Dr. Divyendu Sinha Murder Case Update- February 25, 2012

Dear Supporters of Sinha Family:

Namaste. I have not been in touch with you for a little over six months. The reason for this is the slow pace at which the wheels of justice move. There have been several meetings, attempts for plea bargains and postponement of dates over last six months. 


Dr. Divyendu Sinha 

What has happened is the decision of the courts to give priority to cases where the defendants are in prison awaiting trial for a long time. We are told that there are under-trials in custody who are waiting since 2009. In our case, all five defendants are out on bail, so our case got pushed back. Aligning calendars of five defense lawyers, the Assistant Public Prosecutor and the presiding judge has been another challenge. We had meetings on 9/27/11, 11/4/11 and 1/30/12.

             Defendant                            Attorney

  1. Steven K. Contreras            Hassen I. Abdellah
  2. Christopher Conway            Steve Altman
  3. Julian C. Daley                   Mitchell Ansell
  4. Cash Q. Johnson                William Fetky
  5. Christian M.Tinli                 John J. Koufos

Steven Contreras                                      Christopher Conway                   

 Julian Daley                        Cash Johnson                  Christian Tinli

Atty.William Fetky         Atty.Mitchell Ansell             Atty. John Koufos                               


Steve Altman, the attorney for Mr. Conway had filed a motion indicating that he was going to engage a neuro-radiologist to review the medical reports of the two hospitals where Dr. Sinha was treated. The judge had set 8/22/11 for a report on the progress. However, later on Mr. Altman decided not to use nuero-radiologist’s observations.


The Assistant Public Prosecutor, Mr. Christopher Kuberiet had offered a plea bargain first to Mr. Cash Johnson and then to Steven Contreras but they did not accept it.  


Alkabahen, Nikhilbhai Muzumdar and I met with Shree Rajiv Parikh, a Bharatiya attorney who has been a big help in providing guidance and advice at no cost. That two hour meeting took place on 12/13/11. He drew a road map of how the trial might proceed, road blocks, possible defense strategy, matching of expectations with reality of the justice system, expected outcome, etc.


                                                                     Judge Bradley FerenczThe latest hearing was on Monday, January 30, 2012.  In  a previous hearing the judge had fixed February 22 for the start of trial of Steven Contreras; however, in the hearing on 1/30, we were informed that the date had been changed to April 10, 2012 due to non availability of Steven Contrera’s attorney.


 The jury selection for Steven Contreras is expected to take two to three days and the trial will last from a week to two.  The remaining four defendants will go on trial on July 10, 2012, more than two years after the murder of Dr. Sinha. 


We will update you with the time and location of trial on April 10, 2012 when that date comes closer and we have further information. We ask the community to stay engaged and not forget that one of our bright community members was murdered for no reason and tomorrow, it could be any one of us. We could be effective as a community only if we band and stay together till justice is secured for Mrs. Alka Sinha and her children. Our request is for you to attend the trial in maximum numbers and encourage your friends to do so to show support. If you take a day or more off from work, it would be in the service of the community and Sinha family. We also want to thank several community members who have kept enquiring about the progress of the case  in last six months.

 Thank you.

Brotherly yours,


Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Indian American Defense League (IADL)

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