The Bail Petition for TAPAN GHOSH (President, Hindu Smahati) will be moved on 18-02-12


As predicted, things are going bad very soon in West Bengal.  From the Communist Government and later UPA that allowed illegal Bangla Deshi immigration has created death and life situation for  Hindus in West Bengal.     Just in Dec 2010 during Ramadaan, Mamata Banerjee party Muslim MP went on rampage to burn Hindus shops and rape all Hindu women (he stood behind the scenes).   Now,  Hindu women cannot keep their honor and Hindu men cannot run their business.   The Bangla Desh has extended into West Bengal.  More details

Sadly, Hindus are sleeping to the life and death situation that is awaiting in many parts of India as mini-Pakistan’s arise.  Most Indians have no memory of the holocaust of partition and in their stupidity, our leaders buried the history for harmony.   We should never forget history, otherwise we will repeat it.

Here is FACT INDIA on the partition holocaust and Bangla Desh genocide:

Here is what we find on Wiki about Moplah riots in Kerela in 1920’s.  Compare this what is going on Bangla Desh and what will be the future of non-Muslims in most part of the Northern India borders of UP, West Bengal etc..  the workings of Mughalisthan.

In one of her books, Annie Besant stated:

“They Moplahs murdered and plundered abundantly, and killed or drove away all Hindus who would not apostatise. Somewhere about a lakh (100,000) of people were driven from their homes with nothing but their clothes they had on, stripped of everything. Malabar has taught us what Islamic rule still means, and we do not want to see another specimen of the Khilafat Raj in India.”[21

A conference held at Calicut presided over by the Zamorin of Calicut, the Ruler of Malabar issued a resolution:[23]

“That the conference views with indignation and sorrow the attempts made at various quarters by interested parties to ignore or minimise the crimes committed by the rebels such as: brutally dishonouring women, flaying people alive, wholesale slaughter of men, women and children, burning alive entire families, forcibly converting people in thousands and slaying those who refused to get converted, throwing half dead people into wells and leaving the victims to struggle for escape till finally released from their suffering by death, burning a great many and looting practically all Hindu and Christian houses in the disturbed areas in which even Moplah women and children took part and robbed women of even the garments on their bodies, in short reducing the whole non-Muslim population to abject destitution, cruelly insulting the religious sentiments of the Hindus by desecrating and destroying numerous temples in the disturbed areas, killing cows within the temple precincts putting their entrails on the holy image and hanging skulls on the walls and the roofs.”

Citing narratives available to him regarding the actions of the Mappilas during the rebellion, C. Sankaran Nair wrote a strongly worded criticism of Gandhi and his support for the Khilafat Movement,

“The horrid tragedy continued for months. Thousands of Mahomedans killed, and wounded by troops, thousands of Hindus butchered, women subjected to shameful indignities, thousands forcibly converted, persons flayed alive, entire families burnt alive, women it is said hundreds throwing themselves into wells to avoid dishonour, violence and terrorism threatening death standing in the way of reversion to their own religion. This is what Malabar in particular owes to the Khilafat agitation, to Gandhi and his Hindu friends.”[22]