While Sabarimala issue brought about the biased nature of justice rendered by Supreme Court Justices of India, the Indian judiciary for long time has basically become an arm of corrupt and privileged system.    Many owe their positions to the political connections.    Increasingly SC is meddling with Hindu customs and traditions based on petitions filed by organizations with dubious intentions and fails to act on the real institutional discrimination and fundamental rights issues.   Living in ivory towers, connected mostly only to rich and powerful, disconnected from the roots of their own country,  the judiciary of India has become an increasingly corrupt institution that needs serious intervention.  
What is so contrasting is on one side you can see undue overreach in Hindu related cases and complete cowardice in case of non Hindus, particularly Muslims and Christians.   In the case of Triple Talaq the same Supreme Court insisted on the victims to file but in case of Sabarimala they cared little on who is filing the case.      They say they are  protecting the fundamental rights of women but in truth are cowards who dare not address the institutional discrimination in every single one of the millions of Mosques not one Mosque permits Muslim women to worship.   Even the Mosque right close to Sabarimala temple made clear that they will not allow women to enter the Mosque!   This or the institution of polygamy,  or of alimony are  not important issues to them but one Hindu temple restricting women of certain age group is a burning question of fundamental rights violation that needs to be resolved by these cowards.
When you read the judges arguments about the case one wonders whether this case is being heard in Indian court  or in the court during the era of colonialist judges.     While these Judges may have Hindu sounding names, does the 4 out of 5 justices who delivered majority judgment has any basic knowledge of Hindu customs and traditions, especially of the region?  Did these so called learned judges consider the traditions of the region where there are festivals only women are allowed and the concept of statue as ‘the living God’ that needs to respect celibacy status.   The lawyers brought to the attention of the court the Hindu concept of ‘Ardha Nareeswara’ where man and woman are equal halves in Hindu religion but they ignored and argued based on foreign concept of denominations.   Are they living in another world, not to know that the Indian heritage and Hinduism is the only major religion in the world that  grandly celebrates feminine in divinity as observed by worship of feminine during 9 day Navarathri and many in west who are struggling to bring feminine in divinity are awed by India’s traditions of respecting feminine in divinity?  India’s traditions and customs are based on 10,000 year old ancient heritage and how can Supreme Court view this case based on foreign concept of ‘denomination’?
Whose  fundamental rights is Supreme Court protecting by their judgement and who are those initiating the request?    These judges seem to lack common sense on not to look at the way these cases are being brought to court by shady NGOs with missionary and leftist leanings who have little respect to India’s ancient heritage and are bent on destroying the ancient Indian traditions so as to convert and divide India?  As it turned out most of those who attempted entry to Sabarimala are Christians and even a Muslim woman who believed to have carried a soiled sanitary napkin as an offering to the Lord to insult and disgrace.    It is the women devotees who faced the brutal police beatings and arrests that  resisted their entry and calling for respecting traditions.  Do they care to study all the history of missionary activities to destroy the Sabarimala temple precisely  because it is the place where largest number of devotees visit in any worship place in the world (50 million compared to 3 million to Mecca per year for example) and destroying and exploiting it becomes the first priority?    These justices need to study Mahatma Gandhi ji’s abhorrence to missionary ways and threat it poses to nationhood!

Why is it only Hindu temples, Hindu festivals/activities from state control of temples to limiting time for burning Diwali firecrackers to Jallikatttu, are increasingly  on the receiving end of the SC judgments?  What business SC got in delivering judgments on age old traditions unless there is an institutional discrimination?    If Delhi is believed to have pollution due to Diwali crackers (which is not true because it is now understood due to Monsanto dictated schedule of burning the crops) why would they restrict Diwali fire crackers throughout the country?  Millions of animals are slaughtered in the worst possible display with enormous amount of water and pollution during Eid and  that is not pollution?  Jallikattu is supposedly animal cruelty but mass slaughtering of animals filling large parts of the country  with blood and animal waste is not animal cruelty.   The Green Tribunal is is even concerned about devotee chantings in Amarnath! Reasons are invented that even Ganesha worship is contributing to pollution.   An ancient sport is dangerous but cutting the arms and hands during Muslim festival is not.    Then there is economic cost to this too, for example closure of firecracker industry will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and livelihood.

These perverted champions of human rights talks about rights of Rohingyas but have little concern for plight of half million Kashmiri Hindus who were thrown out of their own homes for last 30 years.  They have little concern for  Hindu human rights in having freedom to manage their own temples.   Don’t the Judges know that only Hindu temples are being looted to the hilt by State Governments and the same loot is not only used for secular purposes but also to fund the trips to Hajj and Bethlehem while their worship places are never touched!

There is an organized and coordinated attack of India’s ancient heritage way of life inventing all kinds of methods and excuses using Courts and Green Tribunals  with its corrupt and pliable justices by the missionary, leftists and divisive forces and the country need to wake up to what is going on?     The courts and the justices have become agents of the divisive forces of India and it has been long time coming.   India needs to wake up and take this corrupt system to task.



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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump. The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President . He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions. His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US. He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals. His blog is https://SatyaBlog.org.