Rape Jihad is Global Phenomenon – mistake to see only from Hindu context

As email article below shows, what is happening in West Bengal and many parts of India is a well planned targeting of vulnerable sections of infidels anywhere in the world by Islamists, whether it is India, UK, Autralia etc and whether it is Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists etc.   The well publicized Rotterdam UK is a prime example where 1600 minor UK girls were targeted and the locally elected Muslim politicians supported the rapists.  It is not that there are no criminals in other religions, but this is a planned jihad that is very well supported by Muslim population, as is seen in case of Tuktuki, the 700 people mob from Mosque almost killed him after being told that his daughter can be recovered from nearby.

In addition strengthening our country ability to tackle human trafficking, we need to coordinate with other countries.   We need to review our laws causing the preposterous situation that a terrified child who was gang raped, terrorized to give testimony in the court without any rehabilitation., right in the very front of the abductors.   It is literally playing into hands of human trafficking racket.
This is a highly organized international racket which must have its support from Saudi Arabia itself (e.g, Mamata TMC Rajya Sabha member Imran Hassan Khan connections to it).    May be the world needs to declare Saudi Arabia as a terrorist state and close it for good.  It has caused so much grief and pain around the world with their fascist wahabbi ideology.


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From: Aron Aronite <aurolander@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 12:14 PM
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I have been repeatedly asking Hindu movement leaders to NOT fight this Global Phenomenon in a Isolated context of Indian Regional occurrence.
Because this Targetting of kafir host society’s Girls follows SAME PATTERN
1. Vulnerable segments of society- such as Under Age Girls who have pronblems with their famil, or run away- or live in foster Govt Care centers or schools are the chosen to be hijacked by by muslim youth.
2. The Kidnapers are NOT ROMEOS- but always a NETWORK- with local Jumma or Politician, Councilor, money and muscle men backing them.
3. The VICTIM GIRL however is an already troubled girl and just an individual. Even if family doesnt disown her, and wants to rescue her- they must face an Organised Ring.
4. Law Enforcement always TIED DOWN by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and Political Higher ups.
5. MEDIA- which is Pro-Islamist and dislikes to have Muslims seen as anything but Always as Victims.It starts putting a Spin in favor of the event, Planting Doubts if it at all happened, and tries to Distort the crime. This when it can No Longer Black Out its happening.
6. The Sheer scale of this Rape of Infidel women and under age girls is so well organised- that this must be actually seen as the Demographic Terrorism, a wing of Jihad terrorism.
Its happening EVERYWHERE where muslims have the clout – in Muslim countries such as Coptic Women or Sweden and Denmark or Rottandam in UK.
7. The Organised Rape Jihad (its silly to call this ‘Love Jihad’ as hindu movements do)
displays the SAME pattern as listed above- 
Further, the Rapist always asserts the Girl came on her own volition.
Expressed interest in Converting to islam- which is the real motive for this demographic sexual aggression.
Pakistan is best example- Pakistan Police always says women went on their own! Converted out of sudden interest in Islam.
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME-  In UK authorities were stunned to descover some Victim Girls even tried to shield the Rapists- and began believing the Rapist was still in ‘love’ with them.
Without bringing out this Global Pattern- hindu movements keep fighting Sex Jihad as Isolated events and case by case basis-
as Jihad Inc, keeps cornring them with same Tactics they use abroad.
I have written to Togadia again and again- till now they havent taken notice or changed their approach.
WAKE UP- Sex Jihad is a Global phenomenon- Its not happening just to hindus here and there in India
Its happening to Jewish Girls even in Israel.
Its been happening to 1 million Under Age girls in UK.
Its been happening to Sikh Girls.
Its been happening to Bhudhist Girls- reason why Myanmar Bhudhists took to violent retaliation.
You will keep facing same Nexus of Media, Political Correctness of stupid Leaders and Govts- who will see to that this Rape of your womenfolk keeps running.
I request Robert Spencer to gather information from Tapan Gosh and ask Jamie Galznov Gang to do a special show on this Rape Jihad in India. 
dr aron