Please support Dr. Benkin India trip on his book on genocide of Bangla Desh Hindus


Soon after recent Egyptian revolution,  Islamists in Egypt started targeting Coptic Christians, their churches and their young women and girls.  Coptic Christians came together and made US congressmen raise with Obama to put pressure on Egyptian Govt.  But, millions, nay 20% of Bangla Desh population who are Hindus, are killed, converted and little Hindu girls as young as 9 are raped almost daily,  and this is going on for 60 years, and no one even cares, worse Hindus themselves.   See pictures below.

Richard Benkin is a jew.   Some how he came across about plight of Bangla Desh Hindus and has made the fight against violation of their human rights a passion.  He is working on it with his resources for several years,  taking up this issue to everyone willing to hear,  he spoke to Indian politicians including Advani, to Indian intellectuals, to media and visited the victims first hand and was putting pressure on Bangla Desh Govt.  He even worked to have Illinois congressmen Rep Robert Dold raise the plight of Bangla Desh Hindus on US Congress floor


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Now he wrote a book named appropriately , ‘A quiet case of  Ethnic Cleansing: The  Murder  of  Bangladesh’s  Hindus.”  and is going on a book tour to India.  His wife is very concerned about his visiting the border districts of West Bengal plagued with Islamic terrorism but he plans to be there and see first hand.    Given below are details of the trip and notes on what Dr. Benkin wish to accomplish in India.

I urge all Hindus to support this trip by donating any way we can. Details for tax deductible donation  below.   Is that not the least we can do?

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