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Continued existence of PFI  is indication of utter failure of Indian state
The country needs to act strongly against anti-India organizations like PFI. Zero tolerance is the mantra the administration should follow while dealing with such organizations
PFI, Popular Front of India is an Islamic terrorist Organization.   From SIMI that perpetrated many Islamic terror attacks during the last Congress regime it has morphed into PFI.  This is nothing new.  The Indian administration, the Judiciary and the bureaucracy are well aware of it.    It was banned in several states and there were many times Center has said that they will ban countrywide.   But what explains how such a terrorist organization continue to exist  other than the  colossal failure of Indian state to curb such radical organizations? 
Let there be no doubt PFI is engaged in civilizational war nothing less than what played out during partition of Bharat and in 1989 during ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir. Its worldview is hardly different from that of the Islamic State.   It is biding its time for a full multi-frontal civilizational war while the Indian state helplessly looks on as it progresses in its agenda.   PFI is accused of training and funding young Muslims to dupe minor non-Muslim girls (both Hindus and Christians) to increase their numbers in an effort to rapidly change demography.
Kerala watchers say that PFI is busy raising an army of soldiers that will emulate many times over the Moplah massacre; it is waiting for opportune time and preparing to take on the Indian state.  They will put Tipu Sultan and Aurangzeb to shame for the level of atrocities they would do.  They are targeting security and police personnel with open calls to beheading the police to create terror among ill-equipped police personnel.  They encourage throwing stones during Hindu festivals keeping to Islamic scriptures calling for destruction of infidel and ‘idol’ worshippers.    Anyone who challenges their conversion efforts among SC/STs or perceived insult of the prophet are taught lessons using Shariah law such as cutting their hands and limbs.   They are openly threatening even the High Court Judges. They are spreading across Bharath particularly those with large populations of Muslims by radicalizing them against BJP, Hindus and Indian state.    It is just a matter of time Bharath will witness the most gruesome lynchings in the name of blasphemy like it has been happening in Pakistan, Nigeria that will be used to create a terror in the heart of every citizen.   They will soon spread like wildfire even in commerce and industries that will have an enormous impact on Bharat ability to attract foreign investors.
The response of the Indian state has been pathetic, to say the least. Like a spineless, terrorised victim, it is looking for avenues to either ignore or make a few cosmetic arrests, the results of which are hardly productive. Recently, one saw a woman activist from the BJP being targeted openly for her opinion on Islam, but the authorities lacked the courage to take adequate action against those who created a situation that threatened her life. Similar weaknesses on behalf of the state were evident when Akbaruddin Owaisi made an open challenge that 20 crore Muslims would massacre 100 crore Hindus if the police force were removed for 24 hours!
Such is the spineless and shameless cowardice of Supreme Court while they talk liberalism to commute sentence of a Muslim who raped and killed a 4 year old girl, would go with full force of the law against Hindus saints who challenged continues threats to Hinduism practices but gives flimsy excuses to go after Akbaruddin Owaisi.      While people are burnt to death, women raped and thousands displaced during post poll violence in West Bengal,  the same Supreme Court justices recused themselves than take action but have no problem in issuing suo moto in the case Lakhimpur violence in Uttar Pradesh.  Years after brutal violence in Delhi riots not a single perpetrator was put to death.  Sadly, only recently Kashmiri terrorist who brutally murdered Kashmiri Hindus and displaced 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus for last 31 years, Yasin Malik was arrested and send to jail now. 
After completely wiping out every single temple in North India we have laws not to even raise the voice of the temples that were not only occupied but also daily insulted.  Till today no one knows what happened to those who perpetrated multiple systematic riots in Bhainsa in Telangana while the judiciary gave bail to the perpetrators for a sum of 50 lacs.  The ‘fixed’ judiciary, as ex-Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi mentioned will protect the rights of illegal Rohingya Muslim refugees but not the rights of victims of post poll violence in West Bengal or the rights of Kashmiri Hindus living as refugees in their own country for last 31 years.   The same judiciary will issue stay orders within hours of drive against illegal encroachment in the aftermath of their violence in New Delhi.  They would start deliberations in the middle of the night to help certain political parties but will sit on minority rights to Hindus in the name of ‘reserve’ judgements. 
Today, the PIL industry has become a lucrative industry for corruption in the judiciary while justices look to ‘make it’ during their brief tenure in the Supreme Court.  One person who is well versed in the dynamics of judiciary told me, all it takes is an admission in US elite institutions to the progeny of the justices to make things happen in Indian judiciary.  The situation is so pathetic that Kapil Sibal has more power over the judiciary than the Indian parliament constituting 540+ members of Lok Sabha & 250 members of Rajya Sabha elected by 1.5 billion people.  Ex-Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi openly stated that the current judiciary is a serious hurdle to accomplishing a 5 trillion dollar economy.
Caught in 70 years of Nehruvism and Western agenda of using radical Islam as a tool to control, convert and contain the country, India seems to have lost the ability to effectively control the situation in spite of the overwhelming majority in Parliament. All it takes is to terrorise the Centre by Western elite propagandists and their paid locals, and the government is seen dithering in implementing laws like CAA passed by Parliament.  The very purpose of such high decibel movement by the break india forces is to terrorize and freeze the Center in taking actions for civilizational changes such as Uniform Education code and gender rights (abolishing polygamy, instituting alimony, ban full body coverings etc) and crypto conversions while they wait to overthrow the regime and use the nation for their purposes. 
The response of BJP/RSS in Kerala to PFI violence is to return violence with violence causing a spiral of brutal violence on both sides.   Some say that fear that RSS also could be banned for its retaliation against PFI violence is what is holding Center to go in full force against PFI and banning it.   Similarly, in West Bengal, instead of implementing the constitutional provisions of the President’s rule, the state is being allowed to descend into chaos. Many, including this author, have correctly warned during the West Bengal post-poll violence more than a year ago that not acting on it with full force would cause its replication in other states such as Telangana. Social media is full of videos of how railway station property is openly destroyed in West Bengal, but the state continues to look at the other side.
Rather than define what constitutes a minority, the Center is attempting to declare Hindus as minorities the judgement to which the judiciary has ‘reserved’ (another convenient corruption tool) the judgement.   While illegal Rohingyas can settle with all facilities of citizens whether it is Hyderabad or Jammu, the hapless Pakistani Hindus had to return to Pakistan and face the jaws of death or brutalities.  The media and PIL industry and its accompanied corrupt judiciary is concerned about lack of internet in Kashmir but not about Kashmiri Hindus living as refugees and worse political leaders like Kejriwal even denying the genocide.   On other hand, a perceived insult to a politician can bring brutal treatment by Police as in Maharashtra while judiciary looks on.
That is the tragedy of this country.   While we have to admire the steps the center is taking to move the nation forward in spite of enormous challenges, it cannot be a witness as a helpless bystander in instituting laws that require the country to move forward and use iron clad mechanisms to implement the laws.  There needs to be out of the box thinking on how to handle the situation.   True, the West is actively attempting to do regime change, bleeding the country in Kashmir and largely using radical Islam and such tools but that cannot be allowed to deter the nation to address these challenges.   Trying to use just and liberal laws against brutal religious fanatics who want to do civilizational massacre will not work and history is an indication of what could happen. Every progressive thinker including Mahatma Gandhi utterly failed, which makes us think it would be futile to expect to change.    It has to be addressed via all frontal mechanisms with bold steps rather than half-hearted measures.   
While each situation is unique, we can perhaps study how other nations are addressing the situation. In Germany, for instance, the holocaust is studied from a young age and denying Holocaust is punishable by law. In France, the emergency provisions that were instituted after a series of terrorist incidents are carried over for years and are made part of the normal law provisions. They monitor mosques and have expelled foreign Islamic mullahs for encouraging violence. In the US too, mosques are actively monitored and a single incident of ‘love jihad’ where a high profile Jewish woman duped into marriage by Lebanese Muslim was immediately taken over by FBI. Any crime against security personnel has a much stringent punishment.   It has mandatory punishment for terror and hate crimes so that liberal and/or corrupt judiciary will not put innocent citizens at risk.
In China, after a series of attacks where cars were run over people, knife attacks in places of transportation, they have started diabolical and drastic reeducation camps and instituted demographic changes in Uighur.  They are actively engaging in transforming Islam from its medieval entrapment.   While China furthers its agenda using Confucius institutes the Indian counterparts like ICHR are heavily ineffective organizations draining tax payers money doing goodie goodie things without delivering anything of significance to Bharat’s strategic interests (as Rajiv Malhotra quoted).  In Russia, Putin in his characteristic way said Russian will not tolerate any fundamentalists violence with careful watch of young Muslim men prone to radicalism.  Saudi Arabia recently beheaded 82 for crimes we normally think are small crimes.   Most prosperous Arab countries such as Dubai, UAE and others will handle crimes using brutal Sharia laws while India uses ineffective progressive laws against  brutal and violent Shariah based crimes.    Even Pakistan gave death sentence to many who perpetrated lynching of Sri Lankan national in the name of blasphemy.
What are the solutions? One of the biggest challenges India faces is a lack of information about its true history and very little understanding of radical Islam (and Christian fanatic missionaries). Only an informed citizen can make informed decisions during the voting process. State needs to make it compulsory to inform the public the truth of Islamic scriptures quoting their most revered Islamic teachers and make it part of the education. We need to note that most of the ISIS founders have advanced degrees in Islamic theology. There needs to be a countrywide debate on Sharia laws and compulsory studies as part of education without any filters. We need to study what is said during Azaan and what the Islamic scriptures say about Hindus. 
There needs to be laws on selective and disproportionate coverage of news as well as non-coverage of news such as in West Bengal or the aggressive Christian missionary conversions.    Anyone issuing a fatwa should be treated as those issuing death threat and anyone who carries out such threats should be compulsorily given a death sentence within a stipulated period of time.  Bharath needs to bring Presidential rule in crime/mafia ridden West Bengal where democracy is literally being murdered and bring in Gill type personality brought in Punjab during PV Narasimha Rao regime and implement NRC in West Bengal .  
Stop funding of NGOs by Soros and Omidiyar type organizations who are frontal outfits of Global elite doing color revolutions across the world.  ‘Love Jihad’ is a dangerous national crime that needed to be addressed at national level and compulsory sentencing not only those who implemented it, but more importantly those who funded and encouraged it.   The national women rights organizations need to maintain a separate roster for these crimes with continuous updates on how each progressed and the victims’ families should be handed over the property of all those involved in it. 
Bharath needs an effective counter program to Western globalists ‘regime change agenda’, using the same mechanisms they use and any blatantly false piece in national or international media should be given fitting responses such as canceling their media license or banning the foreign journalists or media.  In the vulnerable areas where non-Muslims are targeted by Islamists, defense training needs to be provided and owning weapons such as guns should be made easy.  India needs to address the use of ‘Urdu’ for competitive exams and its potential misuse. 
Country should be divided into district wide regions with anti-riot gear ready so that it can be quelled within minutes and have regular drills to ensure their efficiency.  Crime against Police personnel particularly those causing grievous injury should be given mandatory death sentence.   Indian law education needs to be rooted in the national ethos with study of its own true history rather than that of foreign entities.  There needs to be open debate on the ‘fixed’ judiciary and PIL industry that is causing enormous corruption of the judiciary.   Bharat needs Judiciary reforms at a full level where Judiciary is answerable to Parliament and its people  rather than the existing system of ‘judges appointing judges’ causing few families to monopolize judge appointments and encourage corruption and degradation.   
We also need to focus on the positive side, the enormous significance of ancient scriptures which are more of science than spirituality that Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan, Joseph Campbell and many many Physicists and Western progressive thinkers were awed by it so that the youth irrespective of whichever religion feel proud of their nation.   Lastly, convict and put to death most of the terrorists like the PFI main organizers who have directly or indirectly contributed to the ongoing crimes across Bharath and put Owaisis under arrest and make them responsible for any violence they caused.

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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump. The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President . He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions. His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US. He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals. His blog is

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  1. Very perceptive indeed.
    Re the solutions suggested, who is the ”we” who will bell the cat? Perhaps Yogi Adityanath’s actions can be instructive? There are opinions that the Centre is testing its strategies through UP (eg, bulldozers worked in UP and are now being used in other BJP States) (likewise, loudspeaker bans).

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