Haiti was literally destroyed by Clintons.  They had several protests in US over the years and mainstream media does not care to cover it.  Read below the whole story on the extent of destruction.  This was also covered in‘Clinton Cash‘ movie (on youtube) which hit 3 million views in just few weeks.
On Clintons they write, “They are evil, dishonest, pay-to-play politicians – the true global super predators who need to be brought to heel by the application of the laws”.
India cannot afford to have Hillary as President in the coming confrontation with Pakistan.   Some well meaning Indian Americans are parroting media propaganda of racist, anti-immigrant labels on Trump, forgetting the same media  also labelled Narendra Modi few years ago as , “murderer’, is a disaster for India’, ‘will do mass pogroms of minorities’ if elected PM.   Media is a tool for powerful forces to manipulate elections.
We are having an All American Rally bringing in African Americans, Haiti Americans, Hispanics and many other groups to show that Hillary is not best for our country, on  Oct 8th in Philadelphia at historic Liberty Bell area. The least you can do is to support such activities.
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Let Establishment Democrats Scream But Haitian-American Disgust with Clintons Are Justified

Èzili Dantò’s Note:

Let the Establishment Democrats Go Ahead and Scream But Haitian-American Disgust with the Clintons Are Justified

Hillary & Tony Rodham

Hillary, Haiti is not for sale to your family!

Bill Clinton destroyed Haiti food sovereignty, this abusive US agricultural policy lost Haiti 810,000 rural jobs1

No Stockholm Syndrome Sickness Here

For those Establishment folks into enabling their proven oppressors; for those with amnesia who fear Trump more than the evil war mongering, Cecil Rhodes’ Clintons, let’s recall that Bill Clinton apologized for destroying Haiti food sovereignty and causing Haiti farmers and people to starve. Haiti lost 810,000 jobs because of US agricultural policy. Let Establishment Democrats scream, but Haitian-American disgust with the Clintons are justified.

It is time the Establishment Democrats stop taking the Black vote for granted.

Bill Clinton dumped subsidize big Arkansas rice in Haiti. It destroyed Haiti’s ability to feed its people.

Years later, at the same time when he was conveniently apologizing for causing this agricultural destruction in Haiti, his wife, at the State Department, brought MONSANTO hybrid seeds into Haiti as an “earthquake gift” to further destroy Haiti’s food supply and make our farmers more dependent on the West.

Sweatshop Hoax to take Haiti lands and build electricity and other infrastructure for mining extraction companies like VSC and Clinton Foundation donors and cronies

Sweatshop Hoax to take Haiti lands and build electricity and other infrastructure for mining extraction companies like VSC Mining that had Tony Rodham on its board and other Clinton Foundation donors and cronies. See, Recently Leaked Documents Confirm Clinton Haitian Gold Scheme

They are evil, dishonest, pay-to-play politicians – the true global super predators who need to be brought to heel by the application of the laws.

Profit comes before people for them and they use government power to exploit and abuse the poor and less powerful.

The Clintons are Cecil Rhodes imperialists and have shown it, in Haiti, Honduras, Libya, Congo, Rwanda, to name a few places. They’ve brought mass incarceration, starvation, dependency, domination, and destruction, especially to Black and Brown people, wherever they go.

The trade policies enacted under the Clinton administration in the 1990s ruled out the possibility of a future for Haiti’s roughly 3 million small farmers. This is according to the former U.S. president himself. In March, Clinton, who is now the UN Special Envoy to Haiti, admitted that U.S. free market agricultural policy towards Haiti “has not worked.” However, when discussing the possible future of Haiti’s agriculture at the International Donor’s Conference in New York on March 31, Clinton did not mention restoring the rice crop he helped destroy. ” —See, Empty Promises and Empty Bellies: Bill Clinton’s Doubletalk on Haitian Agriculture

The Useless and Incessant Clinton Apologies to Black people they abuse

The Useless and Incessant Clinton Apologies to Black people they abuse

The cheap US rice and unfair trade policies destroyed the near self-sufficiency in food and agricultural production that Haiti had in the 1980s. This, combined with US insistence that “development” for Haiti was low wage work at textile factories, sent hundreds of thousands more poor farmers and their families into the overcrowded capital, where in 2004, the second Bush coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide would bring the UN to massacre them. And, in 2010, a great number of these urban dwellers in the populous areas in the capital would die in the apocalyptic earthquake.

We free thinking Haitians, the descendants of Janjak Desalin, fear no tyrant. Neither Clinton nor Trump. In this “lesser than two evil” system, it is Donald Trump who has not held state power and caused the scale of destruction we know the Clintons have done. We don’t do evil, lesser or greater. We’re not endorsing anyone, just stating facts so people can make their own decisions.

No Stockholm Syndrome Sickness Here
But be clear, we are justice advocates of the poor and disenfranchised who say to Establishment Democrats that we Blacks are not mentally colonized or suffering from some sort of Stockholm Syndrome sickness.

We fight evil one at a time like the Haiti Revolutionaries who fought the French, the Spanish, the British enslavers to abolish slavery and a US embargo for Haiti lands and peoples to exist today. We take personally that the 1994 Crime Bill, signed into law by Bill Clinton, and championed by Hillary Clinton, wreaked havoc on the Black community and following his normal trajectory, Slick Willy financed more prisons and overpriced police stations in Haiti, after the earthquake, than permanent homes for the quake victims.

We take it personally that his 1996 Welfare Bill impoverished the Black community in the United States, leaving millions of Black and poor children without a safety net. We take it personally that Bill Clinton returned President Jean-Bertrand Aristide with 20,000 troops in 1994 simply to re-image the old Tonton Makouts and repugnant oligarchy into George Soros “civil society.” Bill Clinton’s Ambassador to Haiti even tried to make death squad leaders into legitimate political opposition.

We take it personally how Bill Clinton, with his wife at his side, recycled the old Tonton Makouts, into the new Haiti community police force to set up the second Bush coup detat in 2004 that killed from 14,000 to 20,000 Haitians.

We damn well take it personally that Bill Clinton apologized for destroying Haiti food sovereignty and then went right on ahead and disenfranchised over 366 Haiti farmers who where feeding over 2,000 Haiti families, by giving the South Koreans these farmer’s lands for a sweatshop. The Caracol sweatshop is nothing more than a cover for building infrastructure for the Clintons’ mining company who donate millions to their Foundation. We’ve said this from the beginning.

In an August 23, 2016 article titled, “Recently Leaked Documents Confirm Clinton Haitian Gold Scheme ,” independent investigative journalist, Georgianne Nienaber, noted proof of the Clintons’ influence peddling in Haiti.

Nienaber uncovered a 2014 “VCS Mining Information Memorandum,” as well as a 2015 email from the Chairman/CEO of VCS to investors which, she says,

go a long way toward uncovering yet another scheme that benefits Hillary Clinton’s family and the Clinton Foundation.”

Nienaber, wrote:

Rodham joined the advisory board of VCS Mining in October 2013 and the 2014 VCS memorandum touts his influential connections to the Clinton’s ‘inner circles’ and ‘power bases’ within the beltway.”

Nienaber uncovered just how much Haiti was robbed. The Clintons’ flagship earthquake relief  project, which is what they touted their Caracol sweatshop to be, covered up corruption unlimited. Nienaber uncovered just how much. The promised 60,000 jobs did not materialize. To date, approximately 8000 low wages jobs, are filled, at this 600 square acres prime Haiti lands facility.

Nienaber said that The 2014 VCS confidential memorandum explains

where excess power generated by the internationally-funded Caracol Industrial plant could go, and it was not to Haitian homes as promised by USAID and the Clinton Foundation.”

Nienaber  most explosively uncovered how the Caracol was a cover to provide infrastructure for the extraction companies. The Caracol Industrial Park was built, in the North of Haiti, far away from where the earthquake happened. But it is just nine miles from Haiti’s gold and resource belt.

On page 17, VCS Mining says ‘2.5MW of power will be supplied to VCS by the Power Plant at USAID’s Caracol Industrial Park, which has upwards of 50% excess generating capacity.’”

The Clintons, husband and wife, had more power in Haiti than their puppet president, Michel Martelly and through him, took and took and took, prime Haiti lands, estimated to be more than 30 percent of Haiti territory. They’ve left Haiti earthquake victims and deported Haiti refugees with little lands to live on in Haiti while stuffing the sick Haitians with ineffective cholera vaccines, water-down HIV drugs, Depo Provera, prenatal tetanus shots and other foul Paul Farmer pharmaceuticals. (See, also The Clintons Do Haiti: Keep the Natives From Breeding ; How the Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haiti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlS4SimQfv8 and, Jonathan Katz is a Clintonian apologists confuses to issue to exonerate his white savior friends in Haiti / Where did the $13bil go, Billary? .)

The Haiti lands and offshore islands that the Clintons helped to take, through their Martelly, the super House Negro, was paid for with 300 years of slavery, 13 years in combat during the Great Haiti Revolution, 122 years of ransom forced from Haiti by France with the collaboration of the white tribes, 19 years of rebellion against the first US occupation from 1915 to 1934 where our gold reserves was carted off to New York Citibank…paid and paid for, endlessly, by generation after generations of impoverished Haitians.

The Clinton-Obama theft of Haiti lands, gold, oil rich Mole St Nicolas, La Gonave, to name a few, through Martelly’s illegal decree, will not ever be tolerated by true Haitians. (See Haiti Riches photo album.)

In 2009, we said in an interview:

Why do we need your less than $5 per day sweatshop jobs and NGO false charity when we have enough resources in the land and oceans of Haiti to make every one of the 10 million Haitians in Haiti live well?” — Èzili Dantò of HLLN

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