Open letter to Udhayanidhi Stalin on his call for extermination of Sanatana Dharma

This article was published in News18 (without images) and in Satya Blog (with images).
Dear Udhaynidhi Stalin,
I never heard of you before, other than that you are the son of Tamilnadu CM Stalin who had converted to Christianity, from social media posts some time ago.   I think you are the most ‘popular’ figure now after you declared that Sanatana Dharma has to be exterminated like Mosquitoes, dengue, malaria, Corona at a ‘Santana Abolition’ Conference!  You also clarified later on social media that you did not call for genocide of people who are following Sanatana Dharma and Sanatana Dharma is a principle that divides people in the name of the caste and religion and uprooting Sanatana Dharma is upholding humanity and human equality.  Only after this furore did I come to know that you are no ordinary man, you are a successful film producer, actor in Tamil films and even a minister in your fathers cabinet and inheritor of vast wealth and power of your family. 
In your infinite wisdom, please help us understand a few things.   Today, nearly 177 countries signed up for International Yoga day and 2 billion people practice Yoga across the world (per UN).  Yoga is an integral part of Sanatana Dharma.   If Sanatana Dharma divides people, how come nearly one-fourth of the population in the world practice Yoga?  In fact, Christians in the West had rejected the Church warnings that Yoga is satanic.  In the United States alone where I live, about 10% of the population practices Yoga regularly.   In the YMCA very close to my home where people go for fitness classes,  almost all non-Hindus as its members start and end their Yoga Practice with ‘OM’ and Namaste.  Almost every other class they offer is related to Yoga and meditation.  In fact, they even had a ‘Yoga day’ a few years ago that included Bhajans.  Perhaps, you should educate them on the true face of Sanatana Dharma. These people need to be enlightened by your wisdom.  

Let us dig a little more.  I am sure you have heard of the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and is considered the greatest inventor of last century.  Steve Jobs’ biographer wrote how  ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, is his most revered book which he had to read at least once a year to be motivated and inspired. This is the only book he carried on his ipad until his last moments.   Not only that, before he died of cancer, he had arranged to buy 500 copies of the book and be given as a special gift with a personal message to every single top executive of many multi-billion dollar companies who would attend his funeral.   Too bad he did not have the opportunity to learn from your wisdom on the evils of Sanatana Dharma.  In fact, who knows, based on your insights, Steve Jobs could have invented more but for his belief in the evil Sanatana Dharma. 
You may also be shocked to learn that upon Steve Jobs advice, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spend time at Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, a guru of this evil Santana Dharma,  to mull the future of his company during early days of Facebook.   What more, even Larry Page, founder of Google, Jeff Skoll co-founder of E-bay  and other leading business leaders visited the Ashram of this guru, a devotee of evil God Hanuman, to find purpose in their life!   Can you believe, humanitarian and business leader Larry Brilliant, who helped eradicate the smallpox epidemic in Bharath as a young doctor in late 70’s owes it all to this guru?  How can this be true? The tragedy is not just Beatles of the 70’s but also the Hollywood of today is not escaping from this evil, from Julia Roberts to Will Smith are all caught up in it and all of these people badly need your wisdom and knowledge on the real evil nature of Sanatana Dharma.

Perhaps you could have enlightened Oppenheimer and many quantum physicists such as Heisenberg, Bohr, Schordinger, all winners of Nobel Prize in Quantum Physics carried the book of Vedanta or Gita on one hand and Physics on other that how evil Sanatana Dharma is and that they should not have been misled by this evil.  In fact, Oppenheimer who led the famous Manhattan Project that built the first Atom bomb, spontaneously chanted the verses from the 11th chapter of Gita when he saw the massive ball of fire after the bomb was exploded in the New Mexican desert to test it.  This poor man spent so much time of his life learning Sanskrit and attributed his deep insights to Gita and teachings of Sanatana Dharma.  What an opportunity they have lost not to learn from you that what they are following is an evil and instead of exterminating it they are caught up in this evil.

Maybe not all is lost.   CERN institute near Geneva, where the top most scientists in the world today with 23 member states building the most sophisticated and advanced collider have an imposing statue of Nataraja, the lord of dance of the universe, right on its premises.   Can you imagine, such an institute doing the most advanced research placing one of the most revered symbols of the followers of this evil Sanatana Dharma as a statue in their midst?  How bad an influence it will have on their minds?  Perhaps it will divide them based on caste and religion and they urgently need your services to remove that statue immediately.  I strongly urge you to visit CERN immediately and enlighten them with your knowledge. 
Even more, today 14 top German universities are teaching Sanskrit and European universities are not able to keep up with the demand.   How can this be possible?  Why is the world not grasping what you grasped  that they are hungering to learn an evil language of an evil religion ‘Sanatana Dharma’ ?  You are a very rich, talented and influential person and it is very important that you take it as a life goal to influence these people and help them stray away from the evil path.
As I write this, I am reflecting on how much the world missed a messiah like you who could have made immense contributions to the world with your wisdom?  Can you imagine, the late Joseph Campbell who is the most well known mythologist of the last century and who inspired the famous Star Wars series, how he expresses Sanatana Dharma in the widely popular ‘Power of Myth‘ series?  This multi-part series was in fact filmed in the home of George Lucas who produced the Star Wars series.  This poor man cannot even find words to express the profundity of this evil Sanatana Dharma though his interviewer wanted him to talk about Christianity.  He must have also led the evil path starting as a university student, when he quit the university because it did not offer Sanskrit.  All his life he was a great follower of Upanishads.
What more, you must have certainly heard of Carl Sagan, the most well known astro-physicist who created the ‘Cosmos’ series saying the secrets of the universe are hidden in the Hindu scriptures. This series was seen by 50 crores people in 60 different countries!  He praises the Nasadiya Sukta, the 7 ‘hymns of creation’ in Rig Veda as the most sophisticated analysis of the origin of the universe, at the boundaries of what an analytical human mind can be ever capable of.    These people must be really ignorant fools not to realize the wisdom you have that Sanatana Dharma is really an evil that needs to be urgently exterminated, like dengue, mosquitoes, malaria and Corona!

I cannot tell you how much the world needs you even today more than ever.  After I heard from you only,  I come to realize how appalling the situation has become that the most followed spiritual teachers of the Christian world today, such as Eckhart Tolle, Mike Singer, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Wolpert (Ram Dass)  and many others who literally have hundreds of millions of followers in the Christian world all across the globe are also deep believers of Hinduism and Buddhism teachings.  They are bypassing the Church to explain Jesus’ teachings based on the teachings of Krishna and Buddha. When Oprah Winfrey had a show with Echart Tolle, 3.5 crore followers across the world watched or downloaded.   His books are translated in 33 languages across the world and they are best sellers. There is even an article in Newsweek in 2009 by Lisa Miller that ‘We (Christians ) are all Hindus now’ and Harvard Pluralism project talks about how Hindu concepts have deeply seeped into this nation (US).   How could all these people miss what you have learnt, how could they have missed your infinite wisdom?  What damage this evil Sanatana Dharma has done and continues to do to the world!  What future holds for them from this evil?
Your leadership is also needed to stop the lies of  the ‘fanatics’ of Sanatana Dharma.  These ‘fanatics’ are lying to the Hindus that it is through Sanatana Dharma that most advanced inventions are made to the world, the concept of Zero, Plastic surgery, Gravity, Chess, the Chakras, the Ayurveda, Yoga, the martial arts that Chinese/Japanese follow, the binomials etc., etc, , and that it lead to most prosperous civilization with 25% to 30% of World GDP for millennia until 1700’s when Christian British is being alleged to have plundered 43 trillion dollars and murdered more than 100 millions in just 3 or 4 decades alone.  

They are spreading lies that according to British own records from 1700’s that Sudras are the most prosperous community in the nation and that the nation’s Gurukul education system had zero discrimination.  In fact, they are saying that more Sudras are educated than Brahmins in the Tamilnadu Gurukul system according to British records!  It must be that these evil fanatics following evil religion went into British libraries and manipulated British records!  In a popular website called, they have given literally hundreds of quotes extolling Sanatana Dharma, which they claim are from the top most thinkers, scientists, philosophers of the world.  Do not believe them.  These fanatics are claiming that the ‘Vasudaiva Khutmbhakam’ (World is one) concept is from Santana Dharma that lead Bharath into giving refuge to all persecuted peoples of the world for millenia, from Parsis to Jews and that the Israel’s first parliament honored Bharath as the only nation that never persecuted Jews.   Don’t pay attention to it.
Caste wise division of Gurukul students in Madras Presidency and adjoining Kingdoms in late 1700’s – more Sudras than Brahmins!
(based on British records from 1700’s, recorded by Dharam Pal in his book, ‘The Beautiful Tree‘, which is reproduced in Bharath GyanAutobiography of India – Breaking Myths about Society
British General Alexander Walker of East India Company (during 1780 to 1810) on India native school system, noting that Shudras who were in large numbers were in possession of principal authority and property of the country!

What more, the ‘fanatics of Sanatana Dharma’ are spreading lies that most caste based discrimination faced in India is in the Church, more than any other religion. They are spreading lies that the Church which is unable to address this discrimination is trying to make up for it by demanding reservations to the converts from the followers of evil Sanatana Dharma!  They say a casual search on the internet shows rampant discrimination against Dalits, particularly in Tamilnadu and alleging that you are fabricating lies.  How can this be true?
Even Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda are fools to vehemently oppose the spread of Christianity in India by missionaries that could have easily gotten rid of this evil Sanatana Dharma and upheld humanity and human equality.  Did you know what Mahatma Gandhi said?  He said,  “Stop all conversions in India, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth” and that if he had power he would legislate to stop all conversions in India.  Ambedkar said the conversion is denationalization.   What big fools these people are that they are not seeing what you are seeing, it is truly mind boggling.   I sincerely hope you will rise to national level and surpass these leaders in influence and in command and help advance this nation by getting rid of this evil ‘Sanatana Dharma’.
Mahatma Gandhi quotes on missionary conversions on placards held in front of Lincoln Memorial in United States during Sabarimala controversy

If I may suggest to you, ignore the fanatics and their media exposing Pandit Nehru letter to then Tamilnadu CM that our  ‘Honorable’ Periyar is a criminal who deserves to be put in lunatic asylum and use your media and movie power to elevate Periyar to level of divine and ensure any remaining Brahmins belonging to the evil religion to be cleansed out of Tamilnadu, just as it was done in Kashmir.  We should not allow the fanatics to publicize the writers of Ramayana and Mahabharata who actually belong to the Sudra class and create and/or magnify stories of discrimination by Brahmins to such people.  I hope you got good training from the movies you produce and act in.

I earnestly request you to educate followers of the evil Sanatana Dharma that the decimation of sixty million native Americans, the decimation of Mayan Civilization, the decimation of African tribes, the enslavement of millions of blacks where they were sold naked as animals in markets and beaten to get last ounce of energy, the mass burials of native children many of whom were molested, pervasive sexual abuse of clergy, the murder of six millions Jews and half million Gypsies, the Ku Klux Klan in US who lynched and burned their churches using a symbol of cross, the Rwandan genocide, Goa Inquisition,  colonialist plunder that continues to today,  all done by Church or those supported by Church is to help the rise of humanity and human equality, to eliminate human discrimination.  We really need this in our nation.  We need to break this nation called India into pieces, North, South, North East, convert it and help it advance.  We need to tear down their temples, burn their books and wipe out their evil symbols, even commit the sin to imitate their practices and appropriate their sacred books to help them wean them away from the wretched and evil religion they follow with millions of false gods. 
Slavery in America – 20 milion African Americans captured and brought in slave ships from Africa under horrible conditions, stripped naked and sold like animals in slave markets, many lynched, beaten and terrorized to extract strict obedience, not allowed any education, their men, women and children separated and sold for profit and their women used as sex slaves.
Ku Klux Klan (lynched the slaves and burnt their churches using cross symbol)

Sexual abuse of boys (millions sodomized with little action from Church)


Burning alive of hundreds of thousands of women (some estimate it running into millions)


Colossal Genocide of Native Civilizations
(100 million in US alone, who were called as ‘savages’ and wiped out, their children separated from parents to ‘civilize’ and many were buried in mass graves, after being used as sex slaves).

‘Trail of tears’ where Native Americans in the South in US were uprooted and driven away to far away lands that forced them to walk 2,200 miles by foot,  with the US President calling for their extinction.  Many died on the way.
Goa Inquisition of Hindus
-they tore off the tongues, blinded with sharp sticks, cut off Hindu women’s breasts, shoved their genitals with red-hot iron spikes or pull their flesh with pliers, skinned them alive and even pulled out their  intestines (while alive).
How Christian British colonialists killed 100 million Indians in just 40 years, by completely destroying their industries after stealing their technology, extracting exorbitant taxes from farmers and dictating what they grow, even shipping away food grains as ‘surplus’ food for their soldiers. (Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined).

Hitler Holocaust of six million Jews and half million Gypsies –  ‘industrial scale implementation’ of what Church did during 2000 years of Christianity

The brutal church engendered Rwandan genocide  (In a matter of 100 days more than 500,000 killed and 250,000 to 500,000 women raped and many afflicted with AIDS disease because male patients suffering from AIDS were forced to form ‘rape squads’, to commit large scale rapes of women)
It is very heartening to know your dad’s administration has already demolished many temples, some even more than 100 years old while making sure not to touch a single church, however many illegal churches there are, including the Thorium rich mountain that was taken over.   You must also be very pleased to know how Church assassinated 83 year old Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and his associates on their sacred holiday of Krishna Janmashtami and arrested their top spiritual teacher Jayendra Saraswati on another of their sacred holiday of Deepavali  as a warning to anyone challenging the ‘service to humanity’ by conversions from their evil religion and show them the real truth of the inferiority of their gods who could not protect even their revered saints.   Our nation needs more incidents like the recent one in Palghar in Maharashtra where missionaries inspired mobs killed 2 saints (and driver) of their evil religion, to cleanse the nation of this scourge rapidly.  Your father rightly said his Government was ‘formed because of you’ at 75 anniversary of the Church of South India (CSI), an institution whose influential bishop (and a close acquaintance of your dad), Ezra Sargunam once said, ‘whoever says there is a religion named Hindu must be punched in the face till blood is drawn’.   This is truly wonderful.
Murder of 83 year old Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and his associates in front of Orphanage children by Church, on Krishna Janmashtami day because his activities are hampering conversions (Aug 23rd, 2008)
Arrest of Acharya Jayendra Saraswati using fake charges on Deepavali day because of his dharma work with Dalits (Nov 11, 2004)
Brutal Lynching of 70 year and 35 year old Sadhus (along with driver) right in front of Police in Palghar Maharashtra by Christian converted mob (Apr 16, 2020). 
(Swami Vivekananda warned that a convert is not just a loss to Dharma but an enemy to Dharma)
DMK Government, at the behest of their masters (Christian missionaries) have gone on ‘only temple’ demolition drive across Tamilnadu demolishing hundreds of temples, some more than 100 years old. This is while thousands of illegal churches were untouched and allowing many illegal properties on lands of temples which are under their control.
Tamilnadu CM Stalin says ‘this Government formed because of you’ at 75 anniversary of the Church of South India (CSI), an institution whose influential bishop (and a close acquaintance of Stalin) Ezra Sargunam once said, ‘whoever says there is a religion named Hindu must be punched in the face till blood is drawn’. 

Please let me know how I can help you in your sacred crusade, the world needs your leadership. Today there are 2 billion followers of this evil Sanatana Dharma, and tomorrow it could be 3 billion followers, we do not have much time.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Satya Dosapati

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Satya Dosapati is an activist based in the US working on causes for both India and US. He played an instrumental role in the introduction of paper trail for India’s Electronic Voting Machines called VVPAT that put Indian democracy on a strong foothold by bringing in top international experts and demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Indian EVMs working with local organizations and CEC Qureshi. He organized an All American Rally for Trump bringing in various ethnic communities together in support of Trump Presidential Election that was acknowledged by Republican party and then candidate Trump. The event was covered by most of the national media in Pennsylvania. He is well known for challenging 100 and 30 million dollar lawsuits from Sonia Gandhi proxies in the US when he coordinated a UN protest against Sonia Gandhi representing Mahatma Gandhi values at UN and taking a full page Ad in New York Times exposing her. He has several successes in an activist movement from forcing Andhra Pradesh CM YSR in 2007 in banning conversions inside Hindu temples, bringing attention to the plight of backward caste minor girls in West Bengal being kidnapped and thrown into sexual slavery through love jihad. He led a protest against University of Pennsylvania (Wharton economic forum) for dropping Narendra Modi from keynote speech because of allegations of some leftist professors and got a (private) apology from UPenn President . He initiated the first anti-corruption conference working with Ajit Doval and Dr. Swamy before Anna Hazare protest at New Delhi Vivekananda International foundation and brought in top international anti-corruption personnel from UN (UNODC) and Europe (Eurodad) and other institutions. His YouTube presentation on Plunder of India by Sonia UPA received nearly 2 lacs hits. He was also engaged in animal rights movements in the US for health, environment, and compassion. He received his bachelors from IIT Chennai with graduate degrees in US and is pursuing a career in Telecom in the US. He is a conservative and proud member of the US National Rifle Association (NRA). His Koo id is @SatyaDosapati and several of his articles were published in PGurus and OpIndia news portals. His blog is

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