Thousands attend Hindus Samhati Kolkata rally

After the recent brutal Malda rally where nearly 250,000 Islamists rampaged police stations, destroyed Hindu homes and businesses and molested  women, West Bengal Hindus seems to wake up for their survival.  Thousands of Hindus attended the rally by Hindu Samhati held in Kolkata on Feb 14th, 2016.   Four border districts with thousands of villages can be considered part of Pakistan and repeat of Kashmir happening right now.   It is Hindu Samhati activists that faced the Malda mob and get shot in Malda.  One key activist was threatened to blow the day lights out of him and his family for offending Islamists by creating awareness of the problem.    While India slept, India is fast losing its borders and Hindus losing territory, street by street, village by village, district by district and very soon state by state.  (You can donate for this cause to GHHF at and mention that this is for West Bengal Hindus cause.  Indian Citizens can donate directly at ).

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