Below are various videos funded by NRIs to support Modi during 2019 India elections, comparing BJP Narendra Modi ji’s accomplishments with disaster of UPA.   The songs also urge voters not to sell their vote and vote for progress of nation, for the future of the country and of their children.


ForFutureOfBharat VandeMataram (youtube Channel)


1) Scams of UPA versus Schemes of Modi

This video compares UPA regime was full of scams whereas Modi’s regime was full of Schemes for progress of nation.





2) Terrrorist Soft nation to Strong Nation  (3 languages, English, Hindi, Bengali)

This compares how during UPA regime India has second largest Terror incidents and Terror deaths in the World and during Modi’s regime there is negligible civilian terror incidents or deaths in the nation.


3) UP Dalits:  BSP versus SP (Hindi)


4) Mamata Banerjee (Hindi)


5) Who is real Chowkidaar (Hindi)



The following Modi theme songs were written by US based NRI poet Veeraa based on theme I proposed to exhort Indians to vote based on progress and not based on Caste, Religion and Region, to not to sell away there vote for few rupees and reflect on the progress Modi made during last 5 years.   Veteran South Indian movie industry music director Ramani Bharadwaj rendered the music.   They are made in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada.  All three songs can be downloaded from Google drive (links given below).  The Tamil based CD has additional songs on Modi done by local teams using popular Tamil movie tunes.


This CD was released by Union Minister Piyush Goyal ji, Tamilnadu CM Edapaddi ji and State BJP leaders



This was released by Sunil Deodhar ji in Vijayawada


The Telugu ‘Jao Ho Modi’ songs are also on YouTube.

1) Jai Ho Modi CD Song 1 Telugu – Jana Nayaka Modi

2) Jai Ho Modi CD Song 2 Telugu – Devuni Varamera Modi

3) Jain Ho Modi CD Song 3 Telugu – Randi Randi Kamalaniki Vote Veyandi



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