Before Apple founder Steve Jobs died due to cancer, he purchased 500 books of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda and asked that a copy of the book with his message of self-actualization be passed to every top CEO of the world who would attend his funeral.   Just to grasp it, every single top executive of every top notch company around the world managing billions to trillions dollars of business were advised to read this book for their own advancement.   The most popular Western teacher in the Christian World today, such as Eckhart Tolle,  regularly talks about Hindu saint Ramana Maharshi and the great spiritual wisdom of India.   Sanskrit fever grips Germany with 14 universities teaching India’s ancient language and is struggling to meet the demand.  NASA says Sanskrit is the best computer language for Artificial intelligence.  177 nations around the world signed up for International Yoga day with little effort.  World renowned cosmologist  Carl Sagan (famous Cosmos series) says secrets of the universe are hidden in the Hindu scriptures.  Oppenheimer who led the Manhattan project that created the atom bomb marvelled at the first detonation of an atom bomb in New Mexico desert in the USA by holding Bhagavad Gita and reciting the 15th chapter where Krishna revealed his infinite energy.  

We routinely hear that quantum physicists were inspired by Vedanta and that Bharat is not only the mother of all civilizations but the advancements of the very science we see today in the West is built on foundations in India, until the Islamic  conquests and Western colonialism destroyed it. Wherever you go in the West you can see the craving for what Hinduism can provide.   In the backdrop of this you wonder then why is India rejecting Hinduism which the West is adopting and taking in the very thing they are rejecting, the narrow Church defined medieval Christianity.  Is this the story of a person who had a precious diamond but never knew the value of it and threw it away or lack of comprehension of dangerous Global missionary agenda or both? 

Best  thinkers in India, whether it is Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Aurobindo and many others have warned against conversions to Christianity as practiced and propagated by the Church in non-Christian countries.  Latest information coming from British own records show that the so called Shudras of India are not only the most educated in India’s native school system but also the richest in the country until Christian British systematically destroyed and plundered.   This article was written in response to the disturbing news about temple burnings and attacks on Hindu temples in the Andhra state, attempt to murder (as alleged by his wife) a pro-Hindu sitting Member of Indian parliament Raghurama Krishan Raju by Andhra Jagan administration.  It goes into the sad state of India’s politics in many states, the dangers from history of medieval Christianity, what the Western Global agenda is, what is at stake for unity of India and the actions India need to take immediately.   While the tone may sometimes be bitter and the article may be long,  please have an open mind and read it to educate yourself to save the greatest country and culture that ever existed in world history and which is still the only guiding light for humanity because of its message of oneness with the entire universe.  The quote by Annie Besant  below sums up the pain behind this article:

“After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect , none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place.  And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it?  If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it. Hinduism alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one. ” – Annie Besant (1847-1933)

One last note – even if you cannot complete reading the entire article, at the least read all the headings and the pictures.

Sad state of Andhra Politics and alleged attempt to murder a sitting member of Parliament

It is a sad state of India that the best among us left India where we are managing even multi-billion dollar companies in the West but we have left India’s politics mostly to the scum of the nation.  Andhra is considered a forward state when compared to other states.  However, politics seems to have gone to the sink with regular temple attacks and vandalism, aggressive conversion agenda,  torture and alleged attempt of murder of a pro-Hindu Member of parliament Raghurama Krishnam Raju who was simply taken from home with framed up charges by CM Jagan Reddy administration because of his routine criticism of Jagan’s policies of  anti-Hinduism, casteism, factionalism, corruption.  But for the quick engagement of the family and intervention of SC apparently he could have been killed or debilitated to the point where he could not function (as alleged by his wife).    Even during Emergency, Indira Gandhi has not perpetrated such acts on opposition politicians leave alone a sitting Member of Parliament.  Jagan Reddy himself spent 16 months in jail on a disproportionate assets case and never complained of any poor treatment during his entire jail time.   

What a shame? Is this what we call Indian Democracy?

At the time he was arrested in 2012, Jagan was considered the richest politician in the country with CBI charging him of entering into a conspiracy  to dole out favors to various companies in return for the investments made into his firms (some even non-existing) when his father YSR was a CM.   Jagan’s many multi-million dollar palaces (Hyderabad, Pulivendulu,  Bangalore, even Amaravati), speaks for itself.   To give an idea, his Hyderabad palace has 75 rooms spread over one acre land in prime Banjara Hills area.  When CBI raided that house in 2011 it took many officials 10 hours to go through the building.  It even had plans for helipad and unofficial estimate of this palace alone is nearly 400 crores!   His highly guarded Bangalore palace is on a 31 acre plot with even a helipad for helicopter landing!!  This is in a country where per capita income of 1.4 billion population is just about 1 lac rupees per year!  His co-conspirator in the massive corruption scheme is another character called Vijay Sai Reddy who is also a trustee of TTD for multiple terms!

Jagan’s Palaces

Jagan has not held a single job and never had a business but has estimated worth running into billions of rupees and is now sitting as CM of Andhra Pradesh while he is on bail!. He is currently apparently compromising witnesses on his cases with plum posts to the very officers who were convicted and were jailed with him on his corruption cases!!   The Swarajyamag article , ‘The Great Loot of Andhra Pradesh’ in 2011 details the mind-boggling corruption of Jagan and family that would put ones mind into tizzy.  It is pathetic state of India’s system that such plundering looters are sitting in the seat of the highest Government to plunder more.  It is precisely such people who are used by Western missionaries and Global elite to compromise the targeted country.   With plush cash they can employ for-sale election strategists like Prashant Kishore to fool and win elections, ensuring a cycle of plunder and win elections while Global elite cum missionaries local players provide required cover. 

Jagan family loot in 2011 running into thousands of crores through various kick back scams (from Swarajya Mag article)

It is most likely BJP performance in West Bengal with little action from Center during post-poll violence emboldened him to commit crimes against a sitting Member of Parliament.   This raises a question.  If a sitting Lok Sabha MP can be targeted, is it possible tomorrow the Prime Minister, Home Minister or even a Supreme Court or High court judges be targeted through shady means if they are seen as opposing his agenda?  Many say state is witnessing no rule of law or any respect for constitution.   Apparently any criticism of Jagan will get one arrested within 24 hours with framed charges.  Worse, you can even be targeted and attempted to be killed.  That is India for you.     

Jagan’s family implementing Western Christian missionary (Joshua project) dangerous agenda for power and profit; enormous state machinery & resources geared towards rapid conversion and denationalization while bankrupting the state

But this story of corruption is not new to India.  There are many sick and degenerate criminals in India occupying highest political offices in several states but what makes Jagan and his family a very dangerous force is they are implementing a Western Christian missionary agenda of converting Andhra (and Telangana) into Christianity which has potential to break India, particularly South India by using medieval Christian methods.   He and his family consisting of his mother Vijayamma, sister Sharmila and brother-in-law Anil Kumar are Christian fanatics who dress like Hindus to fool the gullible. Western agencies under project Joshua with publicly declared agenda to Christianize India were easily able to buy ethically bankrupt people like his brother-in-law  Anil Kumar.  Jagan’s sister Sharmila started a new party in Telangana to create a Christian voting block in Telangana which also has 20 to 30% already converted.  Her agenda is to force policies that will pave for more conversions using Christians as a voting block. Why are they so interested in conversions when the enlightened Christians in the West are increasingly craving and adopting tenets of Hinduism, perhaps even worldwide.  Is the conversion agenda  a cover for power and corruption?  The rise of Jagan in Andhra has a lot to do with enormous support from Western Christian missionary infrastructure.  In the process, this family is playing into the very Western Global elite forces planning to break India.

source: https://joshuaproject.net/resources/articles/10_40_window

Enormous state resources in Andhra are geared towards rapid conversions and denationalization even at the cost of the state reaching bankruptcy.   Jagan appointed about nearly 2.5 lac volunteers (one for every 50 households) paying them honorarium of Rs 5000/- per month who aid and/or actively engage in conversions (even adding multi crore awards on top of it), using public funds to pay salaries to Pastors (Hindu priests payments are from Hindu temple resources), building churches with public funds,  with district collectors and SP providing all help. Police were booking cases against whoever complaints against fake caste benefits, illegal churches, conversion or intimidation. 

Deeply entrenched network of Western agencies like US CIA, USAID, State Department with Missionaries and local players to further Western ‘Deep State’ agenda

Joshua project diabolical agenda in India working closely with US CIA, USAID is recorded in this Tehelka undercover investigation (when they were true to journalism) in the early 2000’s that should terrify any patriot of this country because it has cultural as well as national security implications.

Rajiv Malhotra’s groundbreaking book, ‘Breaking India’ gives many details of this dangerous agenda from history to today.    Jagan and family are implementing this dangerous agenda for power and profit that will utterly destroy India’s fabric.


The torture Saga and the return of the ‘Inquistion’ – supporting abusers, threatening activists/lawyers and blatant violations of constitution (pastor/imam salaries, building churches with public funds while state is bankrupt)

Jagan and his family, particularly his brother-in-law Anil Kumar has emboldened Christian fanatics in the state with temple burnings, illegal churches and conversions while suppressing genuine voices against these illegal activities.    Andhra IPS Officer in charge of Andhra CID  PV Sunil Kumar who was recently in news for bashing Hindus led a team that tortured pro-Hindu MP Raghuram Krishnam Raju.  Apparently one of his team members sat on the chest of the MP (who recently had a heart surgery) and asked him to unlock and hand over to him the smartphone.   Just few days ago there were efforts to put up a statue of Islamic tyrant Tipu Sultan who has committed many atrocities against Hindus in Karnataka and Kerala in efforts to build Muslim vote bank.   Virulent Hindu haters are supported with public funds as seen from recent efforts of  the Government attempt to sanction 17 lacs of public funds to Kathi Mahesh who was met with an accident.  Kathi Mahesh was earlier banned from entering Hyderabad for his abuse of Hindu gods.   This Hindu abuser is whom the state chose to fund when the State is suffering immensely for lack of funds even to pay employee salaries, pensions or even farmers for their produce.   

To this day, not a single case of attacks on Hindu worship places has been resolved.  Police said the acts are that of a mad person, but somehow the mad person would target only Hindu temples!  These vandalism was categorized as a ‘law and order’ issue instead of  as targeted hate crimes against Hindu religion.  Interestingly, those attacks stopped suddenly after the furor by Hindu community over them.  The person accused by police (apparently a mentally challenged 50 year old Muslim) in the burning of Antarvedi temple chariot died in an ‘accident’.  Abusing the Hindu Endowments act they are filling the employees in temples with almost all non-Hindus who have little regard for Hinduism.  As if that is not enough, the Jagan Government itself using public funds (25 crores for 248 churches) to build mega-churches, even issuing tenders.  Hindu Organizations were not able to find lawyers to file cases against State Government blatant violations of constitution such as salaries to Pastors and Imams, Government building churches or the non-Hindus employed in temples  because the lawyers are threatened and are afraid for their life and livelihood to take up the cases.   Is this the return of the medieval inquisition of the church?

Christianized Andhra security structure – fanatics & fake religion certificates

Christian invasions and conversions happen by first capturing the prominent people and then through propaganda and other mechanisms capture power.  Once power is captured, there will be systematic persecution to force the non-converts.  To pursue this agenda requires a strong security force.   In the initial phase it works by keeping an eagle clad eye on those who oppose conversions agenda and facilitate those who are engaging conversions by protecting them.  Later phases will use blatant force.  Jagan home minister Mekathoti Sucharita is a self declared Christian who illegally got elected from a SC reserved constituency by faking a religion certificate.  Hindu bashing Christian convert Sunil Kumar who also tortured MP Raghuram Raju is in charge of CID . He openly admitted he was a Christian.   Sources say most of Andhra police is Christianized and it has reached point of no return, which is why there is no chance of atrocities against Hindus or Hindu worship places ever being fairly investigated .  Within days of Jagan taking power, circulars were sent out to many local police forces in some areas to protect only minority worship places when in reality the Hindu worship places were the targets of attack.  

Christianized Andhra Police structure

Dangerous Break India agenda – Vote banks, pathological hate for India and its culture in the young

What is the agenda behind these activities?   The Western Christian missionaries have been working to convert Andhra for some time with currently almost 95% of SC and 10 to 20% of STs comprising 20% of total state population already converted.   (Some say that this number is  30% and by the end of Jagan’s term it could be higher).  The Western Christian mafia formula in India is Christians + Muslims + Dalits to capture Power in India and  then convert the rest of India to Christianity through covert and overt means.  They aid and encourage radical Islamists to weaken and terrorize Hindu society along with a new group of Christian fanatics as the number of Christians increase.  This is nothing new, they have been doing similar things for the last 2000 years in the Americas, Africa and parts of Asia.   With 10% Muslims population Jagan has to just please two communities to get a solid vote bank and get a stranglehold on power in the state while dividing the rest based on caste and other divisions.   

Conversions in Andhra first went into high gear during the time of Jagan’s father YSR who was even visited by US President George Bush Jr, a declared evangelist who used Faith based funding for conversions, a first for a US President to visit a state leader. Even though the current center under Modi has curbed the flow of foreign funds for illegal conversions, the conversion industry has become a self-sustaining business where the gullible are brainwashed into paying 10% of their income to pastors who spread blatant lies and abuse Hinduism and India along with false India’s history. 

Such is the perversion that these pastors, including those like converted IPS officer PV Sunil Kumar, say India was saved by British and white Christians when British imperialism is the reason why India is what it is today!!!  Swami Vivekananda rightly said, when a Hindu gets converted to Christianity or Islam, it is not just a loss of Hindu to other religions but also a hater to Hindu religion.  Not just Hindu religion, they are creating hate towards the country.  They are openly saying they will deliver India to Christianity.    Some say, 90% of the Wardens in SC/ST schools are converted Christians who are brainwashing the young children both in Andhra and Telangana.  These children are coached to hate their own country and its culture creating a very dangerous situation in the country.    Many of these forces are using Ambedkar and Buddhism as a front but they are mostly Hindu hating Christians.   Ambedkar himself strongly opposed to conversions to Christianity and Islam and called it denationalization. Telangana Gurukul schools secretary in charge, Praveen Kumar expression of  hate of Hindu gods and goddesses is a sign of immense danger because we are creating literally lacs of young people to hate Hindu religion.  Sources close to Telangana indicate his family (wife and mother) are converted Christians and his Organization SWAERO is a dangerously deceptive missionary front.

Christian Love Jihad, Migration of Muslims to create solid vote banks in every constituency, illegal churches (Christian Land Jihad), nothing spared as target for dubious conversions

Now pastors and Christian fanatics are also into love Jihad with money paid depending on which Hindu caste girl you marry and convert  to Christianity similar to what Muslims do in Islamic love Jihad.  According to activists, they are even migrating Muslims from other parts to various districts in Northern Andhra which never had Muslims to carefully create solid vote banks in each constituency, perhaps carefully guided by missionary forces.  Such is their planning for conversions, that they are targeting security personnel in apartment complexes first so that they can gain entry and convert the people in the complexes!  No public place is safe from conversion agenda in Andhra and Telangana today, whether it is hospitals, temples, prisons or a small remote village or a big town.  While per census there are only 1.8% Christians, the number of Churches in the state is 2 or 3 times more than the number of temples built over millennia.  Even a remote village in Andhra (and Telangana) have multiple churches whether there is a Hindu temple or not.  Many times these churches are built on public lands (amounting to land jihad) and close to worship places.  When a Hindu organization inquired with the Tirupathi Collector’s office whether any one of the 100+ churches around Tirupati were legal, the answer came back as ‘ZERO’.   Missionaries first target is worship places because converting the worshipful will provide a ripe material for more conversions and for eventual conversion of ‘Pagan’ worship place as a Church or a Museum or just demolish it.   Note that even before independence, Church was the biggest non-agricultural land owner of India due to grants from British times.

All the evils of the Church in the West are creeping in India with activities like, ‘Nagna Prardhana’ (i.e, prayers while naked!) and scores of church abuse are showing up.   There are a myriad of dubious Human Rights Organizations such as HLRN (Human Rights Law Network), SWAERO (of Praveen Kumar) and many others today in India which are basically dangerous Western missionary fronts working to denationalize and break India.

Jagan Deception to win elections and keep his cases at bay

Jagan before elections (visits to temples)

Jagan after elections (destruction of temples)

From history – Jagan blew up Hindu temple in 2013 in Anantapur

From History:  Like father (YSR), like son (Jagan)


Jagan before cases (touches Modi feet)

Jagan after cases (or witnesses compromised)

Wonder what will happen?  Will he even show up to receive Modi at the airport? Will he care if BJP loses more states? Guess!

For every Hitler there is a Goebbels -How Prashant Kishor helped Jagan to fool Hindus and Andhra voters

For the rise of Jagan to the position of CM with such massive support, Prashant Kishor perhaps played a big part.   Propagandist Gobbels portrayed Hitler not as a politician but as a god-like figure, changing messages to different audiences, stressing him as leader at the top who only cared for Germany, nay Germany itself.   Prashant Kishore helped Jagan blatantly manipulate the Hindu voters portraying Jagan as more Hindu than Hindus, with Jagan making tours for temples, doing ablutions, consulting with a Hindu seer who seem to have no clue, to have Jagan seen as an amicable image who will work also for Hindus along with all people of Andhra.  (He did similar things with Mamata in West Bengal).  Soon after elections were won, the day results announced the conversion agenda started.   Jagan who seemed more Hindu than Hindu earlier would not even light a lamp in the meetings because it is a ‘pagan’ practice.  What a shame?   Little knowledge of their own culture,  aping the very forces that destroyed India, this man is going to save Andhra!!   Prashant Kishor may think he is a great strategist but at what cost to the country he is doing this by fooling voters and supporting corrupt people like Jagan and Mamata who are wreaking havoc?   Andhra and West Bengal have increasingly become Christian and Islamic jihadi states with little hope for economic improvements.    Then there is another person Vijay Sai Reddy, who was the first accused by CBI for helping Jagan and his father to do all the shady activities.  He is a chartered accountant who helped Jagan and YSR to get the kickbacks for favors amassing enormous wealth.  Both Jagan and him were convicted and jailed and are currently out on bail. 

Prashant Kishor nursing wounds against BJP (with little thought to the future of the country) or is he a representative of break India forces?

Apparently, Prashant Kishor is nursing wounds against Amit Shah for not crediting him for his work with BJP in 2014 (which perhaps a problem with BJP) and is now being  used by Global break India forces to project him as a strategist to take on Modi 2024.   To what end one may ask.   British ruled 350 million Indians with only 100,000 British because they just needed willing Indians to sabotage their own country.   India is currently facing dangerous forces, with China CCP on one side,  Taliban/Pakistan on other side and aggressive Global elite cum missionary forces who see the nationalism of Modi with India progressing and achieving its innate potential as a threat.   Global elites do not want India to rise like China did which they consider as another challenge to their dominance and they want to control, contain and convert India (see my blog https://SatyaBlog.org).   It is also possible that Prashant Kishor is employed by break India forces such as Global elite cum missionaries cartel as a local player for their agenda with a huge payback.

Colossal plunder of state treasury for freebies and conversion agenda throwing state into a dangerous debt trap 

Just to give an idea of fanatic raj Jagan is heading in Andhra, per Economic Times in Jan 3, 2021, during bifurcation of state in June 2014, the state had a loan of Rs 97,000/- crores and by Nov 2020 it was 3.73 lakh crores.  In the first eight months of then financial year (FY 2020-21) alone he spend Rs 70,082 crores and almost all of it for freebies and other schemes, all leading the state fast into bankruptcy!   This would provide him solid vote banks for perpetual power but who will foot the bill at the end?  

Jagan’s Government is spending Rs 1500 crores/- per year on 2.5 lac volunteers many who are believed to aid or abet conversions.  This also amounts to bribery and perpetual power to continue his conversion agenda.   Per Pgurus article, ‘Is Andhra Government robbing Ram to pay Robert and Rahim’ it lists the following and draws parallel to what happened during conversion of ‘Pagan’ Europe into Christianity during medieval times.  

  1. New Church construction:  Upto Rs 1,00,000
  2. Church Repair:  Upto Rs 30,000
  3. Christian Hospital: Upto Rs 10,00,000
  4. Christian School Building: Upto Rs 5,00,000
  5. Christian Orphanage: Upto Rs 5,00,000
  6. Christian Old Age Home: Upto Rs 5,00,000
  7. Christian Commumunity Hall cum Youth resource Center: Upto Rs 5,00,000

The Hindu article talks about how Government allocated 25 crores to construct 248 Churches.   The Organizer article questions the legality of payments of Honorariums to Pastors/Imams and the amounts paid to Christian workers.  It asks if Christians constituted 1.39% of AP population, then how did 43.99% of the payments (out of 33.92 crores allocated) goes to Christians.  Government is also spending large amounts on paying for Christian institutions and conversions (while on other hand they were attempting to sell TTD properties without any Hindus consent).   

While the center may have attempted to curb the foreign inflow for conversion and break India agenda, Jagan has made up more than by looting the treasury and bankrupting the state.  Basically instead of foreign agents, India is now paying to destroy itself.  The other question is also given the enormous plunder of Jagan during his fathers’ reign for which he is currently on bail, what is the guarantee that how much of these funds were not stolen?  Did Andhra voters give the key to the state treasury to a dangerously manipulative religious fanatic and a thief?

India in throes of Medieval Christianity

While enlightened Christians in the West are increasingly going towards Hinduism, India is being subjected to medieval Christianity.  Converted people like Jagan and family and those like Suneel kumar have no clue about their own country and culture.   But do they know the truth about Christianity or even if they know they care?   Apparently the burning or attacks of temples in Andhra  is by RSS or by some other local political party.  Interesting.  Perhaps RSS also broke the ‘Pagan’ temples all across Europe when Christianity took over.  In her best selling book, ‘The Darkening Age: The Christian destruction of the Classical World’ Catherine Nixey gives exceptional account of  enormous murder and vandalism wrought by Christian religious zealotry in Europe.  I personally visited Turkey where every magnificent pre-Christian era Pagan temples were demolished and destroyed, saw defacing of elaborate temples in Egypt and wholesale conversion of Pagan temples into Churches all over South America.     

Remains of the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, once a Hellenistic place of worship during early Christian era.

Compare the above with below what is happening in Andhra.

Time may come one day, in the not distant future,  the Tirupati temple will not have Balaji and it will be thrown out and replaced with Jesus and Mary.  Jagan’s father almost attempted that when he tried to take away 2 out of 7 hills for tourism.   Systematically every Hindu temple will have their gods thrown out and replaced or be converted into a Museum.

Destruction,plunder and atrocities of Christianity

Hindu India was honored by the first Israeli parliament that Hindus and India is the only country in the World that never persecuted Jews.  It gave shelter to persecuted people of the world such as Parsis and gave them every means to grow and flourish.   On the contrary, white Christians colonized, plundered and utterly destroyed civilizations across the continents.  From wipe out native civilizations, slavery, holocaust, inquisitions, colonization, imperialism, it is a sordid tale of enormous atrocities committed on humanity, animals and the rest of the nature.  Until Christian British came, Shudras in India were educated most in India’s native education system. They were also the richest until British systematically destroyed their livelihoods. 

Slavery in America – 20 milion African Americans captured and brought in slave ships from Africa under horrible conditions, stripped naked and sold like animals in slave markets, many lynched, beaten and terrorized to extract strict obedience, not allowed any education, their families and children separated and sold for profit and their women used as sex slaves

It is estimated that 20 million African Americans brought in ships like animals from Africa,  Many died and those who remained alive were sold as slaves in the Americas.  They were lynched and terrorized to ensure obedience.  The marks of brutal slavery in America is seen even today where there are more blacks in jails than there were slaves in 1800’s (is it  ‘untouchability’?) per US Senator Cory booker.    The movie, ’12 years a slave’ based on true story gives a glimpse of brutal slavery in America.  The famous television series, ‘Roots: The Saga of an American family’ provides lot of details of slavery in America.

Torture of a sitting MP – imagine what can happen to common man? 

Racism and Slavery supported by Christianity

Here are the White Christians using their cross symbol to lynch thousands of African Americans and terrorize millions for  centuries with brutal slavery where men, women and children sold as animals, used to the last bit and left to die.   

Slave Ships

Ku Klux Klan

They use the very cross they worship to torture, lynch and terrorize African Americans

Sexual abuse of boys and women

Christian pastors sexually abuse millions of Christian boys and women.  Millions, literally millions of boys were sodomized with little action from Church authorities.  

Burning alive of hundreds of thousands of women

The Church burnt  alive hundreds of thousands (some say even millions) of European women ostensibly for Witch Craft (which are perhaps remnants of ‘Pagan’ practices that worship nature), many say was part of competition between established Catholic Church and new Protestant religion (from 1450 to 1750).

Colossal Genocide of Native Civilizations (100 million were called as ‘savages’ and wiped out, their children separated from parents to ‘civilize’ and many were buried in mass graves and used as sex slaves). 

White Christians murdered nearly 100 million natives in America where they slaughtered many, killed others by giving them blankets with infectious diseases or simply drove them from their lands where they lived for many thousands of years.  They slaughtered 30 million buffaloes to destroy their livelihood with just a few hundred left by the end of the 19th century. Native Americans in the South were uprooted from their lands and forced to walk 2,200 miles by foot (called ‘Trail of tears’) where many died and the US President Andrew Jackson openly called for their extinction.  Slavery of native Americans was organized in North America by Franciscan missions, a religious order within catholic church.    Thousands of their children were forcibly separated from their parents for nearly 100+ years in the name of civilizing the ‘savages’ across Americas, Canada and Australia  to attend Christian schools where many fell victims to infectious diseases (because they deliberately mixed children with disease), used as sex slaves by priests and the dead were buried in mass graves.   Few remaining natives today were converted and huddled into reservations.  Just last month in June 2021, hundreds of unmarked  graves found in a former residential missionary school in Canada.  Recent movie ‘We Were Children’, goes into the true story of two Canadian natives in Canadian missionary school.   This mass destruction of indigenous people is intrinsically genocidal.  

‘Trail of tears’ where Native Americans in South were uprooted and driven away to far away lands that forced them to walk 2,200 miles by foot,  with the US President calling for their extinction.  Many died on the way.

Goa Inquisition – when will India learn from its own history?

We cannot even start talking about the Goa Inquisition of Hindus where they tore off the tongues, blinded with sharp sticks, cut off Hindu women’s breasts, shoved their genitals with red-hot iron spikes or pull their flesh with pliers, skinned them alive and even pulled out their  intestines (while alive).  Those who ordered these brutalities are Christian ‘saints’ like St. Francis Xavier.  The order issued in 1566 said,  ‘I hereby order that in any area owned by my master, the king, nobody should construct a Hindu temple and such temples already constructed should not be repaired without my permission.  If this order is transgressed, such temples shall be destroyed and the goods in them shall be used to meet expenses of holy deeds, as punishment of such transgression’.

How the Church planned & assassinated Swami Laxmananda Saraswati on Krishna Janmashtami day.  Why Krishna Janmashtami day?  To show Hindu gods are powerless before Christian gods!!

Church  planned and murdered 83 year old Swami Laxmananda and his associates on Krishna Janmashtami day in the girls hostel (right in front of the girls) because his dharmic activities have become a challenge to the conversions of the tribals in the area. They have attempted 8 times before they succeeded.  Why specifically Krishna Janmashtami day?  To show Hindu gods are powerless before Christian gods!!  The slides below show the detailed planning of the church.  Seven Christians were convicted.  Will this be the future of Hindu saints in Andhra?

‘Civilized Western Christianity’ pogrom in Bengal killing nearly 3 million (by the time British left, 40 million died of starvation in British induced famines and they plundered 43 trillion dollars in today’s worth reducing once prosperous country with 23% of World GDP into total economic ruins)

Here is a gift of ‘civilized’ white Christian British to ‘uncivilized’ India where they deliberately created 1943 Bengal famine by withholding food grains to Bengal and redirected as extra buffer supplies to British soldiers.  An estimated 2.1 to 3 million people died of starvation.  The white Christian British PM Winston Churchill said, ‘I hate Indians.  They are beastly people with beastly religion and the famine is all their fault, they breed like rabbits”!!   When Clive invaded Bengal in 1757, just one Bengal was many times richer than the whole of the UK with India holding 23% of World GDP!!   Such was Clive’s colossal brutal plunder of Bengal, he is attributed to ensuing Bengal famine that killed one-third of Bengal population between 1769-1773! The multiple famines caused by Christian British policies killed more than 40 million during its reign in India and they looted 45 trillion dollars worth (in today’s money) as stated by India’s foreign Minister Jai Shankar recently in 2019.  They did even more, destroyed the glorious native education system which educated all people in the country and spread lies and falsities about Hindu scriptures.  They systematically destroyed the local occupations such as water body management, ship building industry and many such occupations that left India impoverished, particularly the once most prosperous so-called, ‘Sudras’ (Dalits) even today.

Hitler Holocaust of Jews and Gypsies –  ‘industrial scale implementation’ of what Church did during 2000 years of Christianity

Holocaust killed 5.9 million Jews, 1 million Roma Gypsies (who are actually Indian origin) and more.  In spite of knowing about the atrocities, the Pope remained silent.  According to the  website of the famous US Holocaust memorial museum,  ‘The racialized anti-Jewish Nazi ideology converged with antisemitism that was historically widespread throughout Europe at the time and had deep roots in Christian history. For all too many Christians, traditional interpretations of religious scriptures seemed to support these prejudices’.   (In India too, missionaries are attempting to create Dravidians versus Aryans racist interpretations to break it into South and North India).

Mother Teresa – where are her billions?

Popular German magazine Stern published a detailed article in 1998, ‘Mother Teresa: Where are her millions?’, detailing there is absolutely not a single detail of the funding of the Organization.  It said there are 200 charitable organizations helping the poor in Calcutta alone and Mother Teresa ‘Missionaries of Charity’ is not among the biggest helpers.  Even the charities they established in many places in the world are obtained for free.   In an article published in Salon, ‘The West’s big lie about Mother Teresa’, it shows with details the horrifying conditions in her charities, where ill people died simply due to lack of proper treatment .  In spite of getting funding many millions (and even billions) of dollars there is not a single hospital built by the Charity while Mother Teresa herself got the most advanced care when she got ill.  The medium.com article  “Mother Teresa sainthood is a fraud’ talks about how she publicly bragged about coercing vulnerable people into conversions on their deathbeds”.   Then what happened to her money?  Portal PGurus published an article, ‘Mother Teresa, where are her billions’, with many details on how every calamity brings more money to her Organizations worldwide but all of them eventually flow to Vatican bank, not to the needy.   The Vatican uses it for lavish lifestyles and for conversions.

The brutal lynching of Sadhus by Christian converted mob in tribal area of Palghar, Maharashtra is a sign of things to come due to hate fueled by missionary conversions

The rampant conversions of tribals by Christian missionaries creating deep hatred against Hindus is what was at display at the brutal lynching of 70 year old Kalpavrishka Giri Maharaj, 35 year old Sushil Giri Maharaj along with 30 year old driver Nilesh Telgade right in front of the police on 16th  April 2020.    Days will come not too far where Hindu saints will be lynched to death whenever they are seen in certain areas in the country with rampant conversions  just as it happened during medieval periods across the world.  The lawyer who was representing the Sadhus lynching case died in a road ‘accident’ while going to the court!  


The brutal church engendered Rwandan genocide is a major warning to India how Church is attempting to break India (‘Dravidian’ South versus ‘Aryan’ north or using SC/ST versus Upper Castes) 

Rwandan genocide shows Church activities has little to do with religion but it is all about Power and domination using division tactic.   In a time span of 100 days between April and July 1994, one million members of Tutsi ethnic minority group and moderate components of Hutu ethnic majority group were brutally killed with estimated 500,000 women raped (some by deliberately using men infected with AIDS and other diseases).  The scale and brutality shocked the world where neighbors killed  neighbors across villages and towns with crude machetes and weapons amply supplied by Tutsi and Hutu based churches and other groups.  Some Hutu husbands even killed their own Tutsi wives! This is in a country where both Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups were all converted Christians (Catholic, Protestant and Seventh day Adventist).   While Church initially brushed off their responsibility, much later in 2017 Catholic pope Francis asked for forgiveness on Church role in the genocide. 

Prior to arrival of German colonialists in 1880’s there was hardly any difference between the two main tribes Tutsi (15%) and Hutu (84%) groups, where division is based on their occupation (Tutsis herded cattle and Hutus farmed land)  with easy movements between groups (similar to Jathi/Varna in India).  Wealthy Hutus even became honorary Tutsis.  The early colonialists (Germany around 1884) favored Tutsi over Hutu saying they are racially superior believing them to be migrants from Ethiopia and installed  minority Tutu tribe rule over majority Hutus.    After Belgian take over (post World War I in 1926), the Belgians crystallized the differences between the tribes by giving identity cards with the tribe as a ‘caste’ (similar to how British divided Hindus in India based on caste in census).   The favoring of Tutsis continued and Hutus were left disenfranchised.    After World War II the catholic church started favoring Hutus and started a campaign that Tutsis who are of Ethiopian origin are foreigners in Rwanda (like Aryans are the invaders of Dravidian India).   Belgian administration also now started favoring Hutus over Tutsi leading to the Tutsi purges. 

This continued post independence  of Rwanda in 1962 under Hutu rule.    Hutus even had ‘Hutu Ten commandments’ (similar to Christian fanatics like Dr. Praveen Kumar of Telangana gurukul schools was deceptively using against innocent tribal students) with explicit racist guidelines even labelling Hutus who married Tutsis as ‘traitors’ and that Tutsis are non-human pests that need to be exterminated.  In reaction to this Tutsi formed rebel militia groups.  The Tutsi purges and restlessness in Hutus power structure against alleged softness of Hutu President on Tutsis led to assassination of Hutu President in 1994.  This  is followed by the horrendous genocide of Tutsis and moderate Hutus, result of brewing hatred for years.  In the end, these tribes that never had any differences before colonizers entered Rwanda are at the neck of each other committing an horrendous genocide mostly against Tutsi and moderate Hutus.   

Sad state of Andhra – casteism, factionalism & regionalism that prevented reformation to bring communities together

Andhra and Telangana have rich Telugu culture.  Telugu is considered the sweetest language in South India and has a lot of Sanskrit in the language.   Sadly, there is so much casteism where today three land ownership based castes (Reddy, Kamma, Kapu) dominate three different parties.   Unlike states like Karnataka where reformist movements like Lingayats have brought all classes together backed with a very strong seva work, Andhra caste groups have abused the lower classes.  They are not able to come out of the cycle and in the din of this caste politics what is lost is the real issue of dangerous conversion agenda.  While corruption and dynastic policies are common across the parties,  Jagan Reddy of YSRCP and his late father YSR from Congress are so far the biggest and dangerous proponents of the Western Christian missionary conversion agenda that has potential to wipe out Hinduism in Andhra and also to break India.  

Shudras were most prosperous and most educated until British took over India

Bharat Gyan team DK Hari and Hema Hari did monumental work for many decades dispelling manufactured myths against India and its culture.  In their book, ‘Autobiography of India – Breaking the Myths about Society’, they show the Shudras of India, according to British own records, are most prosperous professionally and most educated in the native school system.  The education records are revealed when Dharam Pal in response to a challenge  by British MP to Gandhi’s statements he made in the UK Round table conference that British uprooted the Indian education system and left it to die.   Here is British own stats that were painfully collected by Dharampal.  (Note: Sudras are referred as Soodras).   

Caste wise division of school students in Andhra

Caste wise division of school students in Madras Presidency and adjoining kingdoms

General British Alexander Walker of East India company   (between 1780 and 1810) on India native school system.  Read what he said about Shudras where he says principal authority and property of the Country was with Shudras

Western Global Elite (1%) cum missionary agenda to control, contain and convert India

Western Global elite consists of 1% in the West, actually a handful of families like Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies, Warblers  who overwhelmingly control the cash flow with enormous influence in Western military industrial complex, Pharma, Finance, perhaps every sphere in the West.    They virtually control all of the media and Social media.  US Presidents need to be approved by them or be one of them, whether they are democrats or republicans.  US security agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA, USAID, and the State Department serve the President whose power is derived from the Global Elite who is their ultimate master.   They use myriad foundations (e.g., Ford Foundation)  which while on surface pretend to do good work in other countries but at the core exist to serve their interests.  The international agencies like US Bank, IMF, UN, Davos, NATO (military) are in service of the Global Elite, to protect their commercial interests.   They use a number of NGOs, Human rights industry, Awards industry, Movie industry, election fraud to control and manipulate the public and their leaders in target nations as well as in the West itself.  This elite constantly engage in wars to plunder other countries and for war profiting, provide arms to one side to force other side buy arms from them, pharma profiting by pushing drugs, suppressing alternative cures, while using other poor countries as guinea pigs in trials,  assassinate leaders of other countries who do not serve their interests and even create bio-weapons to depopulate the world and increase pharma profits.  Since 2001, they spent 6.4 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East and Asia,  mostly defrauding Western taxpayers while plundering target nations.  They use a web of local players in the countries of their interest, from political parties, media, movie, politicians and compromised cream of the target nation.  This elite works always in the background using proxies to do their job.   There are no permanent enemies or friends, every entity is a tool to accomplish their objective while they operate mostly under secrecy.

Their current agenda is to create ‘One World Order’ with control of every aspect of every human being on the earth, from food, energy, land, water, (digital) currency by few at the top.   Nationalist leaders such as Trump, Netanyahu, Modi or Putin are a hurdle for their ‘One World Order’ agenda and either they need to be thrown out, weakened or assassinated.  For the last few decades Gates Foundation has been a benign front.  However, in reality it is a very highly ruthless, extremely deceptive, brutal and a diabolically inhumane enterprise in existence for few centuries where lives and livelihoods are just a game and plundering is the goal.   They may shake hands with you and even provide weapons and other resources while at the same time arm your opponents and plan for your destruction.  While their plunder is what resulted in 34 trillion dollar debt of the US, they will keep the dollar afloat by military and other threats (e.g., sanctions) on other countries and force the dollar as a means of currency in world transactions (e.g., oil).   They now want to replace US dollar with digital currency under their control. 

They created ISIS (through Saudi Arabia), Taliban (to counter Russia in Afghanistan),  invaded Iraq and assassinated Saddam Hussein (for grabbing Iraq oil, war profiting and Saddam’s plan not to use dollar as exchange of currency for oil) while using pretense of Weapons of Mass Destruction.   They also brutally assassinated Gaddafi (for attempting to create a African union that will challenge western interests and plan to use alternatives to dollars as currency for oil).  They are systematically destroying the Middle East.  They even use drug trade to circumvent US laws to fund their secret wars.  Crisis situations such as pandemics, terrorism (many created by themselves) are used to further their agenda.   While this Global elite is one that created the problems such as Global warming in the first place, they are using the same problems as an excuse to create ‘One World Government’, under a vatican type, ‘The city‘ from where all control takes place.  The Thrive video, ‘What on Earth will it take?’ with 90 million views in 27 languages goes into many details of Global elite agenda.  Vandana Shiva works such as , ‘Oneness vs the 1%’ also has wealth of information.

They use different methods in different parts of the world to accomplish their objectives.  In India their objective is to use it as their prop against China, provide technical coolies to build their industries and use India as market for goods, and ensure that India does not become another challenge like China to their dominance.   Missionaries who always partnered with elite throughout history to rape both land and culture around the world are an important tool of the Global Elite to contain, control and convert India.  Missionaries and Global elite along with their elaborate eco-system works very closely in tandem to accomplish their goals in India.   They raise the bogey of ‘Press Freedom’ when it is actually ‘Press propaganda’ and the bogey of  ‘Religious freedom’ for missionary conversions.  The diabolical agenda of the West in India is seen in this Tehelka investigation from the early 2000’s that should have rung alarm bells in India.  My article, ‘Delhi riots and its urgent lessons of Global designs on India’ goes into detail along with solutions.   Also, another article of mine, ‘5  mistakes Modi needs to address for India to flourish’ provides additional details on the Global agenda and steps India needs to take to counter.

What is at stake and what India is losing? While West is increasingly adopting Hinduism tenets, India is fast losing it.

India is entering an extremely dangerous phase with aggressive dubious conversions that will leave the country a cauldron of fire and not soon may break the country.   What was experienced in the North East with Christian militant organizations or the post poll violence similar to West Bengal will eventually become a common reality in South India in the not too distant future.  Parts of India can experience genocide like in Rwanda.   In the din of caste, regional and political equations combined with history of violence against SC/STs in Andhra and Telangana, it created a ripe situation for a disaster.   

Mahatma Gandhi who stood all his life for Dalits deeply hated Christian missionary activities in India calling them the ‘deadliest poison’.   He said, ‘Satan is most effective when it has God’s name on its lips’ and strongly recommended Ghar Wapsi of those converted.  (See his quotations at the end).    If only India’s politicians heeded Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Aurobindo caution and advice India would have had strong anti-conversion laws.   The irony is while the West is increasingly adopting Hinduism, whether it is Yoga, Mediation, Tantra, Chakras, Ayurveda, Astrology, even Bhajans,  India is fast losing it with mostly illegal churches mushrooming even in remote villages in Uttar Pradesh state.   Ramana Maharishi is most widely respected in the West among the New age people but India has little knowledge of his immense wisdom.   The West is increasingly adopting the ‘Universal consciousness’, which is what the whole Sanatana Dharma is about where every aspect of Indian life (rituals, dance, music, art, yoga, meditation) is geared towards union with that universal consciousness called Brahman.    What we take for common things shrouded by seeming superstition has an enormous scientific basis behind them.  The Nobel prize for fasting in 2016 (autophagy) is only scratching the surface of deep wisdom of India’s sages on synchronizing lunar cycles with fasting (vratam) that will unravel more as Science digs deeper.   

Indian students have no knowledge of the accomplishments of their culture or the plunder and destruction of Islamic invasions and Western colonization.  They are being taught to hate their culture and country and even brainwashed the opposite, such as British giving civilization to India.  Lack of foresight in teaching true history and our culture to our young and old,  India paid a very heavy price, an extremely heavy price.  Are we going to wake up and stand united as a country and save this Sanatana Dharma or are we going to go the way of the many lost ancient civilizations?  

Actions India need to take – immediate arrest of Jagan and accomplices

  1. Jagan Reddy and his accomplices’ bail needs to be immediately canceled and put in jail.  
  2. Investigate the sources of income and anti-national activities of not just Jagan but also of his sister, mother and brother-in-law.
  3. CBI needs to investigate possible murder charges on  Jagan, Anil Kumar, his Home minister, CID Suneel Kumar on alleged attempt to murder Parliament MP Raghuram Krishnam Raju.
  4. Need a national comprehensive law against conversions, illegal churches, deceiving the gullible with fake cures & miracles,  extortion of money using fear and denationalization.
  5. Create national bodies like Election Commission with power to enforce in countering Christian and Islamic agenda.  Create a national phone number (or a smartphone app) for reporting illegal churches and mosques, illegal conversions, teaching of hate in public and worship places across the nation, incidents of love Jihad, land Jihad.  
  6. Release Hindu temples from Government control.
  7. CBI investigation of Andhra temple attacks., 
  8. Stop all foreign funding into the country.
  9. The Government needs to put in laws and engage in Ghar Wapsi of those who were fooled into conversions.
  10. Use SC Commission to ensure the converted not to take advantage of Hindu SC benefits.
  11. Investigate those using fake religion certificates particularly those occupying positions in Governments, Police and Education.
  12. Fire those who teach hate in any Government position with immediate effect.
  13. Scrutinize what is taught in schools, particularly SC/ST schools across the country.
  14. Children should be taught on methods and dangers of conversion agenda and imperialism.
  15. Teach our history, our accomplishments and what happened during Islamic and European occupations through every possible medium.
  16. Investigate and stop funding of Western Christian missionary fronts like HLRN (Colin Gonsalves), SWAERO, and Omidyar supported institutions.
  17. There is an urgent need for a national level body for redressal mechanism for Hindus issues and complaints.
  18. Laws against media sellouts who propagate manufactured news against Hindus and Hinduism with a megaphone while almost no coverage on atrocities and plundering of the church.
  19. Laws to curb the use of movies to spread anti-Hinduism and anti-nationalism.  Instead it need to inculcate nationalism and respect for true culture of India.
  20. India can learn from China on how it teaches Western imperialism through academia, films and demolishes  illegal churches, even mega churches (see below).

Mahatma Gandhi: on The Christian Missionary Menace

Compiled by Swami Aksharananda (produced by Vidya Bharati)

Why I am Not a Convert?
Hinduism as I know it entirely satisfies my soul, fills my whole being … When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and when I see not one ray of light on the horizon, I turn to the Bhagavad Gita, and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. My life has been full of tragedies and if they have not left any visible and indelible effect on me, I owe it to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. (Young India: June 8, 1925)

I Disbelieve in Conversion

I disbelieve in the conversion of one person by another. My effort should never to be to undermine another’s faith. This implies belief in the truth of all religions and, therefore, respect for them. It implies true humility. (Young India: April 23, 1931)

Conversion: Impediment to Peace

It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world’s progress toward peace … Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man? (Harijan: January 30, 1937)

No Such Thing as Conversion

I believe that there is no such thing as conversion from one faith to another in the accepted sense of the word. It is a highly personal matter for the individual and his God. I may not have any design upon my neighbor as to his faith which I must honor even as I honor my own. Having reverently studied the scriptures of the world I could no more think of asking a Christian or a Musalman, or a Parsi or a Jew to change his faith than I would think of changing my own. (Harijan: September 9, 1935)

No Conversion Designs Upon Me

I am not interested in weaning you from Christianity and making you Hindu, and I do not relish your designs upon me, if you had any, to convert me to Christianity. I would also dispute your claim that Christianity is the only true religion. (Harijan: June 3, 1937)


Conversion must not mean denationalization. Conversion should mean a definite giving up of the evil of the old, adoption of all the good of the new and a scrupulous avoidance of everything evil in the new.  Conversion, therefore, should mean a life of greater dedication to one’s country, greater surrender to God, greater self-purification. (Young India: August 20, 1925)

Aping of Europeans and Americans

As I wander about through the length and breath of India I see many Christian Indians almost ashamed of their birth, certainly of their ancestral religion, and of their ancestral dress. The aping of Europeans by Anglo-Indians is bad enough, but the aping of them by Indian converts is a violence done to their country and, shall I say, even to their new religion. (Young India: August 8, 1925)

Why Should I Change My Religion

I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart. Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence? (Young India: April 23, 1931)

Missionary Aim: Uprooting Hinduism

My fear is that though Christian friends nowadays do not say or admit it that Hindu religion is untrue, they must harbour in their breast that Hinduism is an error and that Christianity, as they believe it, is the only true religion…so far as one can understand the present (Christian) effort, it is to uproot Hinduism from her very foundation and replace it by another faith. (Harijan: March 13, 1937)

Undermining People’s Faith

The first distinction I would like to make … between your missionary work and mine is that while I am strengthening the faith of people, you (missionaries) are undermining it. (Young India: November 8, 1927)

Physician Heal Yourself

Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other…India (Hindus) is in no need of conversion of this kind… Conversion in the sense of self- purification, self-realisation is the
crying need of the times. That however is never what is meant by proselytisation. To those who would convert India (Hindus), might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: April 23, 1931)

Missionaries: Vendors of Goods

When the missionary of another religion goes to them, he goes like a vendor of goods. He has no special spiritual merit that will distinguish him from those to whom he goes. He does however possess material goods which he promises to those who will come to his fold. (Harijan: April 3, 1937)

If I had the Power and Could Legislate …

If I had the power and could legislate, I should stop all proselytizing … In Hindu households the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink … (November 5, 1935)

The Only Begotten Son of God?

I regard Jesus as a great teacher of humanity, but I do not regard him as the only begotten son of God. That epithet in its material interpretation is quite unacceptable.  Metaphorically we are all sons of
God, but for each of us there may be different sons of God in a special sense. Thus for me Chaitanya may be the only begotten son of God … God cannot be the exclusive Father and I cannot ascribe exclusive divinity to Jesus. (Harijan: June 3, 1937)

Western Christianity Today

It is my firm opinion that Europe (and the United States) does not represent the spirit of God or Christianity but the spirit of Satan.  And Satan’s successes are the greatest when appears with the name of God on his lips. (Young India: September 8, 1920)

Western Christianity (cont’d)

I consider western Christianity in its practical working a negation of Christ’s Christianity. I cannot conceive Jesus, if he was living in flesh in our midst, approving of modern Christian organizations, public worship, or ministry.(Young India: September 22, 1921)

Christianity and Imperialistic Exploitation

Christianity in India has been inextricably mixed up for the last one hundred and fifty years with British rule. It appears to us as synonymous with materialistic civilization and imperialistic exploitation by the stronger white races of the weaker races of the world. Its contribution to India has been, therefore, largely negative.
(Young India: March 21, 1929)

No Room For Them

In the manner in which they are working there would seem to be no room for them. Quite unconsciously they do harm to themselves and also to us. It is perhaps impertinent to say that they do harm to themselves,
but quite pertinent to say that they do harm to us. They do harm to those
amongst whom they work and those amongst whom they do not work, i.e.,
the harm is done to the whole of India… The more I study their activities the more sorry I become… It is a tragedy that such a thing should happen to the human family. (Harijan: December 12, 1936)


Only the other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money
in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them
to his fold, took charge of their temple, and demolished it. This is outrageous. (Harijan: November 5, 1937)

Let the Hindu be a Better Hindu

I came to the conclusion long ago … that all religions were true and also
that all had some error in them, and whilst I hold by my own, I should
hold others as dear as Hinduism. So we can only pray, if we are Hindus,
not that a Christian should become a Hindu … But our innermost prayer
should be a Hindu should be a better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, a
Christian a better Christian. (Young India: January 19, 1928)

Welcome Them Back

If a person through fear, compulsion, starvation, or for material gain or
consideration goes over to another faith, it is a misnomer to call it
conversion. Most cases of conversion… have been to my mind
false coin… I would therefore unhesitatingly re-admit to the Hindu
fold all such repentants without much ado … If a man comes back to the
original branch he deserves to be welcomed … in so far as he may deem
to have erred, he has sufficiently purged himself of it when he repents his error and retraces his steps.
(Collected Works: Vol. 66, pp. 163-164)

Note – As a Hindu courtesy, please acknowledge Swami Aksharanandaji who compiled this information and Vidya Bharati, New York who produced it. Please circulate as widely as possible.

 I Call Myself a Sanatani Hindu

I call myself a Sanatani Hindu, because I believe in the Vedas, the
Upanishads, the Puranas, and all that goes by the name of Hindu scripture,
and therefore in avataras and rebirth; I believe in the varnashrama
dharma in a sense, in my opinion strictly Vedic but not in its
presently popular crude sense; I believe in the protection of cow … I do not disbelieve in murti puja.
(Young India: June 10, 1921)

Thus Spake M. K. Gandhi:
“Stop all conversion, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth”

Rabindranath Tagore on Christianity and Islam

There are two religions on earth, which have distinct enmity against all other religions. These two are Christianity and Islam. They are not just satisfied with observing their own religions but are determined to destroy all other religions. That’s why the only way to make peace with them is to embrace their religions.” (Original works of Rabindranath Vol. 24, page 375, Vishwa Bharti; 1982.)


Satya Dosapati


About Satya Dosapati:

Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump.  The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad.  He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President .   He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions.   His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US.  He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals.  His blog is https://SatyaBlog.org.

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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump. The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President . He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions. His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US. He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals. His blog is https://SatyaBlog.org.

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