Google Hangout with father of kidnapped minor girl, Sat July 4th, 12 PM EST (India Time 9:30 PM)

Please join a google hangout with father of kidnapped minor girl Tutuki Mandal on Saturday, July 4th, 12 PM EST (India Time 9:30 PM) as he explains the harrowing tale of his unsuccessful efforts trying to rescue his daughter from being sold to sex slavery and how he was almost killed by 700 strong mob at a Mosque.

There will be interpreters in English.

Link to the Google hangout will be at the banner page on the facebook event page below (at the time of the event)

Date: Saturday, July 4th
Time: 12 PM EST (INDIA Time: 9:30 PM)


 Please spread the word.

What is happening in India to these girls is no different from what ISIS is doing in Middle East and at a very large scale, estimated at 100 girls per day across 32,000 villages in West Bengal. These girls are just picked off the streets and sold to pimps in red light districts around the country and to middle east (or forcibly converted and married as sex slave to the locals).

In the area where Tutuki Mandal was kidnapped off the street, local goon by name ‘Salim’ who sanctions these activities moves around with 40 body guards and police are afraid of him since he brings all the votes (Muslim as well as the Hindu votes using threats) in the area to TMC.

Kolkata has the biggest red light area in ASIA called Sonagachi with estimated 14,000 who are brought in as minor girls and they themselves have 11,000 children!!!! Media which prints all kinds of useless items do not print the atrocities and kidnappings because the religion they belong to (Hindu backward classes) do not deserve any human rights.

5 more years of Mamata Banerjee is going to create an horrendous situation of kidnappings, daily riots in the state and partition of India. Mamata TMC Rajya Sabha member Imran Hassan Khan is founder of SIMI (banned Terrorist Org), makes regular trips to Saudi Arabia and have funnelled many crores of rupees to Jamaat in Bangla Desh to help establish an Islamic Jihadi corridor in North India from Kashmir to West Bengal.

Shame on us if we do not have compassion to these helpless minor girls. Please look forward to announcement of rallies around the world on July 11th (Sat) 11-1 PM local time.