‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’ – the failure of Modi Government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has a way with words spoke passionately at Rajya Sabha rephrasing popular term used for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Foreign Destructive Ideology.   While he stands tall in this country that loves him for his patriotism and passion to lift every person in the country, his dedication with his soul for the nation, in this regard perhaps he has to blame himself for things to come to this pass.   It is terrifying to reflect on the state of affairs that it has to take a misstep by a teenage activist from abroad for India to wake up to what is going on in the country.   Particularly after what transpired during Delhi riots and the high decibel propaganda both inside and outside the country it is bewildering how India allowed this to fester so long?  In the aftermath of Delhi riots, India did take actions by bringing in laws such as how NGOs are funded and foreign investment in media but it simply did not match the enormous machinations of break India forces and India just failed to see through.    

What is concerning is the handling of twitter by Indian Government even after what all happened. It questions whether India is determined to take these forces head on.   It is tragic to see Indian officials engaging with twitter officials trying to educate them of how they treated DC capitol riots versus India farm agitation, as if they do not know them, while Twitter is simply dragging its feet.   No self respecting country would let this, no matter how much pressure was applied from the US or any other country.   The simplest thing for India to do is to ban them until they comply with the country’s laws and charge millions of dollars fines to cover the cost of the unrest it fostered.   What is the timidity this country is suffering from is unfathomable and it dries any hopes that it will ever regain its potential.   Small nations such as Poland and others could take them head on.  Even the African nation Uganda banned both twitter and facebook for their manipulation of messages during elections.   But India is engaging with them and has not arrested a single twitter employee even after suffering so much losses!
Nations and civilizations are not destroyed by just external forces.   They are always destroyed by collusion of internal forces with the external forces.  History of India is replete with examples.  Prithiv Raj Chauhan was defeated by Ghori through support of his own father in law and his infinite patience with the enemy caused his own brutal demise and started the tragic fate of Bharat for hundreds of years.    Robert Clive defeated the ruler of Bengal who had a 50,000 soldier army using only 3000 soldiers using subversion of the rulers allies.  He plundered Bengal that by itself many times wealthier than the British Raj and set the 200 years of tragedy of British rule that turned a rich nation with 25% world GDP to a country that had 40 million people die of starvation and looted 40 trillion dollars in today’s currency.  
 A young man just posted a video, ‘Greta Toolkit Expose’  on the many anti-nationals that contributed to Farm agitation by colluding with external forces and said he wanted to pass this message even if  his life could be targeted.  These forces are not engaging in a healthy debate, they are engaging in seditious activities of overthrowing a democratically elected Government, targeting its economic destruction and selling the nation to external interests.  Lack of political will is the only explanation for India’s capable intelligence inability to track and stop these elements. That video also made a shocking note that the Farm agitation caused a loss of 70,000 crores to the nation in just one quarter!!   The country has overthrown the Congress Government for corruption and now it is paying for inaction. What a shame?  It looks like there is some terrible fate plaguing this nation no matter how much it tries to change its fate for a country. On one side we have millions of children go without even a single full meal but on other side we are paying for this anti-national activity.
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Does India have any grasp of  Western Global Agenda of  World Domination?   It needs to understand the Global elite agenda of defeating nationalist Governments to establish one World order controlled by few with total control of life of every individual on the planet.    It needs to understand that Christian missionaries conversions, dividing locals (in case of India, Hindus versus Muslims etc), lefitsm, colluding with local players, deception are the different strategies used by this Global Elite to weaken, convert and gain power  throughout history?      Does India recognize that this Global elite controls and/or partners with all Western and local media and runs elaborate arrangements with targeted countries via NGOs, local media partners and now social media?   As one activist noted, most of the Western media (nearly 100%)  is simply Public Relations wing of the Global Elite and they are using this to subvert nationalist Governments or assassinate Middle eastern dictators to grab their oil.   Most of the politicians of the West are controlled remotely by the Western elite and if there are exceptions like the nationalist Trump, they will be quickly thrown out.  It will give awards on one side and plan for destruction on the other side.   It funds both sides to sell weapons.  It deliberately brings market down to buy up cheap stocks and get rich.  Its institutions, Global Economic Forum, UN, World Band, IMF exist to protect interests of this elite, not the world.   While threatening any Free Energy innovations, it wants to charge India (and China) for Carbon credits to make them more indebted.   Even health innovations for Cancer and other cures are suppressed and allow only those that profit this mafia by hundreds of billions of dollars per year.  The sooner India understands this ruthless, brutal and soulless mafia the better for the nation.  None other than Mahatma Gandhi deeply understood this agenda of conversion and plunder and fought against it all his life.  Mahatma Gandhi is seen as a beacon to fight these forces while India is still struggling to understand  or have courage to face up to it.  China understood it and strategized to work for their own interests and are even emulating them to do their own version of expansion and plunder across Asia and Africa.
India needs to study this video on the Global Domination agenda that got 90 million views in 27 languages as well as this article that shows how it relates to India with its deep connections to Christian missionaries and the actions India needs to take.  Both the video and the article along with references need to be studied very carefully by Indian planners, security agencies and bureaucrats. 
India has twin challenges.  China on one side and the Western elite World domination agenda on the other side.   The Global Elite and China collude where their interests intersect but they are also in competition with each other.    While China wants to steal Indian territory from outside, the Global elite (as well as China) wants to destroy it from inside for its own agenda.  Global elite wants to use India as a way to control China’s ambitions, convert it, use it for cheap technical coolies and vast  market while making sure India will not become another threat to Western interests by getting a pliable Government to go along with its agenda.  China understands the Western agenda while India does not seem to have a solid plan to counter both China and Western elite.   
As some nationalists pointed out, Narendra Modi needs to understand Gujarat’s model of running the state may not translate to running the nation, particularly how he handled the resistance and agitations by same forces against development efforts in Gujarat.  His strong conviction on democratic fundamentals and goodwill are blatantly abused.  Time is of essence and the activities of these anti-nationals at a national level can quickly drain the country to death.   Many countries have blocked Soros funding of local NGOs.  India needs to urgently stop any funding from Soros.  Soros destroyed many nations and he is a front of Western Global Domination agenda doing the dirty work for them.  Modi needs to free the stranglehold of bureaucrats on the country and engage young, dynamic, bright people to form a nationalist advisory body to every single ministry to take the country forward.  Most of the senior cabinet members are old and simply not up to the task and everything cannot be run from PMO. It needs to fight the perception war of the West and has to engage Indian consulates and other lazy bureaucrats abroad to fight the war of perception against India.  it needs to use its own IT personnel to not just defend but go on offensive on those who are undermining the nations. It needs to create a robust team to counter the Western and Chinese propaganda and take them head on.      Every anti-national that contributed to the farm agitation and Delhi riots needs to be prosecuted with strict laws and make them pay for the loss to the nation.   Even if India creates alternate social media, it needs to think long term and bring in laws to block investments by foreign entities into those so they are not again used to work against India.   It needs to pursue the Free Energy work like that championed by Shyamendra Tewari based on the Vedas,  at least for its own purposes so that it does not have to  depend on Oil or Coal.  It needs to bring in an anti-conversions bill and stop all the funding from abroad that is a pending disaster to the country.   It needs to stop the blatant biases against Hindus in Indian Constitution and bring Uniform Civil code.   
As Vivekananda said, ‘Cowards never win victories’.  Let us not be cowards.  
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Preview YouTube video (Official Movie) THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take


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