– Very important information on Covid-19 and Global Elite agenda.   It shows highly convincing links to ponder whether the whole Covid-19 is a completely preplanned activity by Global Elite with Chinese collusion and whether there is a possibility the second wave in India that turned out deadly is a case of Bio-terrorism against India and Modi.    Well known international activist Vandana Shiva calls the Global Elite agenda as, ‘The Sixth mass extinction’.  The videos, articles and references sections below provides comprehensive information of the whole ruthless Global domination agenda that cost of millions of lives and livelihoods, with heaviest price paid by under developed nations like India and in Africa.  
Italian parliament calling Gates as a ‘Vaccine Criminal’ who did untold damages to India and worldwide.
Please read (or watch video) below on Italian Parliament calling Bill Gates as a ‘vaccine criminal’, an ‘international criminal’, for his actions in India and rest of the world, his agenda of population control,  Pharma profits, Global domination, One world order.  It is an eye-opener.
Is the whole Pandemic a pre-planned activity by Global Elite (lead by Dr. Fauci, CDC, Bill Gates, Rockefellers etc.,) in collusion with China CCP (an activity Vandana Shiva calls, ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’)
1) ‘Plandemic: Indoctrination’ VIDEO link
Comprehensive video detailing how Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIAID, NIH, Pharma, Gates, China come together from patenting and experimenting Corona viruses ‘Gain of Function’ research for many years to create the covid-19 pandemic, vaccine profiting, paralyzing hundreds of thousands of children in India for vaccine trials, depopulation etc.,   The live video of this early in 2019 with 65,000 users was blocked by YouTube in half an hour.  – a MUST SEE  (might have to enter an email address but there is no email validation required). 

2) Why  would there be a Netflix show on a pandemic originating in China wuhan market narrated by Gates in 2019? They even showed Wuhan wet markets in China. (Note: scroll down in link below to see the embedded video)

3) Why did Gates, WHO, pharma, Rockefeller gather for a major conference on preparedness for pandemic at John Hopkins in Oct 2019?
4) How Global Elite and China CCP created the CORONA Bio-weapon (patent rights to virus as well as vaccine)
5) Vandana Shiva – We must fight against the 1 percent (Global Elite lead by Gates) to ‘Stop the sixth Mass extinction’
Vandana Shiva has been shouting from rooftop for many years that Gates has become the new Rockefeller who is taking on ‘One World order’ implementation with complete control of food, water, finance ( one world cashless currency), all controlled by few families like Rockefellers, Rothchilds etc. She recently wrote a book on ‘Oneness against One percent’.  Below is her interview at ‘Democracy Now’ channel.

6)  The real agenda of the Gates Foundation (Depopulation, One World Order)
Gates’ family is also big into population control and eugenics.  Is the Global Elite using control of vaccines for population reduction?   
WION Coverage and other coverage., – Global Elite & Bill Gates agenda on Covid 19
(US hoarding 550 million AstraZeneca vaccines!)
Here is WION media link that extremely well covered how US under Global Elite agenda is hoarding 550 million AstraZeneca vaccines that it is NOT even  going to need or plan to use  (with Pfizer is slowing down production because there is no demand), how rich countries have 1 in 4 vaccinated while poor countries have 1 in 500 and how Gates disparaged Indian Pharma when asked about patent waiver.   Compare US stance with that of Narendra Modi who send 50 million hydroxychloroquine tablets in 2020 to US even though India is not assured quantity for itself  based on the request of the then President Donald Trump!
DECEPTION, PEDOPHILIA & SATANISM: One of hallmarks of Globalists is Deception, making it look like their activities are for greater good while pursuing their ruthless agenda of Global Domination, a ‘One World order’ with complete control of every aspect of every human on earth by few families (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Carnegies, Warblers etc.,).  One example of deception many can relate to is Iraq war, WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction),  that cost US trillions of dollars and millions of lives while immensely profiting the elite.  This was trumpeted as a war for Global safety when in reality it is for Middle Eastern Oil (and Saddam Hussein independent streak in attempting to using alternatives to US dollar for Oil payments).  Another method Global Elite to control individuals is through Pedophilia and Sex favors.   Bill Gates met many times with Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes as per this NY Time article.  It is also very well known that the Secret One World order society (uses some kind of Satanism, like Freemasons do secretly) that requires to tell what they are going to do before they are doing it.  Is that the reason for NetFlix documentary and meeting at John Hopkins in Oct 2019 before the world ever heard of Corona (post Dec 2019)?  Gates even funded MIT study to use vaccines to stamp ID in every human body.  With Nazi type complete hold on media, social media the Global elite is confusing, deceiving and depriving us from knowing the truth.   
Bill Gates Met with (pedophile) Jeffrey Epstein Many Times

Background information on Global Domination Agenda 

1) Western Global Domination Agenda Video (90 million views in 27 languages)
2) ‘Ring of Power’ – 29 part series documentary on secretive & ruthless Western Global agenda to create One World order 
4) Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates call for Mass Vaccination & Global Governance 
5) A detailed article with scientific data and references on the Origin of Covid (nature vs Labs) by Nicholas Wade
6. Book on how Federal Reserve was created – on the most blatant scam of all history, cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity
 Book  by G. Edward Griffin – ‘The creature of Jekyll Island: A second look at the Federal Reserve’
7. Yuri Deigin, Apr 22, 2020 Lab-Made?  SARS-CoV-2 Generalogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research
8.  Book on The Truth about Covid-19, exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports and the New Normal
Book by Joseph Mercola, Ronnie Cummins – ‘The Truth about COVID-19’ https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/the-truth-about-covid-19/

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