Regime change is an old, dangerous trick of the US … Global Times article
Every country that attempted to replace dollar has been targeted by the West for regime change … Tweet by Rakesh Simha
This is the second direct salvo by the US deep state saying we intend to do regime change no matter what, after what Soros said earlier.   Eric’s earlier statements that he will engage directly with Civil society (human rights NGOs) on CAA seems to indicate that he is going to do the repeat of what US ambassador to Ukraine and the Victoria Nuland did for regime change in Ukraine more than a decade ago where they worked closely with Soros funded NGO’s and media.  This is so well documented in the documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’.    Interestingly, the same Victoria Nuland who is now in the State Department is working very closely with DMK in Tamilnadu along with Christian missionaries.   As  OpIndia uncovered Eric also has deep connections to Chinese. 
The most important driver for the US to weaken Modi is the dedollarisation and the role India is playing in that direction.   Let us remember that the US had assassinated Libyan strongman Gadaffi and murdered Iraq’s Saddam Hussein when those leaders wanted to free themselves from dollar hegemony.  Social media is abuzz with information how every dollar replacement efforts resulted in a regime change of those nations by the US.  India needs to be very careful about not just overt regime change efforts but also covert operations affecting short and long term physical well being of its leaders,  not just of Narendra Modi but also those like Jai Shankar and others.  The invitation to Narendra Modi by Biden, even the German acceptance of rupee for trade could very well be a dangerous trap, as some in social media are saying.
Now you wonder what is the intention of the US throwing red carpet to Narendra Modi while at the same time pulling the carpet under.  Are they playing the double game so that they come out winners if they do not succeed in regime change operation or is there something even more sinister?  There is little doubt the US deep state is deeply involved in India’s regime change operation and they are not even hiding that.  The ‘twitter files‘ by State Department funded DFRLab containing a list of normal 40,000 US Citizens mostly (or all) of Indian origin alleging that they could be paid employees or possibly volunteers of BJP, shows the extent US deep state is going to do regime change in India.
What is Bharat’s plan of action if Eric Garcetti does a repeat of US Ukraine regime change working closely with Western funded NGOs, Victoria Nuland, missionaries mafia, compromised Opposition like AAP, Congress party, DMK, Lutyens media and even Judiciary?  Can it reject his nomination as ambassador to India?
Let us take a stock of what is potentially in store.

1) More aggression from Kalisthanis through proxy ISI and even use them to target some key BJP leaders.

2) Victoria Nuland who has been actively planning similar operations with the help of missionaries and DMK in Tamilnadu would now go on high gear with the active help of Eric Garcettis once he moves to Bharath.  One of the things we hear is Victoria working with DMK,  possibly planning to release convicted  terrorists from jails among other things!!!  A  key ingredient of a regime change is  violent disruptive forces. They weaponized Antifa in the US (Trump), Nazis in Ukraine (Putin), Hamas in Israel (Netanyahu), and now Kalisthanis/Islamists in Bharath (Narendra Modi).  There are many other activities being planned and this will increase as days go by.  We will see a lot more action than we saw in Kudankulam in the past.  They are ready waiting for a reason to start violent protests and will engineer one if that is not possible!
3) There could be engineered incidents like the terrorist attack on Ayodhya Ram Mandir, killing a few top Hindu activists, Godhra type train burning to engineer riots between Hindus and Muslims. They can infiltrate Hindu organizations and do violent attacks on Muslims (or even Sikhs) accompanied by high decibel media one sided propaganda (who would be handsomely rewarded), to trigger riots.

4) Engineer continuous provocations by Pakistan and explore a nuclear attack in India or a high level drone attack where/when key leaders of BJP like it were attempted against most of BJP leadership in Bihar in 2013.

5) The weakest point Bharath has is a highly compromised judiciary mafia. The biased Adani panel appointment, taking over selection of election commissioners, thwarting any serious steps by the administration in handling situations as elections come close,  need to be watched. The Indian judiciary is a mafia, a dangerous mafia that is not only completely unaccountable but also working closely with break india forces.

A final note – we are dealing with the biggest terrorist establishment in the world. Let us understand how they think,  “we could take care of Trump (as Soros said, into pitiable state), Joe Bolsinaro (using judiciary), took down Netanyahu  (using UAE/Hamas), will pulverize Putin (via Ukraine), we can take care of this bloody fucking Indian guy a lesson”.   Remember what deep state guru Henry Kissinger said, ‘Indira Gandhi is a bitch and Indians are bastards’.   India needs to be very watchful.  There are many ways to decimate a leader such as missiles, poisonous substances (even during hotel stays during state visits), radiation and as a last resort, direct attack through proxies.



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