See below Hindu article covering this propaganda.  This is the most ridiculous thing but it goes on and on because Hindus abroad, particularly in US has never countered this effectively.   As Rajiv Malhotra book,  ‘Breaking India’ showed this was taken as an opportunity by combination of Christian evangelists primarily with Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists destroying the only good thing India has today.   Why this focus on Modi?  He does not allow conversions and that is their gripe.  USCIRF, or Muslim congressman Keith Ellison,  do not even mention anything about even Saudi Arabia where you can’t even carry a picture of Jesus or build a church.   India and native religions are soft targets,  the targets that will make up for loss of Europe for Christian fundamentalists and help finish the incomplete job for Saudi Arabia Islamic fundamentalists, all  with the connivance of animal Sonia.  India has become a sitting duck for cannibalization by all these forces.    On the contrary, just see how China protects its culture, will never allow evangelists run riot and has such control over Islamists such as Uighurs.

Just read how many riots happened in Gujarat and elsewhere in India and almost all the time by Islamic fundamentalists.     Just in 2010 December, as part of Ramadan celebrations in West Bengal, 24 Parganas and other districts, the Indian Parliament Muslim MP of Mamata Banerjee party called of all Muslims to rape all Hindu women and burn down Hindu shops.   Indian Govt has to call in army to stop the pogram and life has become living hell for those who live in those areas.  Hindu women has to run for safety to save their honor.

The Hindu paper reporting below does not even bother to counter the trash doled out by evangelists supported congressmen.   How many people died in 2002 riots,  1/3 Hindus and 2/3 Muslims.  The only riot where Muslims are larger number.   The same media will not even mention that there are 350,000 Hindus driven away in 1989 and are living as refugees in their own country for last 24 years!!!!   4000 Hindu as well Christian girls are taken for love jihad and some are shipped over to other parts of the world to become human bombs all with financial and logistical support of Mosques in Kerala.

In the end, the blame is also on Hindus who goes around as if nothing is happening to them or their loved ones back in India.  The same Hindu who will put all his energy in educating his/her child, put his energy in career and earning money,  will not even think of picking up the phone and calling their congressperson and put an end to this trash once for all.

If Gujarat is lost, there is nothing to speak with pride about India except the glorious past that is destroyed systematically.


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. File photo

The HinduGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. File photo

In 2005, the U.S. government denied a visa to Mr. Modi on the grounds of religious freedom violation under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

A resolution has been introduced in the United States House of Representatives expressing solidarity with the Obama administration’s view that the Narendra Modi government in Gujarat “has not adequately pursued justice for the victims of the 2002 violence” and that they remained “concerned by reports from journalists and human rights groups about the complicity of … [Mr.] Modi in the [pogrom].”

House Resolution 569, “Recognizing the tenth anniversary of the tragic communal violence in Gujarat,” was sponsored by Representative Keith Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota, and it called on the Gujarat government to heed the recommendations of the State Department to “restore religious freedom for all citizens in Gujarat.”

This is not the first instance where the U.S. government has marked its concern surrounding the role of the Gujarat government in the riots. In 2005, it denied a visa to Mr. Modi on the grounds of religious freedom violation under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.

This week, the House noted that in 2002, the violence directed against Muslims by Hindu mobs led to an estimated 2,000 dead and 1,00,000 displaced into refugee camps, and commended the National Human Rights Commission and the Indian Supreme Court, whose actions led to some convictions in Gujarat riots cases and also the arrest of a few high-level leaders in the Modi administration.

Recounting some of the details of the mob attacks, the resolution quoted a 2002 Human Rights Watch report entitled, “We Have No Orders to Save You,” in particular a section that noted that between February 28 and March 2, 2002 “the attackers descended with militia-like precision on Ahmedabad by the thousands.”

The report further described the unfolding of the targeted attacks, saying, “Chanting slogans of incitement to kill…they were guided by computer printouts listing the addresses of Muslim families and their properties…and embarked on a murderous rampage confident that the police was with them.”

Alleging that portions of the Gujarati language press had printed fabricated stories and statements openly calling on Hindus to avenge the Godhra attacks, the text of the resolution further noted that “Where justice has been delivered in Gujarat, it has been in spite of the State government, not because of it.”

This story has been edited to correct an error. The resolution has been introduced, not passed, as earlier stated.

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