Prashant Kishor has now attracted the dangerous break India forces attempting to combine opposition parties under his guidance to unseat Narendra Modi in 2024 and replace him with a political criminal like Mamata Banerjee.
During Andhra elections voters in Andhra were splashed with visuals of candidate Jagan Reddy trips to Hindu temples performing devoted ablutions, meeting Hindu saints  giving the impression that he has probably converted to Hinduism or at the least he is a liberal Christian who holds respect for his ancestral religion.  A day (or two) after the elections,  CM Jagan was invited to various programs and part of these programs is to light a lamp in the beginning of the program.   Jagan declined to perform this simple act because it is a ‘ Hindu pagan’ practice!  Throughout the campaign, Goebbels type massive propaganda was used to project Jagan, a violent goon who was deeply involved in large scale corruption with multiple palatial homes including a helipad as a savior of Andhra.  Within months after he became CM, Jagan ran the state to bankruptcy with lacs of crores of debt with funds spend mostly geared for Christianizing the state (even while not able to pay State employee salaries), demolished Hindu idols and temples,  attempted to murder an member of Parliament from his own party for exposing his conversion and corruption agenda and utterly destroyed the economy of the state with many industries leaving the state and started a caste war all that will have dangerous consequences to the future of the state (if any left!).
Prashant Kishor with Jagan post election victory where he said that Jagan will deliver the best administration to Andhra and will prove all his critics and naysayers wrong!! 
During West Bengal elections Muslim movie actress and TMC MP from West Bengal Nusrat Jahan was married to a Jain, was sporting Saree and Bindi giving speeches in Indian parliament,  beating drums in Hindu temples.  Soon after the elections she declared that she divorced her Jain husband and in fact she does not even need to divorce because she was married in a foreign country and has not registered their marriage in India. Mamata Banerjee campaigned in a wheelchair throughout the campaign after an apparent ‘attack’ on her to gain electorate sympathy which she simply discarded soon after elections were over.   It is well known to those in the know that Hindu centric parties in West Bengal were offered crores to field Hindu candidates to divide Hindu votes.  The enormous post poll violence in West Bengal where brutal murders, rapes of mothers and daughters and mass displacement of hundreds of thousands of those who supported BJP (i.e., Hindus) is all too well known. The state economy is hardly better with the many scams of Mamata’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee galore (whose close associate fled the country after ED started investigations).  TMC Muslim goons gang raped young women in front of their close relatives, paraded naked, some tonsured with so many atrocities being reported and Mamata did nothing to stop them, in fact, she called to take revenge once the central forces leaves after elections.
Prashant Kishor Indian PAC – an adjunct to corrupt Indian political parties
Both Andhra and West Bengal state elections were ‘professionally’ managed by Prashant Kishor Indian PAC with their deep involvement and guidance in every aspect of elections.   India PAC professes itself as professional election management groups but in fact they have become a professional mafia organization headed until recently by Prashant Kishor.   The Indian Election commission has been proactive in curbing deceptive practices such as phony headlines in newspapers which were really paid advertisements, but there is no accountability process to curb and indict these kinds of activities where the truth is not revealed until the elections are over.   It goes without saying that the hundreds of crores paid by the parties to India PAC are looted from the Indian public.
Prashant Kishor is no doubt a talented political strategist and his record speaks for itself.  He has an uncanny ability to pick the potential winners and either facilitate their wins or increase their share of votes (and seats) in the elections.  When he first started to work with Narendra Modi and created the Center for Accountability and Governance CAG, it was a great refresher to see there are young and bright voices shaping the destiny of the nation in a country which is beset with large scale political corruption.   Apparently he has parted ways from BJP after not being rewarded for his efforts adequately and subsequently converted CAG into a freelance political strategy organization under the name Indian PAC (name similar to US Political action committee).   In a country where Politics are deeply mired into corruption the India PAC has become an adjunct to shady political parties.  It has become an effective tool to devise and deceive Indian voters using crores of rupees looted by political parties to fund Indian PAC.   The corrosive effects of this is seen not just in Andhra, West Bengal but also in Punjab and recently Tamilnadu which have become a big hub of Christian conversions.  Note that while BJP under Modi also gets funds from entities for the purpose of winning the elections and moving the country forward, the opposition parties he is working with are there to plunder and move their own family empires forward.
Even worse, one activist observed that he [Prashant Kishor] is currently engaging in dangerously creating deep divisions in communities that have earlier competed for political space such as Reddy/Chaudhary communities in Andhra and Kurmis/Yadavs in Bihar possibly as part of a strategy for 2024
Sporting Mahatma Gandhi – while serving the highest bidder with best prospects
Prashant Kishor sports Mahatma Gandhi on his twitter page and poses himself as someone bringing probity in India’s politics and helping to implement schemes that uplift Indian masses.  What do his methods and the results of his methods have anything to do with it?  Just as the Christian missionary mafia uses Jesus to do their deceptive and shady practices for conquest and plunder across the world, this man is posing as a follower of Mahatma Gandhi in performing his activities to ‘clean’ India’s politics and devise schemes to help political parties to deliver to masses.  In reality, the opposite is true. He is interested in serving the highest bidder with best prospects of winning no matter who they are, in fact most represent the worst of the nation.  Even worse, one activist observed that he is currently engaging in dangerously creating deep divisions in communities that have earlier competed for political space such as Reddy/Chaudhary communities in Andhra and Kurmis/Yadavs in Bihar possibly as part of a strategy for 2024.  These are already having disastrous consequences in states like Andhra where the once prosperous and progressive state is in utter ruin and the communities are at each other’s throats each waiting for their turn in power to murder and wreck.  There is every possibility states like Andhra would end up with caste wars that the country has never seen in its history, perhaps when there is an attempt on the life of their leaders.  
Working with dangerous ‘break India’ forces who want to control, contain and convert India by replacing Narendra Modi in 2024
There is even bigger danger on the horizon.   Prashant has now attracted the dangerous break India forces that are attempting to combine opposition parties under his guidance to unseat Narendra Modi in 2024 and replace him with a political criminal like Mamata Banerjee.   What is in store for the country if such forces gain power in India is too distant in his mind driven by ambition of proving himself.   Some say he even has ambitions to become the Prime Minister himself.   Does he understand the Western deep state along with their China/Pakistan counterparts designs on India who are working closely with Indian political parties like Congress, AAP, Pawar Congress and now with TMC and others?  Even after the disastrous effects of his actions across the states,  this man has little thought for the welfare of the nation which seems to have now a chance after 1100 years to regain its glory under leadership of relentlessly hard working Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  His actions have immensely contributed to conversions in India.  The tragedy is that while even the best among the West are increasingly following Hinduism and/or its tenets, this Indian born man is set to help destroy Hinduism with Christianity that decimated and pillaged cultures and countries across the world. No politician in India that was so outspoken as Mahatma Gandhi against Christian missionary conversions and the dangers to Bharat as a nation.
Bag of tricks for 2024
As part of the 2024 ‘replace Modi’ strategy, Prashant started his regular tricks in having Mamata Banerjee, the potential candidate for 2024 selected by breaking India forces to start visiting Hindu temples!   This is the woman who was invited by the Christian mafia recently to Italy to honor her standing next to European leaders for her accomplishments for the poor of India after winning the state elections and for her post election violence against pagan Hindus!  He is perhaps guiding Congress for rapid Christianization of Congress ruled states such as replacement of Punjab CM with a Christian CM which could result in use of the whole state infrastructure for purposes of conversion such as what is happening in Andhra.  There are many videos  in social media where Christianization is clearly associated with deep denationalization, visceral hatred for Hindus, BJP and Modi.  From innocent kids & teenagers in schools, to gullible adults in Churches  they are being taught, actually, drilled day and night with deep hatred to Hindus, BJP and Modi that will have long lasting consequences to India as a nation.  They are even using the cover of Ambedkar to drill hate and divide marginal communities from Hindu fold as a facade to convert into Christianity.   Large scale Christianization, dividing Hindu communities, phony temple visits and even phony marriages, deceiving voters and his opponents, fooling Hindus who are dissatisfied by BJP and Modi for not addressing civilizational issues that Mamata will serve their cause –  he may have many other tricks up his sleeves as part of a 2024 ‘replace Modi’ strategy.
Young school children being brainwashed to swear against BJP, click the link of the video here.
(Translation:  I swear that I will not vote for Bharatiya Janata Party.  Nor will I ever associate or collaborate with any BJP Karyakarta. I also pledge that within 24 hours I will encourage at least 3 more people to take a similar pledge.  Also, I will make sure I talk to people in the village or city or town and expose BJP’s corruption and injustice and make them aware of it).
Creating a deep hatred in little children of backward communities against Hindus and Brahmins, a missionary tactic, see video link here.
(Translation:  We are not Hindus, ‘Hindu’ means Brahmins’ pet dog, you all are not dogs, you are humans, we are not anyone’s pets, we are not Hindus.  We are moola nivasis (aborigines) of Bharat.  If anyone asks you, tell them you are NOT hindus and tell them that Babasaheb Ambedkar ji told us.  Weo don’t believe in hypocrisy, we don’t agree with any hypocrites. If we agree, we will become mind controlled slaves, we are not ‘paagal’.  Repeat, ‘Brahmins are pet dogs’.   We will study, read, write and become IAS officers, doctors, engineers.  We will not go to Mandirs or Masjids.  We will not go to Mandirs.  Ambedkar has given us powers.  We will not do any pooja,  Bhagwan has not treated us as equals, we will not do pooja to Bhagwaan).   Note: He does not mention children not going to Church where caste divisions are even more deeper in the churches!! Christian missionaries have penetrated Gurukul schools and many SC/ST areas across the whole nation that will have disastrous consequences to India as a nation.
The success of Western deep states conquest and plunder across the world throughout history is due to their deception and ability to attract the best talent to do their activities.  Prashant may think, ‘what a great boy I am’  in delivering election results and thinks he can do better than Modi for the country by working with these break India forces to hand over the country to those in the opposition who are closely tied to break India forces.    He does not care that running a complex, diverse country with so many destructive forces and still moving forward with respect across the world as Narendra Modi is doing is no small feat.  This is being accomplished in spite of enormous challenges India is facing both internally and externally and without a single case of corruption after trillions looted by Congress.   What Narendra Modi has done in India is being studied today in the top most schools of the world. 
Prashant – a liability to the nation?
Drunk with ambition Prashant may have become a liability.  Either BJP has to figure out whether to co-opt him for the good of the nation or curb his ability to break the country with the support of both internal and external forces bent on breaking and destroying India.  It is time the Indian Government investigated his activities and nailed him. We will ignore the activities around him to our peril.
For their part, BJP would be inviting suicide also in not addressing civilization issues such as releasing Hindu temples from Government control, national anti-conversion laws with a national body, strict national laws against brainwashing young children,  decolonizing of Indians in education and institutions such as judiciary, bureaucracy, remove discrimination of Hindus in education and other activities in the constitution and implement NRC across the country.  BJP silence in not bringing Presidential rule after enormous post election violence in West Bengal is something that will haunt them and shows that a constitution that cannot protect its citizens is not worth the piece of paper it is on.
This article first appeared as ‘Opinion piece’ in Organizer.
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