One has to understand how far a brainwashed mind will go along.  These people living in the free and prosperous societies with all the liberties, want not just take away rights of non Muslims around the world but make them slaves to “Muslims”.   These sicko’s have become such because of their adherence to Islamic texts itself, that is the tragedy the leftists are refusing to see and expose these before these sickos cause enough damage to all humanity, including Muslims.    Is Islamic nuclear holocaust a reality?    Will the third world war be instigated by such sicko’s supported by opportunists in India such as UPAs/Sonia’s and the loony leftists around the world?   Will India lose 25% of its population to a nuclear threat as some has predicted?

The video below talks about liberal leftist politicians like Obama supported by loony leftists  mindset on Islam focusing only on terrorism without understand the cause of Islamic texts itself as roots of terrorism and intolerance is greatest threat free world face today.   While we condemn the shooting of Norweigian shooter let us understand his is a desperate call for attention for the gravest threat humanity faces today which when we face it dwarfs the crime he committed, just by sheer numbers.


February 9, 2012
Inquiry & Analysis Series Report No.797

British Islamist Anjem Choudary Launches ‘Shariah for India,’ Vows to Demolish Hindu Temples and Bollywood; Muslims Urged to Join In New Delhi March Next Month Marking 88th Anniversary of the End of Islamic Caliphate

By: Tufail Ahmad*



British Islamist Anjem Choudary and Omar Muhammad Bakri – both former leaders of British jihadist organization Al-Muhajiroun – have launched an organization called Shariah for Hind (India) to advance their agenda for reestablishing Islamic rule in India. The group has planned a major public event in New Delhi on March 3, 2012, which marks the end of the Turkey-led Islamic caliphate 88 years ago.

It should be noted that during the British rule, Indian leaders like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Mahatma Gandhi campaigned for the Islamic caliphate led by Turkey – Gandhi doing so perhaps to gain Muslim support against British colonial rule in India.

Shariah for Hind plans to campaign for reestablishing Islamic rule in India with an ideological agenda which outlines a much purer form of Islamic rule for the country than that which existed during various periods of rule by Muslim kings in India both before and during the British era.

According to the ideological agenda stated on the group’s website, Islamic Shariah will be enforced in India; temples and statues of Hindu gods and Indian leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi will be demolished; and Bollywood, the world’s largest movie industry, will be abolished in order to make way for a monotheistic Islamic rule in the country.

Shariah for Hind – Leaders and Website Details

It appears that preparations for establishing Shariah for Hind began sometime in 2011; its website was launched in January 2012.

The domain for the website was created on January 3, 2012, according to its registration details.[1] The registrant for this website is “Abu Rumaysah c/o Dynadot Privacy, PO Box 701, San Mateo, CA 94401, United States.”[2]

The two leaders of this organization are identified as Sheikh Anjem Choudary and Sheikh Omar Muhammad Bakri. On the contact page of the website, these two names are published prominently: Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Judge of the UK Sharia Court, and Sheikh Omar Muhammad Bakri, who is identified as “Expert on Islamic Groups Worldwide.” Bakri’s phone number is given as 00961 70957759 – 961 being the country code for Lebanon.  Choudary’s phone number is given as 0044 7956 600 569.

The website of Sharia for Hind gives the name of its chairman as Abu Baraa and his phone contact as +44 7856827605. It also gives another phone contact, +44 7956041034, for Abu Rumaysah – Spokesman, a former Hindu, of Convert 2 Islam.

Shariah for Hind – The Ideology

“There is a Consensus among All Muslim Scholars That It is Not Permitted for Non-Muslims to Have Authority over Muslims; India Needs to Return Back to Her Glorious Islamic Past; India Needs a Muslim Revolution”

In a statement, titled “The Need for Muslim Rule in India,” Shariah for Hind notes that Muslims cannot live under non-Muslim rule, stating:[3]

“There is a consensus among all Muslim scholars that it is not permitted for non-Muslims to have authority over Muslims. Allah says in the Quran, ‘I have created you (Muslims) a leading Ummah (nation) in order to witness the affairs of mankind.’ [EMQ 2:143]

“Islam is the only religion to have maintained its relationship with God, with a miraculous book called the Quran and meticulous sciences that ensure texts recorded during the life of the final Messenger Muhammad can be verified, understood and authenticated. This cannot be said for any of the other world religions, which have literally been lost in translation.

“Fundamentally however, Islam is not a secular religion and, unlike the ‘biggest democracy in the world’ [i.e. India], always refers its governance back to the supreme commander, Allah (God).

“The Islamic constitution remains intact 1400 years after its inception, and emphatically puts the Indian constitution to shame. Political parties such as the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] and Indian [National] Congress have let India down because just like their British predecessors they were never suited to be rulers and so ruined their country with backward and evil policies.”

“India needs to return back to her glorious Islamic past. India needs a Muslim revolution.”

“Indian Political Parties Have Preyed on the Muslim Community, As the Wolf Preys a Lamb; They Have Divided Us with Nationalism and Poisoned Us with Democracy”

In a statement, Shariah for Hind identified its political objective as follows:[4]

“As a nation we used to move mountains.

“The Muslim Ummah (nation) is a community unparalleled in history. At its height in power it ruled over three continents. It brought tyrants to justice and liberated the oppressed. History still records their magnificent conquests, which against all odds defeated the mightiest of superpowers.

“But somewhere along the line that bright light waned and in 2012 we (Muslims) find ourselves bizarrely under the thumbs of the very people we were meant to liberate! India is now ruled by the most incompetent, unqualified and wicked individuals who have no clue about their purpose in life, let alone how to rule a nation. The Indian constitution, just like its Pakistani and Bangladeshi counterparts, [is] an appalling attempt at law and order, a stab in the dark, a gross display of trial and error.

“Indian political parties have preyed on the Muslim community, as the wolf preys a lamb; they have divided us with nationalism and poisoned us with democracy but most significantly have made us forget what the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent down for i.e. the total domination of the world by Islam.

“And so we lay defenseless, strewn and confused.

“The Shariah4Hind project has thus been launched to kick start the return of Islam in the Indian subcontinent. Raw, undiluted and without compromise; it is the wild card which will inshaa’allah (God willing) make the Indian government forget about Kashmir. It is a call to unite over half a billion Muslims to retake what is rightfully theirs and galvanize a superpower unmatched in the world.

“3rd March 2012, New Delhi, India. A new spring waits.”

The Muslims versus the Non-Muslims

“The Whole of India is in Fact [a] Muslim Land, the Authority Belongs to… [Muslims] and That They Should Take It From the Current Ruling Party to Implement the Shari’ah… Instead [of] Begging for Rights from the Hindus, the Muslims in India Must Govern By the Law of the Creator Allah”

A January 2, 2012 press statement issued by Shariah for Hind urges Muslims to join. Following are excerpts from the statement:

“The elections [for states in January-February 2012] in India are underway and the main parties have not hidden their eagerness to garner the Muslim vote. From the Samajwadi Party (SP) promising job reservations to Deobandis [scholars of Darul Uloom Deoband seminary], the Congress party talking to Barelvis [clerics of Barelvi schools of thought based in the town of Bareilly], Rahul Ghandi [of Congress party] meeting the head of Nadwa[tul Ulema seminary in the town of Lucknow] to discuss minority welfare and the ruling [Bahujan Samaj Party] BSP’s Muslim face being in touch with several Muslim clerics, the race is on to bolster their respective vote bank and to win the elections. [Note: All seminaries cited here are in Muslim-heavy Uttar Pradesh state.]

“What is on offer for Muslims in the battle for their votes is supposedly community empowerment, quality education, protection and sensitivity in one form or other. Even the Peace Party and Ulema Council [political parties led by Muslims] have emerged to claim their stake.

“Sadly, the true rights of Muslims … [are] nowhere to be seen and no Islamic Scholar has had the courage to demand it. This is that the whole of India is in fact [a] Muslim land, the authority belongs to them and that they should take it from the current ruling party to implement the Shariah. Instead [of] begging for rights from the Hindus, the Muslims in India must govern by the law of the creator Allah (SWT). In fact it is an act of shirk (polytheism) to [be] rule[d] by other than what Allah has revealed or to ask another to do so (i.e. by voting for them).

“There is no Islamic justification for the Deobandis or Barelvis to participate in the kufr (non-Islamic) electoral system to elect someone who will violate the sanctity of Allah (SWT) by ruling according to man-made law. This is an act of apostasy from any Muslim which must be condemned.”

“We Therefore Call Upon All Muslims to Rise on the 3rd of March 2012 (the 88th Anniversary of the Destruction of the Last Islamic State) in New Dehli in a Public Demonstration and Demand… to Establish the Khilafah [Islamic Rule]”

“We therefore call upon all Muslims to rise on the 3rd of March 2012 (the 88th anniversary of the destruction of the last Islamic State) in New Dehli [Urdu for Delhi] in a public demonstration and demand what is rightfully theirs i.e. the authority, to establish the Khilafah and rule by the laws of God alone. To raise awareness about this obligation and to call for it and to work to establish it is an obligation upon Muslims wherever they are and to accept anything less is an act of war against Allah and his Messenger Muhammad (saw).

“Once established, the Islamic State will guarantee the rights of all citizens, Muslim and non-Muslim. It will be the job of the Khalifah [Islamic caliph] to ensure that food, clothing and shelter are afforded to all citizens and that they have a good Islamic education. The Khalifah will also be responsible to remove all public idols and ban alcohol and free-mixing between the genders in the public arena. Moreover institutions such as Bollywood and the caste system will be eradicated.

“The non-Muslims, whether Hindu or Sikh will have certain rights and responsibilities as set out by the divine law, in summary the privileges that they will have are:

“1. In return for paying the Jizya [Islamic poll tax on non-Muslims], their life and property will have sanctity. The Imam (khalifah) will have a duty to protect the non-Muslim citizens from the Muslims and the non-Muslims because they are living under his authority. Moreover they will benefit from the same welfare as all other citizens except what Shari’ah specifies for them and as long as they commit to abide by the law of Islam in the public arena. They will live among the Muslims and take Daw’ah i.e. be propagated to by the Muslims to embrace Islam.

“2. The non-Muslims will be allowed to live in the Muslim land (India and other territories which will be annexed to it in due course) i.e. they can go everywhere except where Allah (SWT) or the Khalifah prohibits, such as the haram [the Holy Mosque] in Mecca or to live in the Arab peninsula, although they can go to trade there.

“3. Muslims will be obliged to protect the non-Muslims because they are part of the Islamic State.

“4. Muslims will never attack their own temples and not take their pigs or alcohol unless they demonstrate them publicly.

“5. The non-Muslims also have the right to access the welfare system. The Jizya is only taken from able-bodied mature men, not women or children or priest or majnoon (mentally ill) or those incapable or disabled.”

“The Hindus or Sikhs or Other Non-Muslims… Must Not Build Any New Temples Nor Start to Sell Them and Buy New Ones, as Islam Forbids Us to Cooperate in the Bad Deeds; They Will Not Do Any Public Gathering of Their False Religion – Like Celebrating Christmas or Halloween or Diwali”

“In return, the Hindus or Sikhs or other non-Muslims will have certain duties, in summary:

“1. They must pay the Jizya depending on what the Khalifah adopts as the amount, for example a minimum of 1 Dinar a year or a maximum of 4 Dinar if rich.

“2. They must receive Muslims as guests if they are travelling. This applies to Muslims and non-Muslims if Muslims pass by.

“3. They must not build any new Temples nor start to sell them and buy new ones, as Islam forbids us to cooperate on the bad deeds.

“4. They must not show their symbols publicly or what is in their religion, like the pigs or alcohol or crosses or idols.

“5. They will not do any public gathering of their false religion – like celebrating Christmas or Halloween or Diwali or Guy Faulks night etc…

“6. Moreover they must be distinguished by their clothes so that we know who they are.

“7. They cannot raise their houses above ours.

“8. They must not harm Muslims in any way, not to insult Allah and his messenger or insult the book of Allah

“9. They will have the same liability in relation to the society i.e. the public law like in relation to adultery and stealing etc…”

The Cultural and Religious Agenda

“The Reconquest of India by Muslims Would See the Complete Demolition of Bollywood; Polytheism, Interfaith and Promiscuity and All of the Other Various Ills of the Bollywood Industry would Be Replaced with Islamic Monotheism”

A copy of Filmfare magazine that will be published under the Islamic Rule in India

The Shariah for Hind declares that the 2012 will mark the beginning of the end of Bollywood. Its statement on this subject declares:[5]

“The Indian cinema industry, commonly referred to as Bollywood, has a huge impact around the world. Bollywood produces some 1,000 films every year and sells over three billion cinema tickets in the same period. It is one of the most recognized symbols of India commanding a hypnotic influence over its followers.

“The impact of Bollywood in India and around the world should be a cause for great concern. The industry is luridly marred with corruption that has become progressively worse over the years. Notable examples include:

“Polytheism (glorifying the worship of idols, false gods, actors, actresses etc.)

“The promotion of interfaith (making Hindus and Muslims equal)

“Anti-Muslim propaganda




“Promiscuity and fornication

“The exploitation of women


“The reconquest of India by Muslims would see the complete demolition of Bollywood and the Indian cinema industry. Its presence would be deemed as wholly unacceptable and in total opposition to the ethos of Islam. Ultimately, significant steps would be taken in order to see its complete destruction.

“With all remnants of the Bollywood industry thrown into the dustbins of history, possible uses of confiscated resources under Islamic rule include ‘Da’wah‘ (the propagation of Islam) and Islamic education.

“In conclusion, polytheism, interfaith and promiscuity and all of the other various ills of the Bollywood industry would be replaced with Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) and righteousness, providing a healthy environment for Muslims and non-Muslims to live under.”

“Associating Partners or Equals to Allah (God) is Seen as the Biggest Crime in Islam; The Establishment of the Shariah in India will Ultimately See an End to All Public Idols and Statues; We Envisage the Construction of Masjids (Mosques), Symbolizing the Transformation from Polytheism to Monotheism”

The head of Hindu god Lord Shiva is cut off in an image on the Shariah for Hind website

Shariah for Hind declares that statues of Hindu gods and of Indian leaders such Mahatma Gandhi will be demolished, as outlined in this statement:[6]

“India is one of the few countries in the world where explicit idolatry is openly celebrated. Public displays of paganism are common with idols present in nearly every town and city. Famous public idols include the Murudeshwara or Shiva statue in Karnataka, which stands at over 35 metres tall. Census reports show that over 800 million Hindus currently reside in India, with idols playing a big role in ritual practises.

“Statues of public figures are also a common feature of the Indian landscape. The Indian state of Gujarat announced in 2011 a project to build the world’s tallest statue paying ‘tribute’ to one of the foremost protagonists of Indian independence, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a close companion of the tyrant Mohandas Gandhi.

“Associating partners or equals to Allah (God) is seen as the biggest crime in Islam. Allah says in the Quran, ‘…Indeed, associating partners with Allah is a great injustice.’ [EMQ 31:13]

“Islam also prohibits the construction of statues of living beings, men or women, righteous or wicked. Allah (God) relates to mankind (in the Quran) about the downfall of the people of ‘Ad, who erected large statues in commemoration of pious men. They were destroyed by a terrible storm.

“The establishment of the Shariah in India will ultimately see an end to all public idols and statues. Although non-Muslims (Hindus, Buddhists etc.) will not be prohibited from practising their religion privately, construction of idols and statues (in the public arena) will. Large scale projects outlining the destruction of public idols and statues will most likely be enforced, returning India back to her glorious Islamic past.

“As a possible replacement to India’s (public) idols and statues, we envisage the construction of Masjids (mosques), symbolizing the transformation from polytheism to monotheism, from darkness to light.”

* Tufail Ahmad is Director of the MEMRI South Asia Studies Project (


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