Anti-India Resolutions in US cities – I pity Rummana Hussain from the bottom of my heart

I pity Rummana Hussain from the bottom of my heart to read her article, ‘City Council resolution denouncing discrimination in India should be a no-brainer’, for she has to throw all ethics of journalism to make a living as a journalist.   She points out how facts are under attack around the world,  while she herself is attacking the facts in the most egregious manner.   There seems to be some like Rummana of the opinion that telling untruths again and again will make them truths.   Perhaps, George Orwell is turning in his grave for how his prediction of 2+2 would be easily forced to add to 5 is turning out to be true.

Truth about Kashmir

Rummana writes about the need for India to restore the rights of people of living in Muslim-majority Kashmir without mentioning that half million Kashmir Hindus were driven out from the same Muslim-majority since 1979 and living as refugees in their own country for the last 30+ years.   To put this into perspective to Americans, let us say if Minnesota state becomes Muslim majority in the future and one day all the Mosques blare that all the Christian men have to leave the state and leave their Christian women behind (to be used as sex slaves) or face violent deaths, never to be able to return to the state even after 3 decades.  As unbelievable as this is, this is the well-known fact that those like Rummana conveniently fail to mention.   This article, ‘Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) offered three choices by Radical Islamists’, provides just a  minor glimpse of what happened in Kashmir.     Oh, she missed mentioning that poor Dalit Hindus who were doing low menial jobs will never have same status as Kashmiris even after many generations and  if a Kashmiri Muslim woman marries someone from other part of India (even a Muslim) she loses rights in the state, under the state law which Modi Government repealed.   What is the rights of Muslim majority she is referring to that needs to be restored? It is the blocking of internet access for a certain period by Indian Government because of its use for terrorist activities!

Anti-CAA mirrors US Frank Lauternberg act to help the most oppressed

Not satisfied with blatant omission of the fact about half million Kashmir Hindus, Rummana goes about asking those who are unfamiliar with current events in India to do additional research to learn about the National Register of Citizens and the CAA as an attempt to deport hundreds of thousands of India’s 200 million Muslims.  This is news to not just to Indian Government but all Indians except those who are practicing yellow journalism like herself.   CAA is not about deporting, in fact  very similar to  American Frank Lautenberg amendment which gave preferred citizenship to certain persecuted religious minorities such as Jews from Russia or Jews, Christians and Bahai from Iran as described in this article.   India’s CAA provides preferential treatment in citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists refugees from neighboring Islamic countries.  To give a perspective of how this is the last lifeline to many escaping brutalities from those Islamic countries, there were approximately 20% of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan during independence (in 1947) and the most recent census is less than 2%.    Compare this to Muslims in India whose population in 1947 was about 7% and today more than 15%!  The atrocities against Hindus, Sikhs and Christians whether minor girls being taken away from parents to marry off to older Muslim men (many who were already married) and never to be seen by their parents, burning alive under the pretense of blasphemy laws in Pakistan and many such atrocities are too pervasive for anyone to miss.

The best words against anti-CAA propaganda are expressed in  letter by  Muslim Firoz Bakht Ahmed, Chancellor of a well-known Islamic university, ‘Maulana Azad National Urdu University’ in India where he exhorted Muslims not to fall prey to propaganda noting, ‘some people with vested interests are trying to vitiate the peaceful and harmonious fabric of India by frightening the Muslim community from the CAA and NRC Acts… they are instigating, inciting and misguiding Muslims to dump India into the fire of anarchy and civil war and appeal to you all not to get into the clutches of these politicians who want to break India’.

Truth about Delhi Riots

While Rummana article shows the picture of relatives and neighbors wailing the body of a Muslim victim Mohammad Mudasir during Delhi riots but not that of Hindu victims.  She forgot (or lied) to mention that the riots were lead and perpetrated by radical Islamists lead by a local city Muslim legislator who hacked to death a Hindu intelligence officer Ankit Sharma 250  times and his mutilated body thrown in a ditch.  Billions of worth of property mainly belonging to Hindus was destroyed and both Hindus and Muslims became victims of the pursuant madness.

National Registry of Citizens in North Eastern state of India (Assam)

Oh, she missed mentioning that National Registry of Citizens (NRC) in North Eastern state of India of Assam, which saw floods of both Hindus and Muslims from neighboring Islamic country BanglaDesh, was initiated by Indian Supreme Court when BJP and Narendra Modi was not even in power.  That was based on an agreement in 1985 after years of agitation by State citizens concerned about flooding of people from BanglaDesh for many decades and losing their unique identity.  Those who did not go through the NRC included both Hindus and Muslims from BanglaDesh.  While Hindus were leaving to escape the brutal persecution in that country which later led to millions killed and 400,000 almost all Hindu women raped in the 1971 war by Pakistan, most of the Muslims were looking for economic opportunities.  OpIndia reported in just one month in May 2020, 30 incidents (known ones) where Islamist mobs attacked or killed Hindus in BanglaDesh.

Minor Hindu girls raped in BanglaDesh


Violence against Muslims?

She mentions instances of violence against Muslims in India, but not incidents such as how a Christian pastor’s hand was cut off  because he defamed prophet Mohammad or the cutting of hands and legs of Hindu father right in front of his sons because he questioned the justification for converting poor  Dalit Hindus.   Or she would not mention the many atrocities by certain sections of Muslims committed against non-Muslims or that almost all the times the violence against Muslims is the reaction to their acts when communities lose their patience causing innocents from both communities suffer.   Or the love Jihad against Hindus, Sikhs and Christians, where Mosque literature openly puts a price for marrying and converting non-Muslim women by caste and religion, many times young women divorced after having children or end up facing enormous violence.   She talks about activities against Dalits in India when Dalits are the most brutalized by Islamists in India.  The north Eastern state of West Bengal where Muslim population is around 30% has become a living hell to particularly poor Dalit Hindus in that area where village after village are cleansed of Hindus with flimsiest reasons who end up running for their lives and their land and property taken over.

Support of minorities under Narendra Modi and BJP

Rummana do not feel the need to mention it is under current Prime Minister Narendra Modi that minorities are receiving the best benefits under various schemes never seen since India’s independence.,   In the 2019 parliamentary session, Prime Minister Modi minority affairs minister revealed that in six years under Modi’s rule, 32 million scholarships were provided and Government spend 3.2 billion dollars (Rupees 22,000 crores) for minorities , the biggest recipients being Muslims.  This is in a country where there are many in the majority population who also suffer from poverty but sidelined just due to their religion!  For those who understand the corruption in Indian politics, before Modi came to power, it is current opposition under then Rajiv Gandhi rule, who said only 15% of funds provided by the Government reach the ultimate recipient where as Modi’s Government completely wiped out the corruption by providing direct transfer to citizens through creation of accounts to every one of the 1.3 billion Indian citizens. This is a feat (like many Modi did including recent vaccines) are subjects of study in American business schools!! 3.2 billion dollars is not a small change for a country with 1.3 billion people and tax revenues of just 287 billion dollars.

Why do CAIR and other journalists like Rummana not speak where there is real violence against Muslims?

If Rummana or CAIR is so passionate about the welfare of Muslims, why are they silent on where the most atrocities are happening against Muslims, the systematic destruction of the Middle East.   During 2016 Presidential debates it was brought up how ISIS is a creation of the West using Saudi as a proxy.  Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke about how ISIS that systematically destroyed Iraqi and Syrian cities beyond repair,  reducing Muslims begging for refugee status in Europe,  was found to be using American weapons.  Maybe Rummana needs to brush up on the history of how American war against Iraq under pretense of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was later found to be ‘Weapons of mass deception’ that left 600,000 Iraqi children die due to lack of life saving medicines and more than 3 million Iraqis dead.    She needs to question whether killing so many Muslim lives justified for Western pursuit of Oil, not to speak of thousands of young American men and women who were killed and many more facing trauma even after nearly 2 decades.   Why does she not speak about genocide of Yazidis caught in the middle of all this where young Yezidi women are openly sold by ISIS as sex slaves in Iraq and Syrian cities justifying in the name of Islam?   How come she and CAIR are not spending energies on resolutions across US cities against the systematic destruction of  Islamic practices and the Muslim Uighur population in China?   She would not venture into what France, Spain, Germany and other European countries are doing against Muslims and Islam in their response to radical Islamic threats much less than India and Hindus have been facing for centuries (which includes her own ancestors).  Or she has courage to speak of how Muslim women are being treated as inferiors where polygamy,  instant divorce (uttering 3 times Talaq) with no economic recourse for wife and children are still justified in the name of religion

Who is really behind anti-Hindu and anti-India campaigns? Portraying Hindus just as Nazis did against Jews in Germany

Is it possible, Rummana and CAIR are just agents of the Western elite and Western missionary complex whose goal is contain, control and convert India as explained in detail here.   Her article mirrors the Christian missionary propaganda which wants to divide India with minorities, Hindu Dalits against Upper Caste Hindus so that they can gain power, break India and convert it.  Speaking on missionary activities in India, Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Satan is best when he has God’s name on his lips’, and using deception (many times via various proxies)  is one of the powerful tools used by them.  They see Modi and BJP supported by Hindus, Jains and other communities as a threat to their plans.  They are using the same tactics as Nazis used such as Jews are the vilest creatures who are destroying German Christian civilization resulting in millions of innocents killed in the holocaust.  Nazis did this by giving free radios to Germans and repeating the same propaganda day in and day out, just as the Global elite and missionaries are doing against Hindus and India through proxies such as CAIR and journalists such as Rummana.   These forces are the same who declared native Americans as savages before systematically destroying them and burying their children in mass graves.  Or justifying slavery by calling Africans are inferior race and supported Eugenics theories to reduce African population.   It is the same mindset that colonized the world and destroyed, impoverished, enslaved civilizations across all non-European regions. These forces dare not speak against China because they know too well what will visit them if they do.

You cannot but pity those like Rummana who perhaps unwittingly serve as agents to such propaganda and forced to make a living with this falsehood and (in the end) working against the very cause she is passionate about.

Satya Dosapati


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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump. The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President . He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions. His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US. He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals. His blog is