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Press Release for DC rally held on Dec 16th at Lincoln Memorial highlighting Christian missionary menace in India with views of Mahatma Gandhi and the connection of missionary activity to assault on Sabarimala.  

Washington DC, Dec 16, 2018: Washington DC Hindu Americans braved the rain and cold weather to gather at Lincoln memorial on Sunday Dec 16th, 2018 to highlight the Christian missionary menace in India with views of Mahatma Gandhi and the connection of missionary activity to assault on Sabarimala.   They were joined by few other activists from New Jersey.

The onslaught of Christian missionaries on Indian landscape is inescapable.   Politics, Media, even Judiciary is used to destroy Hindu traditions and way of life to pave for Christianize of India as part of 10-40 latitude effort of missionaries publicly professed agenda of converting the people living between 10 and 40 degrees latitude of globe, which  includes India.   Evangelist Pat Robertson openly declared at a Dallas Christian conclave back in Oct 2005 that their goal is to convert 100 million Hindus.

Source: https://joshuaproject.net/resources/articles/10_40_window  (Joshua project)

The clout of missionaries is reported in Indian newspaper, ‘The Hindu’ on March 13, 2001, “Per 1989 data, globally churches spend 145 billion dollars, command four million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals and four billion tracts a year, operate 1,890 radio and TV stations.  There are a quarter million foreign missionaries and over 400 institutions to train them‘.    In an undercover investigation report by Tehelka on missionaries activities in India (see full report here) it showed how US (and Europe) institutions and dubious foreign NGOs are closely working with missionaries when it observed,  “Mr. Natsios has earlier served in USAID from 1989 to 1993 heading two of its vital departments. It’s a strange co-incidence that during the time when CIA backed American missionary agencies were receiving ethnographic data from “spying missions” set up by American evangelical organisations in India, Natsios was associated with World Vision, which, in turn, was involved in analyzing the ethnographic data along with Wycliffe and the Southern Baptists“.    Fault lines in Indian society are being exploited with the goal of conversions as described in Rajiv Malhotra book, ‘Breaking India’.   A presentation on ‘Death of Hinduism’ that was popular on social media goes into many details (see here).

Indians notice the effects of this activity when a church comes up in a remote village or when the huge Sabarimala type issue occurs, but it is a symptom of a root cause that lies elsewhere.  Mahatma Gandhi who had his own brushes with evangelists in South Africa has keenly understood the missionaries activities.  Throughout his life in various publications such as Young India, Harijan and in his many dialogues with missionaries who are some of his close friends he expressed his deep abhorrence to their activities in India and threat it poses to India’s sovereignty and its nationhood.  He felt disgusted on the missionaries’ abuse of Hindu religion and way of life in India and abhorred their use of poverty and ignorance of the masses to entice and convert.  He stated if he has power to legislate he will ban all conversions and he would support ‘home coming’ or ‘GharWapasi’ of those converted through dubious means.

This rally is to highlight the missionary menace going on in India with the views of Mahatma Gandhi and hope to ignite debate on the views he expressed that are so pertinent today.    We will go over below some of his statements and their relevance.

1) ‘Satan’s successes are greatest when it appears with God’s name on his lips’ – MK Gandhi

Jesus Christ is embodiment of love and forgiveness.   His message is universal.   Even while he was being crucified and suffering deep pain and agony, he uttered,  ‘Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do’.   He advised those throwing stones at others, ‘why do you see the speck of dust in your opponent’s eye and not see the log in your own eye’.   He did not profess any new religion, he just taught Jews to be better Jews.  The missionaries who profess his name do the exact opposite.   Mahatma Gandhi observation that, ‘Satan successes are greatest when it appears with God’s name on his lips’ is a poignant observation.  Around the world missionaries have used the name of Jesus, to murder, plunder and destroy other civilizations with little compassion and humanity.   In 2008 in India, they murdered a highly revered Hindu monk Swami Laxmananda and his disciples because his work with Scheduled tribes in that area, is hindering conversions and it was done right in front of 130 school girls.   The church planning document of the murder revealed that ‘as per the direction of our Bishop, it was resolved to offer/ sacrifice to the Lord for his pleasure within coming 3 months the Satantic activities that stand opposed to the expansion of the work in all the abbey circles of our Parish’.   The murder was headed by Sonia Gandhi Congress Party Rajya Sabha member Radha Kant Nayak who was also head of Christian NGO World Vision.  (Sonia Gandhi is a fake Gandhi who has no relation to Mahatma Gandhi and she is considered by missionaries as ‘Constantinople’ that will deliver India to Christianity).  They chose the day of murder to be the well known Hindu festival of Krishna Janmashtami to signify to Hindus that their inferior God could not protect against and the superior Christian God.   A presentation including the pictures of the murder, the church planning document can be seen here.

Has this got anything to do with Jesus Christ and his message?  As Gandhi pointed out, they have been using the name of the God to perpetrate many atrocities and were most effective precisely because they use the name of the God.   They have destroyed the so called ‘pagan’ European civilization, then the Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Native American, Australian Aborgines, Buddhism in South East Asia and now attempting to destroy the only oldest living Hindu Civilization.  The Nazi holocaust where 6 million Jews and more than 1 million Gypsies and others were inhumanely enslaved, burnt and murdered was really an industrial scale application of Church pogroms against Jews throughout Europe and Russia for centuries.   With name of God on their lips, they separated the children of natives from their parents from Canada to Australia in the name of civilizing them and then buried them in mass graves with goal to wipe out their civilizations.   They supported slavery where millions perished just en-route and those left were subject to most inhumane treatment for centuries, the scars of which have not left them even today.   They burnt alive 50 to 70 thousand women calling them witches and conducted inquisitions from Goa in India to Europe.  They perpetrated Rwandan genocide for which they only recently issued apology.  Even today many priests practice pedophilia and millions of Christian adults in Christian countries have been living with a nightmare while the Church refuses to act.    A detailed analysis of their demonic activities throughout history can be found here.

2) Western Christianity is negation of Jesus’s Christianity and why I developed dislike for Christianity as a child – MK Gandhi

Where the message of Christ’s love and what has it got to do with missionary activities across the world?   Mahatma Gandhi rightly observed that Western Christianity is negation of everything Christ stood for and that if Jesus lived among us today, will never approve of Christian Organizations, worship and ministry.

Missionaries know well that no matter what country or region a person belongs, once you get him/ her to adopt their religion, they control the mind and life of the person.  The art of destruction and plunder of ‘pagan civilizations’ by missionaries was perfected over two thousand years extending from the kings of the yore to today’s democratic societies.   How do you destroy a society and convert?   In the past, it is just a matter of getting the king and his subordinates to convert (e.g, Constantinople  in Europe) and rest will usually follow and where necessary inquisitions or severe punishments such as burning alive are used to remove vestiges of old religion.  However, in democratic and more open societies today it needs a multi-pronged approach.   There is still a need to get patronizing power center, but it also requires media, prominent spokespersons in movies, target the spiritual leaders of the ‘pagan’ religion and discredit them so that their hold on the populace is undone and if necessary even murder them, acculturation of ‘pagan’ religion to ease the transfer and worse of all, to create a deep hate for their ancestral religion.   If this conversion is leading to division of families it is considered sacred activity.   What Gandhi noted in his autobiography is given in the slide below where he described what created dislike for Christianity in him as a child.

What we see in India is not just conversion to Christianity, the missionaries encourage deep hatred for Hindu religion abusing the Hindu gods and goddesses.  If such abuse is retaliated it is framed as though Christians are being abused and then it is used to get more funds from unwitting Christians from abroad to continue their activities.    They have framed highly revered Hindu religious leaders such as Sathya Sai Baba as homosexual, first penetrating with a design to defame and then discredit using power of money with media and lies.   Even ISHA Foundation that has planted 30 million trees in Southern state of Tamil Nadu was framed and that too on environmental issues saying ISHA foundation Ashram removed greenery to build Ashram (the goal is to defame on the very aspect that ISHA foundation got worldwide recognition).   They tried to assassinate Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has millions of followers around the world. They joined Rama Krishna movement who sheltered and provided all means only to leave later and write a book on Rama Krishna, who Nobel Laureate Romain Rolland extolled as embodiment of spirituality, as a homosexual pervert.   Murder and rape charges were framed against highly revered Hindu spiritual leader late Jayendra Saraswati with compromised media blaring the charges across every channel and print (i.e., trial by media) and when charges were dismissed, there was not a single coverage on the dismissal.   Recently they poisoned devotees in Hindu temple in Karnataka and are trying to derail the midday school program by a Hindu based Foundation Akshaya patra feeding 1.7 million children per day.

With dubious NGOs, green tribunals they are inventing many reasons to create hurdles for celebration of Hindu festivals and working with corrupt State Governments on anti-superstitions bills with goal to include all Hindu festivals as superstitious and evil practices.  Sabarimala is a prime target because 50 million visit per year and breaking it became a highest priority to weaken the ‘pagan’ religion.   They are closely studying Hindu ‘Kumbh Mela’ where millions of Hindus gather to find ways to destroy it.    It is believed that many stampedes at several Hindu worship places were human made (i.e., by missionary gangs) so as to discourage devotees from going to worship Hindu worship places.  Has any of this got anything to do with Jesus message of love?

3) Conversions is a business using a cloak of humanitarian work and it is most resented – MK Gandhi

Gandhi also observed that the conversions is also a matter of business.  Just as you have sales and cost/ profit in a business, conversions are conducted based on how many were converted and how much it costs per convert.  While Christian missionaries in the past in India used slow assimilation process through service, the current day missionaries are industrial scale operations of conversions.  In particular, natural calamities are considered opportunistic situations where the desperateness of the conditions is used to reduce the cost per convert and harvest (more sales) more converts.  When Southern state of Kerala recently had floods, the first thing they wanted to send were Bibles!!   They target socially disadvantaged communities such as SC/ STs to use their plight to convert. Gandhi asked why should a patient be asked to convert because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion and cured a disease.     One Hindu spiritual leader rightly pointed out this mindset is that of hyenas, where they look for fault lines and social situations to take advantage and convert, worse, turn them against their ancestral religion.  Gandhi called this as de-nationalization and imperialistic manipulations that has been the characteristic of last two thousand years where civilizations are raped and their resourced plundered.

Such is the level of deception, Mother Theresa is foisted as a great humanitarian that saved dying Indians but there is not a single (repeat, even a single) hospital built with the many billions of dollars funds received from around the world.  In fact, all that money is plundered by Vatican to fund its nefarious activities of conversions.     Much of Church establishment with a few exceptions today are basically deceptive organizations when it comes to missionary propaganda.   Unwitting Christians are fooled with deception and lies throughout the churches in the world that they need to contribute and save the people of the world, especially America and Europe where the most funds come from.

4) If I have power to legislate I will ban all conversions and  I support ‘home coming’, GharWapsi  – MK Gandhi

Gandhi deep abhorrence for missionary activities and recognition that it needs intervention through legislation  is seen from some of his strong statements such as  ‘if he has power to legislate he would ban all missionary conversions’ and that ‘when inducements and propaganda was used to convert, they should be brought back home to their ancestral religion (GharWapsi)’.  In his own words, he said, ‘most cases of conversions have been on false coin and would therefore unhesitatingly re-admit them to the Hindu fold’.   Such is the power of money and organization these missionaries have that it effectively uses compromised media houses, journalists, spokespersons in India to look other way when millions are being converted, but when Hindu activists in India convert a few thousand back to Hindu fold it is pictured as religious intolerance.   News media like  New York Times goes about editorials on religious intolerance in India.


5) Challenge missionaries on Christianity is the only true religion and Jesus is the only son of God — MK Gandhi

Missionaries are brain washed that it is their sacred duty to destroy other religions and civilizations in order to convert based on the premise that Christianity is the only true religion and Jesus is the only savior and the son of God.  Gandhi challenged this view and disputed this claim.   He said just as you consider that Jesus as the only son of God, for him Chaitanya is the only begotten son of God and said the exclusivity claim of missionaries is unacceptable.   This exclusivity of religion is the reason for the discord in the world and the mindset of missionaries is not much different than that of terrorists, only that the means are different.  While in case of a terrorist the brutality is clearly seen, the missionaries are more dangerous because they use deception and large scale designs to convert the whole nations.   They specifically target religious worship places to penetrate and convert and today almost all major Hindu worship places are areas of large scale missionaries’ activity.   Hinduism on other hand is universal.  It is the only religion that boldly states that every form of worship with ‘love to all’ is true and it is perhaps the best hope to unite the humanity.    What is interesting is with advancement of science, we have now come to accept there is universal intelligence or consciousness that is the basis of all creation and beyond and that matches the essence a what Hinduism calls ‘Brahman’ and it is reflected in many forms of worship seen among Hindus in India, including formlessness!

6) Categorizing activists speaking against missionaries as hate groups (by USCIRF etc)..

USCIRF, United States Commission on International religious freedom based in Washington DC, is primarily a US Governmental evangelical/ political organization and a front used by evangelicals to use their influence over US politicians to help convert the rest of the world.  What they mean ‘Religious Freedom’ is giving them ‘freedom to destroy and convert other civilizations’.    This organization has categorized those Hindu American activists speaking against their agenda and even those supporting current Indian Prime Minister who has taken steps to address missionary agenda as ‘hate groups’ and that their organizations be banned.   This is a same strategy that Nazis used against Jews or the same strategy used against Native Americans to categorize them as savages and therefore they can be decimated.  The irony is most Hindu Americans settled in US studied in Christian missionary schools and many have worshiped in Church just as they do in a Hindu temple.  As an author of this article, my most revered teacher is a teacher from a Christian missionary school.  The crying call of the activists is for introspection and cessation of conversion activities and to be true to the calling of Jesus and his message.  Mahatma Gandhi rightly pointed out, ‘Physician, heal thyself’.   America today has largest jailed population percentage among the world, nearly 50% of the children are being raised by single moms and missionaries can very well do spending resources helping the population here.  No one needs their services with a price tag of the destruction of their societies and as Gandhi noted, it is strongly resented.

7) Conversions, a greatest impediment to peace in the world – MK Gandhi

The most astute observation of Mahatma Gandhi is of his categorization of conversions as biggest impediment to the peace of the world.   The ravages of not just Christian conversions, but also Islamic conversions have destroyed the world over.

8) ‘Oh Lord, save us from the saviors’

Lastly, the small band of group gathered at the Lincoln memorial reflected on the statement by a Hindu monk, ‘Oh Lord, save us from the saviors’.   Hindus and humanity need not be saved but for the predatory and satanic activities of missionaries and their imperialistic partners who around the world have been grabbing the world resources and raping their civilizations.   They are the very ones the societies need to be saved from.   They hoped this message gets through not just in India but all over the world and deceptive Organizations like USCIRF and the many foreign NGOs/ political establishments stand exposed.

This effort was supported by Hindu American activists such as Rajyalaxmi, her husband Raja and others .




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