Please see the video below showing clearly Rajdeep first abusing and then assaulting and later showing only part of the video that he is a victim.

What kind of journalism is this man practicing all this life?  No person should be assaulted and decency demands that we settle the matters with strength of arguments.   Rajdeep plan seems to be to provoke the audience in extracting a certain viewpoint.  Perhaps we can give him benefit of doubt that he lost his cool and used abusive words (which makes him unfit to be a journalist) but showing a piece of video that he is a victim when he is the first one to assault is mind boggling for a journalist to do such things.
American law is implemented with faith.  NRIs will pursue his behavior in US courts as well as Headlines Today which he represents.  I can say as someone who lead the campaign against Sonia Gandhi for which we were sued by her cronies with 100 million dollar lawsuits and got them quashed in US courts twice, we will seriously consider pursuing  this man and his media with US Police and Courts.   He is not going to escape this unless Headlines Today fires him and give an apology to the person attacked by Rajdeep.   It is a matter of deep shame to see such journalism being practiced not just in US but in any country.
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From: Ravi <>
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Email Campaign to “Headlines Today” CEO to fire Rajdeep Sardesai from his job for assaulting Indians abroad

Please write an email to “Headlines Today” CEO to sack Rajdeep Sardesai from his job for assaulting Indians abroad.
The CEO’s email is:
Did you know? After being sacked from CNN-IBN, Sardesai has been in his new job at “Headlines Today” for only around two weeks (since Sept 11, 2014) and he has already behaved like a street-goonda and a disgrace to his employers (TV Channel) by throwing punches with Indians abroad.
Please send a link to this video link below:
P.S: Here are the CEO’s details:
Ashish Bagga,  Group CEO,
Headlines Today,
FC-8, SECTOR – 16A,
Tel: +91-120-4807100
On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Ravi <> wrote:

(Video) Rajdeep Sardesai throws the first punch at NaMo supporters and then claims victim-hood ?

See video here:

P.S: You can login to Facebook to see follow-up videos and comments of this attack in the thread below.

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