What BJP can learn from AAP…

A winner is one who learns not only from his/her own mistakes & successes but also from others mistakes & successes. The way AAP came from being non-existent only more than a year ago to almost form Government in New Delhi is no less feat and credit goes to Kejriwal and his young team. Kejriwal shows the impatience of young India and what India is looking for. He showed young people that they should own up and take part in running the country. It is a message to established parties, particularly BJP which is projected as biggest winner in 2014 elections. BJP leadership should not think run of the mill election strategy from selection of candidates onwards. I saw a comment made by Vijay Joel of BJP in Delhi saying that the tickets are given based on winnability. AAP demolished the myth and by fielding young and credible candidates who have zero political history, they showed India had enough of that nonsense and want to see fresh faces with credibility.

That is where there is a lesson for BJP. It is critical that BJP should field candidates that are credible. It should bring in young faces, particularly activists and entrepreneurs who show a promise to take the country forward. It should be bold enough not to give in to run of the mill local leaders who grew out of system of patronage and corruption. The criteria is not young per se, sometimes progeny of established corrupt elite, but, fresh, credible and young faces that rouses the hopes of the young people. For that to happen, Modi, should be given free hand. India has no choice but to create young leaders.

Let us not forget a minute the massive plunder in India is made possible by not just Congress plus Sonia but also BJP minus Modi leadership in Delhi. The BJP leadership in Delhi is entrenched in corrupt environment with their own political ambitions. But let us sincerely hope they take stock of the reality, the situation of young India and put their egoes under control and let India flourish and reach its potential.