Tuktuki testimony in court – has our system gone crazy?

Newspapers said the global movement succeeded in releasing a minor girl of 14 year old from the clutches of her abductors.   What everyone fail to recognize is what is allowed to release is only her physical body, they have already captured her mind with terror they unleashed on a child through gang rapes and constant threat, fears and brainwashing.    The irony of the situation, is the police officer Anuj Sharma comes out and says that the girl came by herself and does not want to go to her parents.    What this officer who has lost any sense of fairness is saying is mind boggling, has he even put his own child in the shoes of a child kept captive for 75 days, gang raped, terrorized and coached has any sense and when right in the court audience were her very captors who dragged her from her home the second time and he says or does nothing about it!!.   


What is amazing is the judge asks the child and then decides on what to do based on what the child says.  Have the system gone crazy?   How screwed up can the system get?   Then there are sections of media reporting this without asking the hard questions as if the terrified girl words are the last on this issue?  I want to see who among the Judge, police, Press or Mamata would put their child or their loved ones through this and expect a sensible answer.   Is there any such system anywhere in the world?   Common sense would say that the child be given to parents and put under care of effective psychologists.   If we want a testimony from her, it has be after a long period of rehabilitation. 


Below is what Tappan ji who has enormous experience in these cases, saved and rescued several girls and knows what exactly happens when a girl is abducted that will shock anyone’s conscience 

>>I am astonished seeing the naivete of the people.  If Tuktuki went on her own, why she would return on her own? 

>>She was under full control of the abductors, fully hand in glove with local police, for long 75 days. What have happened to her – is it difficult to guess? She might have been raped 50 times. More often than not, more than once a day. May be by a number of people. By this time she may be pregnant. She might have been compelled to do abortion. 
>>Are these not enough to break her moral courage?????????? (of a 14 year old minor girl!)
>>Moreover,  She has been repeatedly told that now no Hindu boy will marry her. She will not only be burden to her parents, but no Hindu boy will marry even her sister if she returns home. If her parents accept her, then her family will be boycotted by the Hindu society. 
>>They also threatened her that they would murder her father and brother, and they will lift her little sister too. Tuktuki knows since her childhood how much powerful the Muslims are! Moreover, her kidnapper Babusona Gazi’s father is clerk of unchallenged dawn of the area named Salim. Also Tuktuki saw the dozens and dozens of fire arms (illegal) in their possession during her detention period. Hence, Tuktuki thinks that the threatenings are real.
>>I have dealt at least 50 cases like this. In this situation the little immature girl thinks, “My life has already been ruined. Now I should not be responsible for ruining my entire family. Let my parents live in peace. I should not be problem for the future life of my brother, sister and other relatives. FOR ALL THESE, I SHOULD SACRIFICE MY LIFE & FUTURE.”
>>So, the girl surrenders to the tremendous pressure of the culprits and police.  Don’t you think it is possible?  
After all this, where will they put the girl?  In a juvenile home where her abductors regularly visit her and keep the terror alive in her so that she stays there until 18 and she will be taken as another sex slave. Is this what we want?  The whole system where police refuse to take the report of parents of abductions, where they take the testimony of a terrified and coached girl seems to be this is all geared for pushing our girls into human trafficking which I understand is multi-billion dollar industry and everyone seems to want to get a pie of it, whether it is votes for politicians, or money for crooks, infidel sex slaves for Jihadists,  at the cost of the bodies of these hapless minor girls and their parents.  Our country system is screwed up beyond imagination.
Now I understand they want to assassinate Tapan ji and his associates either through direct or indirect attack.  The multi-billion dollar industry of votes, money and sex slavery cannot be sacrificed!