Please see below RK Mission, Chicago inviting Mamata Banerjee to be ‘Special Guest of honor’ in the celebration of 125th speech anniversary of Vivekanada in ‘World Parliament of Religions’ (today Chicago Arts Institute) on August 26th.    

The event will be held at Chicago Arts Institute, the very place where Swami Vivekananda spoke in 1893.  Apparently, gracing the occasion also are  Illinois State Governor, Senator and Chicago Mayor who probably have no clue with whom they are sharing dais with.   A sampling of atrocities from media are given below.  


Mamata stands opposite to everything Swami Vivekananda stood for.   

In his very first day, Sept 11, 1893,  historic speech, Vivekananda said:

“Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now.”

Mamata is embodiment of these demons?   She is drenching West Bengal with the blood of poor SC/ST Hindus as well as those who stand in opposition to her for the sake of power.   She is a small minded woman who has little love for anything other than self, hungry for power, with no thought of what her actions would lead the state and the country.   Is she the one going to preside over 125th anniversary of Vivekananda powerful words that inspired many thousands and even today holds the same beacon just as it was 125 years ago?   Have we gone out of our mind?   

Chicago and the place where Vivekananda spoke is sacred for not just for Hindus but for all those who speak for universality of humanity.   Can not RK Mission find a more suitable person to address this historic event? Are they under pressure that they cannot refuse? Inviting Mamata to this event is like inviting a butcher who makes a living by slaughtering cows to preside over the  ‘worship of cow’, ceremony.   

Did RK mission even explore what the sentiments of people will be, especially given the recent news of enormous human rights violations where people are burnt alive,  election polling officer found with severed head on railway track with his wife and two young children left without their father, women were publicly molested, gun and stick wielding men drenched people with blood and dalit youths hanged publicly simply because they supported opposition party (BJP)?    Is this an honor to her for murdering democracy by terror to stay in power? 

Or is this a preparation for 2019 elections to show that Mamata is a savior of Hindu community and her presence with American elected officials as recognition of her as international leader, to be used for campaigns, maybe a PM material, while village after village, town after town, district after district under her nose are being cleansed of SC/ST Hindus, making their life a hell with daily riots and their minor girls kidnapped and sold to sexual slavery by Jihadi elements whose support she is using to stay in power?  (all links given below).  

Or is this a reward for her spending 500 crores taxpayer money to wipe anything remotely connected to Hindu in West Bengal, whether replacing saffron with white and blue color in every school or removing any name ‘ram’ in any textbooks. (See this article, ‘Secularism or Vivekananda’ link).  Even RK mission schools had to remove any trace of saffron of Vivekananda!! Or is it for banning Durga Puja to appease Islamists.

Please see this presentation on the atrocities and there is whole lot more if anyone care to look up in the internet and social media.

Are we going to keep quiet in the face of this and say this is the course of fate or are we going to protest this gross desecration of what Vivekananda stood for?  Shame on us if we just bear witness and do nothing.    We will deserve our fate if we do not speak up for this.    

PLEASE TAKE ACTION (takes few minutes):

All details for taking action calls/emails to RK Mission, IL Governor, IL Senator, Chicago Mayor and IL Congressmen  are provided in the link below.  (High level details for taking action are also posted below).

Take Action – Stop Mamata being honored in Chicago on Vivekananda 125th Speech Anniversary

1) Call and send email to RK Mission and tell them you disapprove of their choice of Mamata to this event and tell them to chose someone who represent what Vivekananda stood for.

RK Mission Phone Number: (ask for Swami Ishatmananda):  708-301-9062

RK Mission Chicago/India Emails:

2) Call IL Governor (Republican Bruce Raner), Senator (Democrat Dick Durbin),  Mayor (Democrat Rahm Emanuel) that they will be sharing dais with a person who has the worst human rights record in recent history on Aug 26th event and request them to withdraw.  Tell them all the information of her atrocities is available  in media in internet.  They can just google her.   CALLS MATTER, ELECTED OFFICIALS TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.

a) IL Governor (Bruce Raner) 

Phone numbers:                   312-814-2121 (Chicago), 217-782-0244 (Springfield, IL). More here.

‘Voice your opinion’ page:   Click here   (or

b) IL Senator (Dick Durbin) 

Phone number:   202-224-2152 (DC), 217-492-4062 (Springfield, IL), 312-353-4952 (Name: Abigail Watkins)


Email page:         Click here  (or )

c) Chicago Mayor (RahmEmanuel):

Phone number:                 312-744-3300  (more city numbers at this link)

Chicago Mayor Email: 

3) Call IL Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy to stand behind the community which is donating millions of dollars to his campaign and speak for human rights.

d) IL Congressman (Raja Krishnamoorthy):

Phone number:   Chief of Staff, Mark: 312-259-2894,  202-225-3711 (DC),  847-413-1959 (Scahumburg,IL), 


A sampling of atrocities:

Ø  Hands and legs of political opposition party candidate and his wife were tied and burnt alive.

Ø  18 year old Dalit Support of BJP found hanging from killed with a note (on back side of T-shirt) for being member of BJP

Ø  Women members of the opposition party were heckled, molested, raped and were made to wear garland of shoes and do seat ups publicly as punishment

Mr Modi there is complete lawlessness what for waiting !!! Impose article 376 and remove anti national jehadi didi out…

Posted by Kuntal Chakraborty on Sunday, April 8, 2018

 Family of presiding election officer whose body chopped into pieces and severed head found on railway track, (who is responsible for the grief and security of his wife and two little children)


Ø  26 people killed in election related political violence under the watchful eyes of the administration

Ø  Political violence based on revenge is unabated even after the election results were out

Ø  Mass scale rigging reported with videos of mass stamping of the ballot in favor of ruling party candidates going viral

Ø  One third of the seats won by the ruling party without the opposition being able to put up candidates due to extreme fear mongering by the ruling administration and the party

Ø  Ballot papers with votes in favors of the opposition were found in pond and video went viral

Ø  Other Links 


One sample of riots: DEVASTATED HINDU VILLAGE NADIA, AFTER COMMUNAL ATTACK (one of the many riots against Dalits/BC Hindus in West Bengal)



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