Overseas BJP and other Organizations should pave way for younger people

During Madison Square Garden event,  Narendra Modi mentioned India has three things going for it, the Demographic dividend, Democracy and Demand.    The age group of  cabinet Modi chose to deliver, the youngest  being 36 years old is a message to younger generation that they not just matter but  they have role to be decision makers of the nation. To reach its potential, India needs to tap into the younger generations and they should be allowed to lead the Organizations.  Overseas Organizations are no exception.     

Sadly too often, organizations are stifled by older generation who had all the zeal when they started young, but are lost and unaware of the corrosive influence they have by co-opting the Organizations for  imagined perception of  self importance.   These organizations have become a hegemony of very few select people who guard their influence as if nothing else matter and do not recognize the very destructive influence they have in blocking the  energies of those who want to contribute to the nation.

BJP is no more an opposition party, it has commanding power in the parliament and Modi is not leaving any stone unturned.   Overseas BJP and other Organizations can play a great role to help build the nation.   We cannot achieve that unless the BJP Overseas Organizations around the world are revamped.   It has to go beyond Organizations hosting Indian BJP leaders and taking photographs with them. The older generation simply has to step aside and create a democratic path for younger generation to lead.   

Just as Narendra Modi set an age bar, let us put an age bar of no one above, say at most 50, to be leading any of the Organizations.   Older generation should play a role of guidance or partner in helping the younger generation  build organizations around the world to contribute to Narendra Modi efforts.    We should also help create a democratic way of selecting leaders in the future solely based on merit and passion to contribute to nation without personal interests,  so that the new leaders today will not repeat the mistakes of  our generation.  We need to recognize with an open mind that the younger ones that are aspiring to take lead roles are no different from our own children aspiring to contribute and take lead.

We have more than a  million young NRIs around the world , most of them highly educated, technical savvy and high income earners and what they can contribute is enormous.   Time is of essence, by inaction we will end up causing disillusionment and waste away the tremendous energies available to the country today to help achieve Narendra Modi’s dream.

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