See below today’s conviction of UK Islamic gangs who targeted and repeatedly gang raped for months vulnerable UK minor girls.  There is no limit to what these bastards are doing in the name of the book whether it is UK, India, France or anywhere else in the world.   Pretty much all convicted for targeting the UK vulnerable minor girls are Islamists just as in India. Today Sonagachi in West Bengal is biggest red light district, girls just picked off streets or allured with lot of gifts and forced into prostitution.  16,000 girls who have11,000 girls of their own.  What a bloody shame and India is sleeping?  This is not new to UK also. Earlier reports talked about Rotterdam, UK where they gang raped 1600 minor girls for years and Muslim legislators in that UK town supported the rapists and went after the girls saying they are spreading lies!!! (see all the media coverage Forbes, CNN, Telegraph, BBC on this at  at )


Just as in UK, it is exactly the same based on what Delhi Police report says below about these West Bengal gangs which are not limited to West Bengal but spread tentacles all over India    (Full Report :


The kingpin Debashees Mandal @ Motu (everyone of these fellows have a Hindu name)  has a vide spread network of conduits in West Bengal.  His conduits entice, lure and induce the minors and poor girls on the pretext of love marriage, job and other temptations. Once they bring the prey to NCR,these girls are sold in brothels and are compelled for prostitution. Generally victim girl is sold for Rs. 60,000/- to 1,00,000/- depending on their age and other factors.  Sometime these girls are supplied to the other brothels on contract basis for one or two  months for Rs. 25,000/- to 35,000/- per month.


Is this elopement or girl running away from family?  Did the girl run away to be sold into prostitution? These are still children.   They particularly target vulnerable girls or poor families who has little resources to fight just as they are doing in UK.   We are talking 28,000, children (minor girls) per year and girls bought and sold in some places!!!.  I want to know which of our country media, legal and politicians playing with lives of so many chidren, have their minor child go through and be so careless.   Just because they happened to be from Hindu religion, they do not have any humanity.  There are media bastards openly saying that they will not report if victims are Hindus.  They why should they continue to have license?.  If law does not take its due course, then India should apply street justice to these goddamned bastards.  Maybe their houses should be razed down or their children picked off the street, gang raped and  sold to prostitution, then they will understand the pain of the helpless families.  This will not limit to Hindus, slowly they will spread to other infidel religions just as they are doing Christian women in Kolkata or the way they cut off the hand of Christian professor in Kerala or alluring and sex slaving Christian girls along with many Hindu girls in Kerala.


When father of Tuktuki went to get his child, 700 people from Mosque almost killed the father.  How much discussion on this in the media? Now they are talking about assassinating Tapan ji and his close associates.   Are we going to sit and wait until this happens?


Below is what Tappan ji said about what the abductors do to the girl based on stories of many rescued girls  is appalling.   Does our country has any shame?  Is there one report or investigation on this?
>>I am astonished seeing the naivete of the people.  If Tuktuki went on her own, why she would return on her own? 


>>She was under full control of the abductors, fully hand in glove with local police, for long 75 days. What have happened to her – is it difficult to guess? She might have been raped 50 times. More often than not, more than once a day. May be by a number of people. By this time she may be pregnant. She might have been compelled to do abortion. 


>>Are these not enough to break her moral courage?????????? (of a 14 year old minor girl!)


>>Moreover,  She has been repeatedly told that now no Hindu boy will marry her. She will not only be burden to her parents, but no Hindu boy will marry even her sister if she returns home. If her parents accept her, then her family will be boycotted by the Hindu society. 


>>They also threatened her that they would murder her father and brother, and they will lift her little sister too. Tuktuki knows since her childhood how much powerful the Muslims are! Moreover, her kidnapper Babusona Gazi’s father is clerk of unchallenged dawn of the area named Salim. Also Tuktuki saw the dozens and dozens of fire arms (illegal) in their possession during her detention period. Hence, Tuktuki thinks that the threatenings are real.


>>I have dealt at least 50 cases like this. In this situation the little immature girl thinks, “My life has already been ruined. Now I should not be responsible for ruining my entire family. Let my parents live in peace. I should not be problem for the future life of my brother, sister and other relatives. FOR ALL THESE, I SHOULD SACRIFICE MY LIFE & FUTURE.”


>>So, the girl surrenders to the tremendous pressure of the culprits and police.  Don’t you think it is possible?  


Then there is even NCW chairperson Kumaramangalam, I believe reported that we should not give religious or political color.   For heaven sake, where are these people living?  If it is not religion based, why did 700 people from Mosque almost killed Tuktuki father?    If they don’t have courage to call a spade a spade, what are you doing there?  Have they looked what is playing out here is playing in many parts of the world.   Are we going to let fear allow us to destroy our country, our children?  If Egypt Al-Sisi can close down 24,000 Mosques what the hell India are we afraid of.   If Cameron openly talking about Poisonous Islamic ideology, Austria banning funding from Middle East, countries like Angola even banning Islam, when are we going to wake up?   Is development going to save if we do not address demographic changes?   Is democracy going to save us?  What the hell is state BJP doing about it all this time,  is this matter for political calculation?    Celebrating Tuktuki release while abductors still at lose, nay right in the court, Salim who moves with 40 guards still at lose,  Shahjahan Sheikh who is publicly buying and selling girls still at lose, how many times they spoke up?   Wearing bangles, waiting for others to speak up and then seize the moment.     Let us get the animal Mamata to court whose campaign is practically run by terrorist Org Jamaat, get her hanged to death for destroying the lives of so many people just to stay in power.   We should not sleep until every single girl is rehabilitated and every bastard who committed and helped this happen hanged to death and every house and business that is destroyed by riots is restored.


The Telegraph UK investigative reporter Ross Kemp , calling this one of his five most hellish moments, said of a Khan from West Bengal who sold thousands and lost count of the girls he killed.   He says that this guy moves with body guards.   This sounds similar to the Salim goonda who moves around with 40 body guards in Tuktuku place and sanctioned her abduction. In fact the father of the abductor works for this goon!!!   To this day, there is absolutely no move to arrest and Mamata goes around that she does not care.    


We can now boast in our country that we sell minor girls openly in the street and we can even export our girls to the world.   Let us start advertising that as the new product from India!


Six members of Asian sex gang are facing jail after being convicted of abusing a girl who was first groomed as she shopped in Woolworths aged 12

  • Girl and a second victim were repeatedly raped on ‘an almost daily basis’
  • A total of 11 men went on trial for 51 offences between 2006 and 2012
  • Six of the men were found guilty and will be sentenced on September 
  • Four were acquitted and jurors failed to reach verdicts on another man
  • Buckinghamshire County Council apologises for ‘letting down’ the victims 

Six members of a child sex ring are facing jail after being convicted of grooming a teenager who was abused by up to 60 men by the age of 16.

The girl and a second victim were repeatedly raped and sexually abused on ‘an almost daily basis’ from the age of 12 or 13 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

A total of 11 men went on trial for 51 offences between 2006 and 2012 including multiple rape of a child under 13, child prostitution and administering a substance to ‘stupefy’ a girl in order to engage in sexual activity.

Buckinghamshire County Council tonight apologised to the victims of the sex ring for ‘letting them down’, admitting that indications had ‘probably’ been there.

Vikram Singh

Asif Hussain

Vikram Singh (left) and Asif Hussain (right) are facing jail after being convicted of was found guilty of multiple incident counts of rape

‘On behalf of the council, I would also like to apologise to both of them for letting them down during this period in their lives,’ said David Johnston, the council’s Director for Children’s Services, outside the Old Bailey.

‘We know a great deal more about child sexual exploitation than we did back then and I hope that young people who are worried about themselves or someone they know will have the same courage to come forward. We will do everything in our power to help them.’

A serious case review has been launched by the Council’s safeguarding board.

Vikram Singh, 46, Asif Hussain, 33, Arshad Jani, 33, Mohammed Imran, 38, Taimoor Khan, 28, and Akbari Khan, 36, were found guilty of 20 offences at the Old Bailey today.

Harmohan Nangpal, 41, Faisal Iqbal, 32, Sajad Ali, 35, and Sohail Qamar, 41, were acquitted on all of the charges they faced.

The jury failed to reach verdicts on an eleventh defendant, Jerome Joe, who was accused of rape and sexual assault.

All of those convicted sexually abused the first victim, while Taimmor Khan and Akbari Khan were also found guilty of molesting her friend.

The Asian men filled the dock in court, some of them using the services of various interpreters speaking Hindi, Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi.

Arshad Jani

Mohammed Imran

Arshad Jani (left) was convicted of one multiple incident count of rape and one count of conspiracy to rape and Mohammed Imran (right) was convicted of three multiple incident counts of rape one count of conspiracy to rape and arranging child prostitution

Taimoor Khan

Akbari Khan

Taimoor Khan (left) was convicted of a single count of sexual activity with a child and Akbari Khan (right) was found guilty of various charges, including administering a substance with intent to commit a sex offence

They showed no emotion as a jury of seven men and five women announced their verdicts after 42 hours and 14 minutes of deliberation.

Judge John Bevan said he will sentence the six men on September 7.

Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC said the girls were looking for excitement and attention after their lives went off the rails.

Most of their attackers were either mini cab drivers or market traders in Aylesbury.

Both victims came from troubled backgrounds and wanted to feel grown-up when they were befriended by the men who groomed them with gifts such as alcohol, DVDs, food and occasionally drugs.

They were easy prey for a group of men wanting casual sexual gratification that was easy, regular and readily available

While aged just 12 or 13, one of the vulnerable girls, known in the trial as A, was passed between 60 mainly Asian men for sex after being conditioned into thinking it was normal behaviour.

‘They were easy prey for a group of men wanting casual sexual gratification that was easy, regular and readily available,’ Mr Saxby explained to the jury.

The girls were befriended, lured back to properties, given attention and made to feel wanted with gifts of food, DVDs, drink and drugs.

Giving evidence, girl A recalled one occasion when Asif Hussain – also known as Lucky – had introduced her to a man who looked like terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden and encouraged her to sleep with him.

She said: ‘Lucky wanted to introduce me to a friend so I said OK. The old man looked like Bin Laden. I think he said ‘He wants to sleep with you’ and left me there.’

On her dealings with the old man, she told the jury: ‘He only understood yes or no – and I said no.’


Vikram Singh, 46, of Aylesbury, was found guilty of three multiple incident counts of rape, a single count of administering a substance with intent to commit a sex offence and one count of rape.

Asif Hussain, 33, of Milton Keynes, was found guilty of three multiple incident counts of rape.

Arshad Jani, 33, of Aylesbury, was convicted of one multiple incident count of rape and one count of conspiracy to rape.

Mohammed Imran, 38, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, was convicted of three multiple incident counts of rape one count of conspiracy to rape and arranging child prostitution.

Akbari Khan, 36, of Aylesbury, was found guilty of one multiple incident count of rape, one multiple incident count of administering a substance with intent to commit a sex offence, a single count of conspiracy to rape and a single count of rape.

Taimoor Khan, 28, of Aylesbury, was convicted of a single count of sexual activity with a child.

Harmohan Nangpal, 41, of Hillingdon, was acquitted of a single count of rape and an alternative charge sexual activity with a child.

Faisal Iqbal, 32, of Aylesbury, was acquitted of a single count of rape and an alternative charge of conspiracy to commit sexual activity with a child.

Sajad Ali, 35, of Chesham, was acquitted of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

Sohail Qamar, 41, of Aylesbury, was acquitted of one multiple incident count of rape and an alternative count of sexual activity with a child, a single count of rape and causing actual bodily harm.

Jurors failed to reach verdicts on Joe, of Buckingham, on a single count of rape and an alternative charge of sexual activity with a child. He could face a retrial.

Those convicted will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on September 7.

Asif Hussain met one victim at Aylesbury market (pictured). The girl would visit his shared house wearing her school uniform and the pair would regularly have sex.

Asif Hussain met one victim at Aylesbury market (pictured). The girl would visit his shared house wearing her school uniform and the pair would regularly have sex.

Mr Saxby said: ‘They were being conditioned, exploited. Their trust was being established. And then they were sexually abused.

‘To them at the time – their notion of what was right and wrong had been completely distorted – this was ‘normal, natural’.’

The victims thought they were in ‘relationships’ with their abusers and spoke of the men as being their ‘boyfriends’.

Indian-born Singh, known as ‘Bicky’, approached the girl as she looked at Batman toys in Woolworths in Aylesbury in 2006, just before her 13th birthday.

The former carer then groomed the child with gifts of food, drink and DVDs before attacking her at the cinema, where he had taken her to watch one of the Santa Claus films.

The married father-of-two later asked her for sex in her bedroom when her mother was at work, but needed Viagra ‘because of his age’.

Singh then forced her to perform a sex act on him before raping her.

The pair would continue to meet up to three times a week for sex, sometimes in the back of his car at the back of a nursing home.

She then started to receive phone calls from unknown Asian men who would ask her for sex or ask her how old she was or whether she was a virgin.

When she told one caller how young she was, he allegedly replied: ‘I like that age.’

Harmohan Nangpal

Sajid Ali

Harmohan Nangpal was cleared of a single count of rape and an alternative charge sexual activity with a child and Sajad Ali (right) was acquitted of engaging in sexual activity with a child

The six men were convicted at the Old Bailey today and will be sentenced at the court on September 7

The six men were convicted at the Old Bailey today and will be sentenced at the court on September 7

The prosecutor added that the girl kept going back to Singh, but later told police: ‘It felt like a disgusting job I had to do for him’.

The last time they had sex was in 2008, but by then she had become involved with Mohammed Imran, who was sharing her out to other men for sex.

‘I thought of him as the person who sold me and passed me around,’ said the girl of Pakistan-born Imran.

I thought of him as the person who sold me and passed me around

She told police he would demand sex up to ten times a day, ply her with alcohol and drugs and farm her out to his friends.

‘Some were taxi drivers, some were bus drivers, some were drug dealers, some weren’t even from Aylesbury,’ she said in interviews.

‘He used to bring them from anywhere. They used to pay him. He didn’t care. The most I had sex with in one day was five or six. I felt like I was on fire.’

The girl said she slept with between 15 and 20 of Imran’s ‘mates’, who would pay around £25 for sex.

Another of the men, Asif Hussain, met her at Aylesbury market. The girl would visit his shared house wearing her school uniform and the pair would regularly have sex.

Head of Buckinghamshire Council’s Child Services, David Johnson, also said that council was ‘as appalled as all parents and the community of Buckinghamshire will be by the despicable acts of cruel abuse committed by those found guilty at the Old Bailey today’.

‘These girls were just children when they became victims to such manipulation that lasted so many years.

‘I want to thank each of these young women for taking the brave step to come forward, to speak to the police and re-live their horrific experiences in court to bring these men to justice.’

Thames Valley Police Superintendent Gill Wootton thanked the victims for their bravery in coming forward, saying that it was because of their courage that they convictions were possible.

She added: ‘I also want to take this opportunity to ask anyone out there who may have been a victim of crime to come forward and talk to us.

‘This case shows that we will listen and do everything in our power to bring the offenders to justice.

‘Thames Valley Police continue to work with partners to tackle CSE and to bring historic and current offenders to justice.’

An NSPCC spokesman said: ‘This is yet another shocking case of vulnerable young girls being targeted by ruthless gangs of men that will make the public recoil in horror once again.

‘The level of abuse against these children who were on the cusp of their teenage years is horrifying and depressing.

‘We must continue to clamp down on organised grooming which has destroyed so many lives while making sure the victims receive all the support and therapy they need to recover.’


The second victim of the Asian sex ring, known as Girl B, said in a statement: ‘I would leave in the morning in my school uniform and I would come home at three in the morning in my school uniform.

‘These men knew that we were 14. No girl should ever feel that they have to use their body or what they’ve got as their selling point. They knew they shouldn’t be buying us drinks and feeding us drugs, they knew that.

‘The relief that they have been found guilty, you feel it’s such a weight off your shoulders. You know you can get on with your life now.

‘That burden that is at the front of your mind and the back of your mind is gone. You can definitely move on and forward.

‘I can now turn that around and use it as a positive and something that is going to help tackle that thing from happening in the future.’

But her father, who only found out what had happened to his daughter when the police came and told him a year ago, revealed his heartbreak.

He said: ‘At the time it was all going on I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t have the tools to understand that it was child sexual exploitation.

‘My daughter was such a beautiful, loving young girl. She was happy and cheeky, she had hopes and aspirations and was a very intelligent child.

‘She always had a vision of what she wanted from life and what she wanted to do.

‘Me and her mum had split up, but she was still loved and supported. People use the term ‘broken home’ too loosely.

‘Just because her parents were split up doesn’t give a gang of predatory paedophiles the right to exploit her for their own perverted ends.

‘The first I knew about my daughter being in trouble was when she was expelled from school for taking drugs in. I didn’t even know she smoked cigarettes.

‘From then on she was running away from home, saying she wanted to go and live in a children’s home.

‘I was on the phone to social services every day saying can you help, I don’t know what is happening.

‘As a parent, this was beyond my understanding. It was only after I did a CSE course online recently that I gained a slight understanding of what CSE is and how the people do the grooming and how that directly affects the victims.

‘It was then that things started to slot into place. It was like light bulbs going off.’

‘I was thinking I noticed that, I remembered that. At the time I felt all my instincts were biting at me but I couldn’t place what was wrong.

‘By then those people had got the control they needed. These people alienate their victims from their families, take away the trust, the general respect.

‘I knew there was something wrong and I couldn’t identify it. That’s why I was pleading with the local authority for help.

‘They said she’s just being naughty. Now we know she wasn’t just being naughty, she was being groomed.

‘As her Dad, I take full responsibility. I feel like I’ve failed her.’

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