Are Indian Americans brain dead or brain washed?

One activist commented other day to me that ‘Indian Americans are brain dead’, they believe whatever trash media says.   It is a harsh judgment but the point is we cannot escape the consequences of our self-imposed ignorance.

Consider the facts. Indian Americans claim that they oppose illegitimate wars and Wall Street bailout but it was Hillary who voted for Wall Street bailout and is responsible for the mess in Syria. Her husband bombed Iraq and Yugoslavia.   They also partner with the Bush family in the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund which is a scam.

As one Pakistani bragged, “You Indians have low IQ despite your education. We will control your brains and make you support the Democratic Party which will in turn support Pakistan.” How true this is!

There is also the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have a history of making racist comments.  Hillary claimed that Mahatma Gandhi ran a gas station while Bill Clinton claimed that Obama was only fit to bring them coffee.


Despite this, Indian Americans look up to the Democratic Party because the media has brainwashed them into having a slave mindset. Indian Americans suffer from inferiority complex and think of white Democrats as saviors. This is a classic case of voluntarily accepting the claim that it is white man’s burden to save the other races.

The same spin masters in the media do not mention a single thing about the 25 years virulently anti-India record of Clintons and their corruption which is so well documented in ‘Clinton Cash’ that received 2+ million hits in just 3 weeks or so.  

As a result, Indian Americans think that Hillary Clinton is the most honest politician on earth, is a peace lover and pro-India. Clearly, the Pakistani cab driver was right and has higher IQ than any Indian American who supports the Democratic Party.
We are dealing with very powerful forces in the media and unless we separate truth from untruth, we are in for a bad situation both for India and US. We are going to see an era of very powerful interests that can easily turn America into a banana republic.