Police arrest Hindu Samhati but cannot recover kidnapped and gang raped girl because it offends during Ramdaan!

Photos of arrest.  Police say they cannot recover the kidnapped and gang raped 14 year old minor girl Tuktuki because it will offend the feelings of kidnappers who gang raped her during Ramdaan,  but will arrest peaceful Hindu Samhati peaceful protestors.   See photos.  Please spread the word.  (Thanks to so many callers they were just released).

Please tweet this link and let the world see this:http://www.satyablog.org/2015/07/10/police-arrest-hindu-samhati-but-cannot-recover-kidnapped-girl-because-it-offends-during-ramdaan/

This is human tragedy where the DIG (highest police officer) himself admitting 1000 girls were kidnapped just in his own jurisdiction.  There is saying by Einstein, ‘The World is a dangerous place not because there is evil, but because the good people chose to remain silent’.  

Please organize/join the protest, talk to media, talk to others Human Rights activists across all religions (not just Hindus who many are cowards and selfish) and ask to join.   That is real worship of lord. 

Tweet our Press Release with all event details, trend on #SaveWestBengalDaughters, #SaveTuktuki4mGazi,  with your concerns and pictures/videos of event or create a conversation on  facebook (search for ‘Save West Bengal Daughters’).  Even one person can stand in solidarity and express it (just change facebook banner saying, ‘I am Tuktuki’, see attached).

Press Release with all latest details of July 11th weekend around the world:http://www.satyablog.org/2015/07/08/press-release-global-solidarity-rallies-for-kidnapped-girl-tuktuki-on-july-11-11-1-pm-local-time/

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