Letter to Time magazine: Irregularities related to the Time 100 2012 online poll


The Editors, Time Magazine

Subject: Irregularities related to the Time 100 2012 online poll.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With deep anguish and disappointment, we write this letter to you to protest the manner in which your online poll for the Time 100 2012 has turned into not a vilification campaign against one individual- the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

You recently put out this opinion poll on the Internet seeking votes for who in the view of the netizens should be on the Time 100 list. One of the nominees was Shri Narendra Modi, who you have very recently profiled on your cover page as well. As the days went by, voting assumed a rather brisk pace especially on Narendra Modi. In the last few days, he was rather comfortably placed at the top position miles ahead of Mr. Erik Martin and Mr. Asghar Farhadi.

Curiously, since last evening there has been a surge in the votes received in favour of Anonymous taking it from a fifth or sixth position to being comfortably on the top. The pace and magnitude of brisk voting in favour of Anonymous combined with the scurrilous vilification campaign asking netizens not to vote for Narendra Modi raises some very basic questions and leaves a very sour taste behind.

Thus, we immediately request you to look into the voting pattern, particularly in context of Anonymous and the unethical manner in which they have attained the top spot. We sincerely feel that such initiatives such as public voting are aimed towards adding a dash of colour in our otherwise mundane lives. We are most certain that Narendra Modi does not need such surveys to prove his worth among his people but the fact that such things are occurring unchecked at such a large scale is very alarming.

We hope our suggestions are thoroughly looked into and in the spirit of free speech and Internet freedom, it is the best man or woman who takes the top spot in the Time 100 list.


Fans of Shri Narendra Modi