Video & complete transcript of Fox News Interview with US Senator Rand Paul (who is also a Physician himself).

This is a Fox News interview of Senator Rand Paul after a US Congressional hearing on May 11, 2021, where the Senator grilled Dr. Fauci on his funding of Wuhan labs & how all indications are Covid-19 is a lab-made virus funded by the US with Dr. Fauci as its head.  Rand Paul talks about how 11 US labs are studying animal viruses to transform them into deadly human viruses!
Complete Transcript of the above Fox news interview is given below, A MUST READ
Read the transcript of the above video given below to better help digest the enormity of this man made crime (Global Elite/China) with Dr. Fauci as its head.  Dr. Fauci is a stooge of Global Elite  who overwhelmingly control US, UK & EU politicians, US/Global institutions (WHO, NIH, NIAID, CFR, Bilderberg, CIA, FBI etc.,)  in pursuit of  ‘One World Order’.  Global Elite and China are two sides of same coin that collude and compete for Global Domination.
Some back ground information to better understand the transcript of the Fox news interview:  
1) NIH (National Institute of Health) and NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectitious Disease) are both US Government Organizations. 
2) Dr. Fauci is head of NIAID which has a budget on $6.1 billion in just 2021 alone. 
3) SARS and MERS and Covid-19 belong to a family of coronaviruses originating from Bats.   SARS appeared in China in Feb 2003, has about 10-15% death rate, total 8096 cases, 774 deaths, affected 26 countries but contained in 4 months.
4) MERS appeared in Saudi in Sept 2012, has a 30% death rate, affected 27 countries , 2519 cases of which 866 died.  80% affected are from Saudi.
5) Both SARS and MERS came from BATS virus which is benign (i.e, harmless)  to humans but later changed form through intermediate hosts like ferret and Civet (for SARS) and Camel (for MERS) and then it became harmful to humans.
6) Covid-19 virus does NOT have any intermediate host, but in fact the original benign (to humans) bat virus  was researched on by one or more of the 11 labs in United States via research called, ‘Gain of Function’  and NIAID directly funded Wuhan labs where they shared the knowledge and gave the money.
7) After 4 months into Covid-19 pandemic that affected many parts of the world, Fauci’s own deputy asked the intermediary through whom they are funding the Wuhan labs to stop the funding, however 77 Nobel laureates asked NOT to stop funding Wuhan labs!!!   
8) Congressional hearing of Rand Paul grilling Dr. Fauci here.
9) Other facts:  In Oct 2019, there was an ‘Event 201’ (mind you 4 or 5 months anyone even heard of Corona) Gates Foundation, Pharma, WHO, China representative held a very major conference on how to manage a pandemic.  Everything about the conference including agenda and detailed videos is available here.  Bill Gates even had a show on Netflix early 2019 where he narrated that we could get a major pandemic originating in China Wet markets with visuals of China wet market.  (View the netflix video here, scroll down to see).   You can get more details at my blog article here.
10) ‘Plandemic Indoctrination’ video which revealed most of this last year and which was blocked by YouTube.
[Flashback: Fox news showing video clip of Senator Rand Paul questioning Fauci earlier on May 11, 2021]

Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci, do you still support funding of the NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?

Dr.Fauci: The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function (Gain of Function – means that Virus is enabled to mutate to increase power in the lab scientifically) research in the Wuhan Institute. We have not funded gain of function research on this, I will repeat again, the NIH, and NIAID categorically has not funded gain of function research. Yeah I mean I just wanted to say.. we.. I don’t know how many times I can say.

Reporter: Well, maybe one more. How many times can he say it. Dr.Fauci is being very careful with his words with Senator Rand Paul today. Doctor says the NIH and NIAID never directly funded gain of function research at the institute of the Wuhan Institute of virology. But like we said before, that’s before that’s true, but it’s also misleading. you see the NIH headed by Dr.Fauci sent $3.7 million to a Non-Profit called Eco Health Alliance (Which sub-contracted the Wuhan institute of Virology), which then turned around and sent 600,000 from that grant to the Wuhan lab. I hope you are following that, take your time, play this back, Dr.Fauci favorite sparring partner joins us now Senator Rand Paul.

 [Fox News Reporter discusses with Senator Rand Paul after the flashback above]  

Reporter: Senator Rand Paul you felt it, you feel as though using some of the things I just said that Dr. Fauci was being deceptive today, in what way. 

Rand Paul: Well I think it’s incredibly important that the audience know what Gain of Function (GoF) is, They take an animal virus that’s benign and does not infect humans, they juice it up, they make it a super virus, so it can infect humans. Now ostensibly, This is done to study the virus, but there’s a danger of that virus leaks that it could kill a lot of people. So what I asked him about this research, we knew the answer. The answer is this, that there’s a famous scientist in the Wuhan lab. Her name is Dr Shi, and she published a paper a couple years ago, which has been reviewed by MIT and says that it’s a Gain of Function research. But in the byline she has to list the sponsors, she lists Dr. Fauci and the NIAID as a sponsor of a research. Which everybody acknowledges Gain of Function (GoF) research juicing up these super viruses. So, I don’t know how he can get around this, he could argue, oh it was an intermediate group we gave it to Eco Health, who gave her the money. I think, I can’t imagine he’s on national television saying that he didn’t do this. When the peer reviewed journal has a byline that says, the author, this ‘bat woman’, this scientist from the Wuhan institute that she acknowledges that the money came from Dr. Fauci and his Institute. 

Reporter: So this is a dangerous act, okay let’s say it’s science. I want to stop the next one. so I got to see what happens when we activate these viruses, but other people say it’s too dangerous. If this gets out, it’s going to be devastating. Somehow, it could have gotten out, is that what you’re saying, Senator.

Rand Paul: I don’t think we know for sure. But yes it could have gotten out and there are a lot of people arguing that there are several different unusual aspects of the virus that make it look like it came from a Lab and not from Nature, they haven’t found an intermediate host, they haven’t found anything between the bat and the human. Both SARS and MERS, went to an intermediate host like a ferret, or a civet. But the other thing that’s peculiar about this is, is that when we look at this and we say, you know, did it come directly, the way they’re studying this in the lab, they studied the SARS virus. This is the one like COVID that came around in 2004, but had a 15% mortality. So they juiced up this already deadly virus and made it more infective into humans in the lab. They’ve admitted that they did that, but can you imagine 15% mortality COVID-19 as a 1% mortality. That means instead of 3 million people dying worldwide. If the one of the viruses that she worked on with NIH money got out 45 million people could have died. There are 11 Labs like this in the US that are studying animal viruses that they’re transforming into deadly human viruses, 11 labs like this in the United States. 

Reporter: So it is important for people to understand, is that forgetting about Dr. Fauci and his future, or your political future. This is about understanding how this started to stop the next virus, if we don’t understand how this started, we’re going to get slammed again and we’re going to be ill equipped once again. I don’t understand the lack of curiosity from Dr. Fauci, this is his business. Why is that not his obsession, rather than being on 25 talk shows a day. 

Rand Paul: If you want to be even more confounded by this. They wanted to investigate what happened over there (i.e in Wuhan labs), the person they investigated is the head of Eco Health. So they hired the person to investigate whether there was a problem at the (Wuhan) lab, they hired the guy that gave them the money, so something came out that said this virus came from the lab, do you think the person that gave them the money might have culpability. So they hired, they hired the guy to do the investigation, who has a conflict of interest here, So you start to wonder, all of these wagons and circling, the Chinese Communists aren’t talking, we gave them the money, I mean there’s a lot of potential problems here. But once again, I’m not saying it did come to the lab, I don’t know, but there’s a lot of evidence that makes me worried about this lab, and the fact that people are not being honest, the fact that Dr. Fauci would lie and say that he didn’t give any money to this Lab. Now maybe his answers like you said, he gave it to an intermediary (Eco Health) who gave it to them (Wuhan institute of Virology), but if that’s his answer, I would think that’s a kind of a curious way of saying it didn’t happen when it really did happen, and 

Reporter: I gotta leave it here four months into the Coronavirus emergency the deputy director of the NIH wrote an email to Eco Health And he said, “you were instructed to cease providing any funds to the Wuhan Institute”, Peter Danzig is the chief scientist there, he quickly got 77 Nobel Prize winners to sign a statement saying not to deprive them of their money. What’s the desperation to get Western money into an area, where we know the virus came from some way, somehow. 

Rand Paul: But here’s the other interesting thing, if Fauci is Deputy is writing a note saying that they’re going to stop the money, that implies that there was money flowing to the Wuhan Institute. He says no money was flowing to the Wuhan Institute. Well then why was it stopped I mean none of this makes sense, none of it makes sense at all. 

Reporter: And I just wonder, when a Democrat and I hear Senator Menendez and others we can mobilize to understand that this is National Security, and we got to find out it (Rand paul said Absolutely) would be the biggest liability case in the history of man, and China will be at the forefront and maybe some others. Senator Rand Paul, thanks for asking the tough questions especially over the last year and especially today as it has to do with the science and you got 20 million things to do, appreciate you joining us today.
1) Dangerous Global Elite Agenda targeting India and rest of the world (with detailed references)
2) ‘Plandemic: Indoctrination’ – documentary with millions of views which YouTube blocked

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