants and the army makes the people unhappy. Pakistan cannot be broken up without a war, and I don’t know how we can go to war with them considering they have nukes. Do we even have the political will for a war with an islamic country?

I think our focus should be more on how to prevent more kashmirs from being repeated throughout india. Let us know your thoughts.

In Persian, the obvious meaning of Hindu Kush is “Hindu-killer, Hindu-slayer”. It is impossible to verify whether or not this is a corruption of some earlier name. Neither do we know in what context this name was given.
What we do know is that Hindus have suffered and still suffer greatly under the onslaught of islam.

Im no linguist, but I know a bit of arabic. In arabic the word Kas (pronounced cuss as in “cuss word”) means to cut. Again, in the afghan language it is hendu “kosh”.

The below is pasted from another website.
Persian-English dictionary (14) indicates that the word ‘Kush’ is derived from the verb Kushtar – to slaughter or carnage. Kush is probably also related to the verb Koshtan meaning to kill. In Urdu, the word Khud-kushi means act of killing oneself (khud – self, Kushi- act of killing).

The Khud-kushi part is correct. It is a common word for suicide in India.

“”Lets start with Gujurat and BJP. There were thousands of people killed by Hindu extremists while the government turned a blind eye. The current govt. even acknowledges the atrocities.””
So you expect hindus to keep quiet after muslims go around burning them? This after the rape of this land and people by muslims for hundreds of years? Sorry, thats just not going to happen. The Gujarat govt is the reason why muslims are quiet there, and hindus feel safe. Unlike places like Assam, Kerala and Bengal, where they are getting bolder by the day because of political clout.

How about the massacre of thousands of Sikhs when Indira Gandhi was assassinated?
The sikh religion originated in india, and as far as indians are concerned, they are as much a part of india as hindus are. The 84 riots were orchestrated by the congress, a party which now pretends to be “secular”, and a protector of muslims. If you think hindus discriminate with or hate sikhs, then you obviously don’t live in India.

“”but you are blind fools if you think Hindus did not commit horrible atrocities.””
They have, but thats hardly significant considering what has been done to India.

“”Hindus used to kill female children because they did not want to pay dowries when the girls wed. In fact, infanticide was a serious problem in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.””
Yes it is a problem, but don’t paint it as if it is institutionalised in the hindu religion or is only applicable to india. It is not.

“”The CASTE system still exists in India till this day.””
Yes, and so also in different forms in many other cultures including the middle east.

“”you dotheads still steal AMERICAN jobs!!!!””
No, we don’t steal, your corporations come here to give us the jobs. It is called globalisation, and hindus did not invent it.

“”Indian Hindus are peaceful?””
Yup. You would rather have us as immigrants in your land than muslims. We mind our own business, are by and large lawful, contribute through our education, and don’t go about offending other cultures by wanting to convert them. Just don’t f_ck with us in our land and expect tolerance in return.

Nishant, many a time, I have seen muslims on JW trying to post as Hindus or angry Americans, trying to drive a wedge between us infidels. These muslims are always happy to list the same problems associated with Hinduism again & again like caste system, various riots, female infanticide, etc even though all these problems are social issues & are seen amongst ppl of all religions in India. Oh, they also lie about some of the stories like anti-Sikh riots of 1984, which was carried out by the muslim sympathizer congress party & turn it into a Hindu vs Sikh riot story. They conveniently ignore the fact that many Hindu organizations & BJP tried to save the Sikh victims during these riots.

Whenever any news story comes out of India on JW, why do all these muslims, sometimes masquerading as Hindus or infidels, try to list all the bad things abt Hinduism here like caste system? Even if Hinduism has its own share of problems & issues, it is not forcefully imposing its views on other countries like Islam. You would never see Hindus settled in other countries whining like muslims in every sphere of life. Moreover,many Hindus are working tirelessly to remove caste system, which is more of a social problem & can be seen to permeate all religions in India including Islam. How many times have we seen muslims working against removing extremist verses from their holy books or accepting that their religion is a violent one? Instead they either keep quiet or put the blame on infidel countries!

“”Moreover,many Hindus are working tirelessly to remove caste system,””
Yes, with no help from the goddamn politicians.

“”which is more of a social problem & can be seen to permeate all religions in India including Islam.””
And not just in India too. Even in arab countries there differences, with some clans being inferior to others. The clans with some african blood in them are basically considered low caste, and the higher ones will not marry into them.

don’t forget, Kushi also has another meaning in Hindi, Kush and Kushi also means happy and happiness. So the literal meaning of Hindu Kush, would mean Happy Hindu. This of course doesn’t make much sense in the context. These mountains were no doubt renamed by the muslim persians for the many deaths of Hindus.

kushi = killing
khushi = happy

aa “khushi” se khud “kushi” kar le, for example.

VSA you may be parly right the only difference is that we hindus self introspect and recognise our mistakes and our govt and society tried its best to rectify it. dalits get quota in colleges, jobs etc and many of them are doing better than upper caste people in india.infanticide is a crime punishable by law and also sex identification by scan prior to child birth has been made illegal. every hindu associates himself closely with sikhs and only a fool cant appreciate the sikhs’ role in the army and administration in the current indian set up. As much as im against narendra modi and gujarat massacre , its a fact that it was started by muslim hooligans and even those riots which i do agree claimed more muslim lives than hindus came under severe medica scanner and was condemned by the hindus all over the country.Even today modi and the gujarat govt is seen as right wing racists by most hindus of the other states.By the way its just nonsense to quote gujarat all the time when there are so many remedial measures for minority appeasement is happening all over india by all the state govts.Just reflects on ur brainwashed minds

“You and I both know the atrocities committed by all sides, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh.”
The sikh religion was formed specifically for dealing with muslim scum. It is the martial arm of hinduism so to speak. I don’t give a damn if you call them violent.

Hindus are inherently peaceful because hindu philosphy accepts all paths to god. This has been reflected in india’s ability to accept and tolerate people of all faiths for hundreds of years. This is also reflected in the behaviour of hindus/sikhs/jains when they settle in foreign lands. But some of the faiths we have tolerated think that it is their divine right to f_uck us and our traditions in our own land, because their “holy” books tell them they are the chosen ones. Don’t expect tolerance for such types.

“”I too am from India””
And you call your own people Dotheads? Strange.

VSA if you are a indian muslim i will be terribly disappointed becos ur attitude just vindicates what anti muslim groups in JW quote. U r never happy nor satisfied with what govt gives u and keep ranting about the non existent anti muslim bias. BJP may ba hindu right wing party but even they dont advocate muslim killings. They ofcourse planned mosque demolition which was replied with bombay blasts by muslims in which thousands got killed. I wouldnt take lives for a silly old temple if it were to be destroyed by muslims. Muslims dont repect human lives and its a fact

“”anti muslim groups in JW quote.””
What anti muslim groups? Don’t confuse things. You mean anti islam. Muslims are merely infected with islam, just like some dogs are infected with rabies. Now if someone shoots a rabid dog, it doesn’t mean he hates the dog.

I know there are plenty who hate muslims, but the folks here are pretty educated, and clear about what they hate.

So, you choose to repeat things which have already been discussed, throw in a few absurd statements and unrelated arguments, and end it by playing the victim.
And not a word about accepting the fact that your religious scriptures are inherently intolerant and violent.
Read the last two sentences of Slothy’s comment above. You have just proved yourself to be a typical example. Congratulations.

VSA i thought u came to argue with reason but apparently not. qwell as for untouchables go im a dalit myself and i do get occasional taunts but nothin serious anyway i think u have already made ur decision and it will be just waste of time to talk with u and covince u. i know u r not from india and i repeat all those who dwell in slums are not untouchables . many of them are caste hindus and in modern india the financial status has nothing to do with caste. but who would want to disrupt the fantasy of our good old neigbour. keep dreaming

VSA i thought u came to argue with reason but apparently not. qwell as for untouchables go im a dalit myself and i do get occasional taunts but nothin serious anyway i think u have already made ur decision and it will be just waste of time to talk with u and convince u. i know u r not from india and i repeat all those who dwell in slums are not untouchables . many of them are caste hindus and in modern india the financial status has nothing to do with caste. but who would want to disrupt the fantasy of our good old neigbour. keep dreaming

“”you guys need to look at your own violent history and violent acts and acknowledge them as well. India’s strength comes form ALL its people, not just some.””
Yeah right. Muslims came to india and looted, raped and murdered millions for hundreds of years. Then carved out two islamic states from India where the non-muslim populations have been decimated. The same with Kashmir. Meanwhile, what is left of India is under threat because the muslim population keeps growing at an alarming rate. And you are preaching to us about our hindu violent history. What a joke.

“”Slothy is dead wrong about the 1984 riots and about infanticide and caste systems by Muslims””
No, you are dead wrong. Stop equating sikhs with muslims. Sikhs have always been a part of India and always will be. Muslims however, would make people throughout the world very happy if they left the planet. Even if islam reforms now, it will take a few hundred years before you can gain the trust and goodwill of the rest of the world, which other indians enjoy.

“”I am an Indian and we are both neighbors””
That doesn’t mean shit. Pakis, Bangladeshis and kashmiris were once Indians and neighbours too.

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